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Mark's Guide to Whose Line is it Anyway?

Episode Guide

Series Three (1991)

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"In the UK" - 3.01 / 3.02 / 3.03 / 3.04 / 3.05 / 3.06 / 3.07 / 3.08 / 3.09C
"In America" - 3.10 / 3.11 / 3.12 / 3.13 / 3.14 / 3.15 / 3.16 / 3.17C
(C = Compilation)

"In the UK"


First Broadcast: January 18, 1991 - Intro
Josie Lawrence, Greg Proops, Jim Sweeney, Tony Slattery
  1. Authors: "How I Killed My Fairy Godmother". Josie - Michelin Guide to Famous Buildings and Landmarks in London, Greg - Jack Kerouac, Jim - J.R.R. Tolkien, Tony - My Little Pony.
  2. Alphabet: A stick-up - Jim & Greg.
  3. Song Styles: Rubber Duck. Josie (Calypso).
  4. Props: Josie & Greg - Cheerleader's pom pom, Tony & Jim - Yellow bendy tube.
  5. Gospel: Cake Decorating.
  6. Helping Hands: One of Jim (Tony's hands) and Josie (Greg's hands) complaining to the other about the decorations.
  7. Party Quirks: Tony hosts. Jim - Gets everything wrong, Josie - Turning into a kangaroo, Greg - Compulsive Talker.
  8. Expert Translation: Josie from Albania discusses the sheep, Jim translates.
  9. Psychiatrist: Josie psychiatrist. Greg - thinks he's an Eskimo, Jim - scared of hats, Tony - in love with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Winner: Tony Slattery
Credits: Auditioning for an Australian soap opera.


First Broadcast: January 25, 1991 - Intro
Josie Lawrence, Mark Cohen, Tony Slattery, Mike McShane
  1. Film and Theatre Styles: In a butcher's shop - Josie & Tony. Star Trek Movies, Disney, Pantomime, Gangster Movies.
  2. Film and Theatre Styles: Meeting on the first day of camp - Mark & Mike. Martial Arts, Laurel & Hardy, Tragedy.
  3. Props: Mike & Mark - collapsing tube, Tony & Josie - strainer.
  4. American Musical: Travelling around the world, being a doctor, the birth of your children, and an attack of the mumps.
  5. World's Worst: Entertainment act.
  6. Song Styles: Dentist. Josie & Mike (Blues Duet).
  7. Film Dub: Somebody asking the father for the daughter's hand in marriage - Tony & Mark.
  8. Party Quirks: Tony hosts. Mark - 5 Second Memory, Josie - Little Red Riding Hood, Mike - Hell's Angel.
  9. Gospel: Train Spotting.
Winner: Josie Lawrence
Credits: As Janet Street Porter.


First Broadcast: February 1, 1991 - Intro
Mike McShane, Sandi Toksvig, Paul Merton, Jim Sweeney
  1. Film & Theatre Styles: Two strangers in adjoining hotel rooms - Mike & Sandi. Medical, Traditional Japanese, Courtroom Drama.
  2. Alphabet: One (of Paul & Jim) caught in quicksand, the other helping out, starting with 'P'.
  3. Song Styles: Mouldy Tomato. Mike (Calypso).
  4. Translation: Sandi from Outer Mongolia discusses the physical functions of yaks (with respect to the lavatory), Paul translates.
  5. March: Hang-gliding.
  6. Props: Mike & Paul - wok, Jim & Sandi - string of black & white sausages.
  7. News Report: Humpty Dumpty. Sandi - host, Paul - expert, Jim - reporter, Mike - King's Horse and the remains of Humpty.
  8. Helping Hands: A patient (Paul) going to see a doctor, Jim (Sandi's hands).
  9. Musical Producers: Election of a Prime Minister. Paul & Sandi discuss, Mike & Jim perform.
Winner: Mike McShane
Credits: As a 1930s radio announcer.


First Broadcast: February 8, 1991 - Intro
Josie Lawrence, Paul Merton, Julian Clary, Mike McShane
  1. Film & Theatre Styles: A door-to-door salesman - Paul & Julian. Greek Tragedy, Disney, Berkoff, Pirate Movie.
  2. Film & Theatre Styles: One (of Josie & Mike) suspects the other is having an affair. Australian Soap, Twin Peaks, Old Time Music Hall.
  3. Film Dubbing: Escort Agency - Paul & Julian.
  4. Interview: Julian interviews Julius Caesar (Mike) - Fanzine.
  5. Song Styles: Electric Drill. Mike (Jamaican Reggae), Josie (Heavy Metal).
  6. Props: Mike & Julian - scoops, Josie & Paul - clockwork wind-up key.
  7. Alphabet: Somebody being arrested - Paul & Julian.
  8. Expert Translation: Josie discusses Volvos in Swedish, Paul translates.
  9. Gospel: Needlepointing/sewing.
Winner: Paul Merton
Credits: As a taxi driver.


First Broadcast: February 15, 1991 - Intro
Mike McShane, Colin Mochrie, Sandi Toksvig, Tony Slattery
  1. Film and Theatre Styles: One (of Colin & Sandi) can't get to sleep, the other trying to help them. Kitchen Sink Drama, Children's TV, Farce.
  2. Film & Theatre Styles: Having a duel - Mike & Tony. Open University, Chinese Opera, Home Video, Melodrama.
  3. Props: Mike & Sandi - vase, Tony & Colin - clogs.
  4. Helping Hands: Sandi ordering a sandwich from a sandwich bar, with sandwich tender Colin (Tony's hands).
  5. Musical Producers: Wasps. Colin & Sandi discuss, Mike & Tony perform.
  6. World's Worst: Person to be a superhero.
  7. Song Styles: Banana. Mike (Rock & Roll).
  8. News Report: The Grand Old Duke of York. Sandi - host, Tony - expert, Colin - reporter, Mike - one of the 10000 men, and owner of the hill.
  9. Alphabet: Two surgeons (Mike & Tony) performing an operation, starting with 'L'.
  10. March: Bankers.
Winner: Tony Slattery
Credits: As the world's most enthusiastic person.


First Broadcast: February 22, 1991 - Intro
Mike McShane, Josie Lawrence, Denalda Williams, Sandi Toksvig
  1. Film & Theatre Styles: (emotion option) A traffic warden giving a ticket to a car - Josie & Denalda. Panic, Paranoia, Embarrassment, Ecstacy.
  2. Film & Theatre Styles: Five minutes before their daughter's wedding - Mike & Sandi. Prisoner: Cell Block H, Biblical Epic, Spaghetti Western, School Play, James Bond.
  3. Expert Translation: Denalda from Polynesia discusses the drains, Sandi translates.
  4. Psychiatrist: Josie psychiatrist. Denalda - scared of peanut butter, Mike - obsessed with Easter Bunnies.
  5. Props: Mike & Denalda - tombstone, Sandi & Josie - shark fin.
  6. Song Styles: Stapler. Josie (Irish jig), Mike (Soul).
  7. News Report: Little Bo Peep. Sandi - host, Mike - expert John Boffin, Denalda - reporter Cynthia Pretty But Not Very Bright, Ryan - sheep and Little Bo Peep.
  8. Alphabet: Two people, one encouraging the other to take a parachute jump - Sandi & Josie.
  9. Gospel: Woodwork/carpentry.
Winner: Sandi Toksvig
Credits: As a headmistress.


First Broadcast: March 1, 1991 - Intro
Mike McShane, Paul Merton, Steve Steen, Jim Sweeney
  1. Film and Theatre Styles: One (of Steve & Jim) interviewing a suspect at the scene of a crime. TV Game Show, Gilbert & Sullivan, TV Advert.
  2. Film & Theatre Styles: Giving each other presents - Mike & Paul. Porno, 3D Film, Roman Epic, Public Information Film.
  3. News Report: Baa Baa Black Sheep. Jim - host David Smythe, Mike - expert Dave, Paul - reporter, Steve - Little Boy who lives down the lane and one of the sheep.
  4. Translation: Steve from Albania discusses the television, Paul translates.
  5. Musical Film Review: The First Man Into Space - "An astronaut runs into a cloud of meteor dust and returns to Earth, a vampirish killer". Paul reviews, Mike - astronaut George Burried, Jim & Steve - scientists.
  6. Props: Mike & Paul - Horn, Jim & Steve - curly wig.
  7. Helping Hands: Paul trying to get through customs, Jim (Steve's hands).
  8. Party Quirks: Paul hosts. Steve - thinks he is Paul Merton, Jim - compulsive gambler, Mike - U.S. Sports commentator.
  9. March: Collecting Typewriters.
Winner: Steve Steen
Credits: As Jimmy Saville.


First Broadcast: March 8, 1991 - Intro
Greg Proops, Sandi Toksvig, Tony Slattery, Mike McShane
  1. Film and Theatre Styles: Two people shipwrecked - Tony & Sandi. Yellow Pages advert, Old Horror, Western, Who-Dunnit.
  2. Film and Theatre Styles: A driving test - Greg & Mike. American Sitcom, Restoration Comedy, French Film.
  3. Props: Mike & Sandi - large stuffed banana, Greg & Tony - large piece of cotton.
  4. That'll Be Charlie Now: At a building site. Greg, Sandi & Mike discuss Charlie (Tony) - his head is small like an ocelot, he barks, plays hopscotch whenever he walks, speech impediment (tongue lolls out on every other word), hops up and down all the time, flaps his arms like an idiot, jams his finger up his nose when you say 'Ed', great at singing Schubert.
  5. Gospel: America.
  6. World's Worst: Person to captain a submarine.
  7. Song Styles: Hammer. Mike (Opera).
  8. Alphabet: Chat Up - Sandi & Tony (Tony skips 'X').
  9. Party Quirks: Sandi hosts. Greg - Disc Jockey, Tony - Elephant, Mike - Chorus Girl.
  10. Musical Film Review: "Mid-Shipman Easy". Sandi reviews. Description: "In 1790 a young naval officer rescues a girl from Spanish Bandits".
Winner: Greg Proops
Credits: As Woody Allen.

3.09 (Compilation)

First Broadcast: March 15, 1991 - Intro
Josie Lawrence, Mike McShane, Paul Merton, Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops, Tony Slattery, Jim Sweeney, Sandi Toksvig
  1. Props: Mike & Sandi - beaded car seat cover, Tony & Colin - foot air pump and hose.
  2. Song Styles: Stapler. Josie & Mike (Love Song/Ballad Duet).
  3. Tag: Starts with Mike on all fours, Sandi standing. Tony & Colin enter later.
  4. Song Styles: Rubber Duck. Josie (Punk Rock, with a hint of Gregorian Chant).
  5. Film Dub: Door to door salesman arriving at a door - Sandi (woman), Mike (man) & Paul (dog).
  6. March: Surveyor - Tony, Sandi, Colin & Mike.
  7. Bits That Went Wrong:
    • Alphabet: One (of Josie & Sandi) talking the other into a parachute jump, starting on 'Q'.
    • Authors: Paul as Miss Marple.
    • Alphabet: (continued)
    • Tag: Insult war with Clive, Sandi & Paul
    • Alphabet: (continued)
    • American Musical?: Mike kisses Tony as Josie looks on.
  8. Song Styles: Banana. Mike (American Folk Song).
  9. World's Worst: Person to be the last person on Earth with - Josie, Greg, Jim & Tony.
  10. Party Quirks: Sandi hosts. Jim - magnetic, Paul - can use words with only two syllables, Mike - bodyguard.
  11. American Musical: Girlfriend becoming pregnant, getting mugged, and getting a job in television (Clive's) - Tony, Greg, Jim & Josie.

"In America"


First Broadcast: March 22, 1991 - Intro
Josie Lawrence, Ryan Stiles, Christopher Smith, Jim Meskimen
  1. Film and Theatre Styles: Josie has just driven up to a gas station, Ryan attendant. Horror, Silent Movie, Porn Movie, Melodrama.
  2. Film and Theatre Styles: One (of Christopher & Jim) trying to hire a private detective. Abbott & Costello, James Bond, Bugs Bunny meets Jimmy Stewart.
  3. Expert: Josie interviews an expert on watermelons (Ryan).
  4. Book Writer: Christopher interviews the author of a book about rodents (Jim).
  5. Song Styles: Spatula. Josie (Jazz), Jim (Sting).
  6. Explanations: How to fix a toaster. Mr Spock (Christopher) and Captain Kirk (Jim).
  7. Party Quirks: Christopher hosts. Jim - Tough Wall Street Businessman, Josie - Searching for buried treasure, Ryan - Astronaut on the moon.
  8. Helping Hands: Christopher on a visit to the dentist, Ryan (Jim's hands).
  9. Western Hoedown: Stone Carving.
Winner: Ryan Stiles.
Credits: As a bad Shakespearian actor.


First Broadcast: March 29, 1991 - Intro
Mike McShane, Mark Cohen, Greg Proops, John Sessions
  1. Authors: "She's Gotta Have More Macaroni and Cheese". Mike - The Journals of Lewis and Clark, Mark - Mario Puzo, Greg - Millie the White House Dog, John - Ernest Hemmingway.
  2. Film and Theatre Styles: One (of John & Mark) borrowing something from a neighbour. Film Noire, Surrealist, Comedia Del Arte, Pornographic Film.
  3. Film and Theatre Styles: A teenage son telling his father that he's smashed in the car - Mike & Greg. David Lynch, Ibson, Hitchcock.
  4. World's Worst: Idea for a TV programme.
  5. Props: John & Greg - Flexible red circle, Mike & Mark - Lacrosse sticks.
  6. Song Styles: Underwear. Mike (Disco).
  7. Party Quirks: Mark hosts. Greg - Auctioneer, Mike - U.S. Football Coach, John - Bad Mime Artist.
  8. Gospel: Lawyers.
Winner: John Sessions.
Credits: As Sean Connery.


First Broadcast: April 5, 1991 - Intro
Josie Lawrence, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Mike McShane
  1. Film and Theatre Styles: One (of Josie & Mike) going to try and buy a gun. Horror, Sports, Burlesque/Music Hall.
  2. Film and Theatre Styles: Two guys mending a roof - Ryan & Colin. Surreal, Kung Fu, Shakespeare, B ("Bee") Movie.
  3. World's Worst: Person to defend you in court.
  4. Helping Hands: A duel between Mike and Ryan (Colin's hands).
  5. American Musical: Matt, New Jersey, Songwriting, having a cold, travel difficulties and going to France.
  6. Song Styles: Glasses. Mike (Country & Western).
  7. Song Styles: Subways. Josie (Madonna).
  8. Party Quirks: Colin hosts. Ryan - Peeping Tom, Josie - Vampire, Mike - Thinks he has an invisible friend.
  9. Props: Mike & Colin - grass hula skirt, Josie & Ryan - lamp.
  10. March: Dog Sledding.
Winner: Ryan Stiles
Credits: As a model from a fashion magazine.


First Broadcast: April 12, 1991 - Intro
Christopher Smith, Sandi Toksvig, Jim Meskimen, Mike McShane
  1. Authors: "Maidens in the Mist". Christopher - Sports figure reminiscences, Sandi - Agatha Christie, Jim - Tom Clancy, Mike - Edgar Rice Burroughs.
  2. Explanations: Fixing a tap. Chico Marx (Jim) and Groucho Marx (Christopher).
  3. Film Dub: Coming home from the supermarket - Sandi & Mike.
  4. Song Styles: Microwave. Jim (Frank Sinatra), Christopher (Opera).
  5. Party Quirks: Sandi hosts. Christopher - Politician, Jim - Old Timer, Mike - Zoo Keeper.
  6. Film and Theatre Styles: Christopher is the boss of a corporation which has to let Jim go. Martial Arts Film, Black Exploitation, Bergman, Western.
  7. Film and Theatre Styles: Mike visiting Sandi in prison. Science Fiction, Horror, Bugs Bunny, Rambo.
  8. Gospel: Bus Driver.
Winner: Jim Meskimen.
Credits: As Popeye.


First Broadcast: April 19, 1991 - Intro
John Sessions, Archie Hahn, Ryan Stiles, Mike McShane
  1. Film and Theatre Styles: Archie trying to join the Merry Men, John as Robin Hood. Shakespeare, Slapstick, Dog Film, Martial Arts.
  2. Film and Theatre Styles: One (of Ryan & Mike) has broken down in his car, the other passing by and offering to help. Horror, Cartoon, Ballet.
  3. Song Styles: Suitcase. Mike (Torch Song).
  4. Sound Effects: Travelling on the train. Ryan acts, Archie SFX.
  5. World's Worst: Person to share an apartment/flat with.
  6. Props: John & Ryan - scithe, Mike & Archie - soundproofing foam.
  7. Audition: "Dead Greasy Godfathers Society". Ryan directs. Tony Zandall, Method Actor (John) plays the Greasy Godfather calling his two sons. Heiny Buffet (Archie) does the Greasy Horse Head dance. Bob Zoom (Mike) sings the Godfather Dying Song. (Archie loses 500 points for using unauthorized prop castanets).
  8. Helping Hands: Ryan (Archie's hands) a customer in a restaurant, making a complaint to the waiter (Mike).
  9. Film Dub: Waking up somewhere strange - Archie & Ryan.
  10. Gospel: Milkman.
Winner: John Sessions.
Credits: As Phil Silvers (Bilko).


First Broadcast: April 26, 1991 - Intro
Greg Proops, George McGrath, Ryan Stiles, Mike McShane
  1. Storyteller: "My favourite toy". George storyteller. Ryan - little boy, Mike - Santa, Greg - Boy's new friend. Moral: "Never play with electricity".
  2. Film and Theatre Styles: A window cleaner (Ryan), eavesdrops on corporate boss (George). Sam Peckinpah, Cartoon, Musical Comedy.
  3. Props: George & Mike - two tennis balls on a loop of string, Ryan & Greg - strings of diamonds.
  4. Alphabet: Showing somebody around the zoo - Greg & Ryan (Ryan skips 'O').
  5. Western Hoedown: Scuba Diving.
  6. Audition: "The West Side of Oklahoma". Ryan directs. Dabney Giblet (Greg) does the dance of the Shark wagon train, Kyle Lundman (Mike) reads a poem, Anthony Newly (George) sings "Knives Knives, Who's Got The Knives?".
  7. Helping Hands: Ryan (Greg's hands) a policeman who has pulled in Mike for speeding.
  8. Party Quirks: Ryan hosts. George - Everything shocks him, Mike - School Bus driver, Greg - Square Dance caller,
  9. Musical: Pam, New York, Skydiving, going to Australia, working in television, and having a car broken into.
Winners: Everybody
Credits: As a group of tourists to New York.


First Broadcast: May 3, 1991 - Intro
Josie Lawrence, Greg Proops, Sandi Toksvig, Mike McShane
  1. March: Taxidermy.
  2. Alphabet: Going to an opticians, starting with 'X' - Greg & Sandi.
  3. Tag: Starts with Greg on all fours, Mike on Greg's back.
  4. Psychiatrist: Josie psychiatrist. Greg - frightened of women, Mike - obsessed with poodles.
  5. Props: Josie & Greg - cone, Sandi & Mike - clam shell.
  6. Party Quirks: Sandi hosts. Mike - World War II Submarine Captain, Josie - Circus Performer, Greg - Horse Racing Commentator.
  7. Film and Theatre Styles: A pilot and co-pilot in an aeroplane - Greg & Mike. Rocky Film, Rocky Horror Show, Love Story, Saturday Night Fever.
  8. American Musical: Valerie, studying psychology in Boston, Tennis, visiting roommates, training for a marathon and Minneapolis.
Winner: Greg Proops.
Credits: As the most stupid person in the world.

3.17 (Compilation)

First Broadcast: May 10, 1991 - Intro
Josie Lawrence, George McGrath, Mike McShane, Jim Meskimen, Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops, Christopher Smith, Ryan Stiles, Sandi Toksvig
  1. Authors: "Three Men and a Duck". Greg - Zane Grey, George - The Bible, Mike - An American greeting card author, Ryan - Tony Esposito (National Geographic).
  2. Song Styles: Refrigerator. Josie (Country).
  3. News Report: Jack and Jill. Greg - host, Mike - expert Dr Omar Hamstercheeks, George - reporter, Ryan - Keeper of the Well and Skippy (Jill's cousin).
  4. Helping Hands: Mike going to see a fortune teller, Ryan (Colin's hands)
  5. World's Worst: Person to sit next to you in a cinema - Josie, Ryan, Christopher & Jim.
  6. Bartender: Mike bartender. Ryan - in love with men.
  7. Expert: Greg interviews an expert on aerobics (Ryan).
  8. Party Quirks: Ryan hosts. George - sleepwalker, Mike - cannibal, Greg - newspaper vendor.
  9. Psychiatrist: Josie psychiatrist. Jim - obsessed by James Brown.
  10. Film Dubbing: Two people arguing over the greatest song of all time - George & Ryan.
  11. Props: Josie & Christopher - linked rings, Ryan & Jim - red rubber glove.
  12. Rap: Stamp Collecting - Mike, Ryan, George, Josie.