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Mark's Guide to Whose Line is it Anyway?

Episode Guide

Series Four (1992)

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"In the UK" - 4.01 / 4.02 / 4.03 / 4.04 / 4.05 / 4.06C
"In America" - 4.07 / 4.08 / 4.09 / 4.10 / 4.11 / 4.12 / 4.13C
(C = Compilation)

"In the UK"


First Broadcast: January 24, 1992 - Intro
Jim Sweeney, Steve Steen, Stephen Frost, Tony Slattery
  1. Emotion Option: Two soldiers in the trenches - Jim & Steve. Ecstacy, Paranoia, Hate, Horror.
  2. Film and Theatre Styles: Stephen a fortune teller, Tony someone coming to get their fortune. Trumpton, Melodrama, Ballet.
  3. New Job, Old Job: Jim & Steve two surgeons doing an operation, Stephen a surgeon who used to be a dustman.
  4. Courtroom Scene: A crime of passion. Jim - judge, Stephen - prosecutor, Tony - witnesses Princess Margaret (pilot's cap & goggles) and The Late Freddie Jolson (peaked cap), Steve - witness Little Billy (schoolboy cap).
  5. World's Worst: Person to do an operation on you.
  6. Props: Steve & Tony - Lycra covered hoop, Stephen & Jim - big tennis racquets.
  7. Party Quirks: Tony hosts. Steve - James Bond, Jim - thinks it's a school reunion, Stephen - a bus conductor.
  8. Film Dubbing: One (of Tony & Stephen) going to see the bank manager.
  9. Helping Hands: Jim (Steve's hands) organising a bank raid and explaining to gang member Tony what's going on.
  10. March: Weddings.
Winner: Jim Sweeney.
Credits: As a memory man.


First Broadcast: January 31, 1992 - Intro
Greg Proops, Paul Merton, Ryan Stiles, Josie Lawrence
  1. Film and Theatre Styles: Two people painting a bridge - Greg & Ryan. Disney, Greek Tragedy, Woody Allen, Early Talkies, Horror.
  2. Film and Theatre Styles: Two people at a seance - Josie & Paul. Western, Thunderbirds, Terminator Movie, Clangers, Porno Gangster Film.
  3. Video Players: "Inside the Walls of Falseham Prison" - Greg controls, Ryan, Paul & Josie act. Description: "A prison riot results in the death of the governor. When a replacement with more humane ideas is appointed, this does not stop violence from breaking out again."
  4. Scenes From A Hat: Family reunion at the dentists. Something stirs in the scientists' lab. Buying a sandcastle. Elephants packing to go on holiday (Clive ruins it with a 'trunk' joke). A Weight-Watchers party. Inside a microwave. Transylvanian hospital. People who can't stop moving. A Morris Dancers' convention.
  5. Expert: Josie interviews an expert on Karate and pigs (Ryan).
  6. Party Quirks: Paul hosts. Josie - Masseuse, Greg - Rap artist, Ryan - thinks he's a reptile.
  7. Helping Hands: Paul going to a clinic to learn how to change a baby from Ryan (Greg's hands).
  8. March: Childbirth.
Winner: Paul Merton.
Credits: As Alec Guinness.


First Broadcast: February 7, 1992 - Intro
Jim Sweeney, Paul Merton, Steve Steen, Tony Slattery
  1. Emotion Option: A policeman interrogating a suspect - Jim & Steve. Jealously, Constipatedly, Triumphantly, Ecstacy.
  2. Film and Theatre Styles: One (of Paul & Tony) running a bar, the other has come in to drown his sorrows. School Play, Music hall, (John Sessions') One Man Show, Shakespeare, Farce.
  3. Letter Changes: At a barbecue. Jim replaces B with F, Steve replaces S with T.
  4. Film Dubbing: Chat up scene - Tony & Paul.
  5. March: Traffic Jams.
  6. Props: Tony & Steve - white half-spheres, Paul & Jim - (conveyor belt-like) loop of material.
  7. Courtroom Scene: Stealing Lego bricks. Jim - judge, Paul - prosecutor, Tony - witnesses Boppo the Clown and Miss Sissy Fairfax, Steve - witness Roman Emperor (with a stutter) Mr I. Claudius.
  8. Helping Hands: Paul has bought something in a shop and taken it to shopkeeper Jim (Steve's hands) to weigh it and pay.
  9. Party Quirks: Paul hosts. Steve - thinks he's mucking out stables, Jim - railway station announcer, Tony - thinks he's King Arthur.
  10. Scenes From a Hat: Snorkelling in a vat of Angel Delight. A party in a goldfish bowl. Garden gnomes at a wife swapping party. Message in a bottle. Prison nativity play. A cartload of monkeys (Monkees). Blind date. Beetles (Beatles) making love on a leaf.
Winner: Steve Steen.
Credits: As racing commentator Peter O'Sullevan.


First Broadcast: February 14, 1992 - Intro
Jim Sweeney, Stephen Frost, Josie Lawrence, Tony Slattery
  1. Film and Theatre Styles: Jim going to Stephen to ask for his daughter's hand in marriage. Pantomime, Flowerpot Men, Shakespeare, Western.
  2. Emotion Option: Two people in the laundrette - Josie & Tony. Depressed, Greedily, Pity, Lustily.
  3. Helping Hands: Stephen going to help Jim (Tony's hands) prepare a party.
  4. Props: Tony & Jim - bag, Stephen & Josie - red wig.
  5. Old Job, New Job: Tony & Jim working in a pizza parlour, Stephen also works in the pizza parlour and used to be a mountain climber.
  6. Prison Cell: Josie visitor. Jim - burgled Buckingham Palace, Stephen - killed a bald dachshund, Tony - ran off with a sumo wrestler.
  7. Film Dubbing: Josie & Stephen.
  8. Party Quirks: Tony hosts. Josie - thinks she's in a washing powder advert, Jim - blackmailer, Stephen - heavyweight boxer.
  9. Scenes From a Hat: Noddy Town after an earthquake. A bald man going into a hairdressers' demanding a haircut. Shipwrecked on a desert island. They think they can hear a ghost in their house. If Steve Davis were a concert violinist. Behind the bike sheds. Ballet in a chip shop. Dropping a contact lens in a bubble bath.
Winner: Tony Slattery.
Credits: As a drunken Australian soap star.


First Broadcast: February 21, 1992 - Intro
Greg Proops, Ryan Stiles, Chip Esten, Tony Slattery
  1. Film and Theatre Styles: A bank hold-up - Chip & Tony. Biblical Epic, Shakespeare, Amateur Dramatics, Western.
  2. Film and Theatre Styles: Two men stuck in a lift (elevator) - Ryan & Greg. Tarzan, Disaster, Batman & Robin, Science Fiction.
  3. News Report: Snow White. Greg - host Packed Nicely, Tony - expert Professor Omar Weaselhead, Chip - reporter Chip Stunkly, Ryan - Prince Charming and Gangly the (mutant) 8th dwarf.
  4. Film Dubbing: A man in a hurry - Ryan & Greg.
  5. Scenes From a Hat: Two flies on a date. Breaking very bad news to the Emperor. Locked in the freezer. Trampolining on the moon. King and food taster. Two practical joking gravediggers. Two lovers in a hot tub realising "something" (the handwriting goes wobbly).
  6. Props: Ryan & Chip - pillow, Tony & Greg - extending washing line.
  7. Party Quirks: Tony hosts. Chip - thinks he's underwater, Greg - he's obsessed by gadgets, Ryan - he's made of springs.
  8. Helping Hands: Tony going to have breakfast with Ryan (Greg's hands).
  9. Hoedown: Feeding the cat.
Winner: Chip Esten.
Credits: As an auctioneer.

4.06 (Compilation)

First Broadcast: February 28, 1992 - Intro
Chip Esten, Stephen Frost, Josie Lawrence, Paul Merton, Greg Proops, Tony Slattery, Steve Steen, Ryan Stiles, Jim Sweeney
  1. Authors: "Pant and Ethel, Where Are You?". Jim - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Paul - AA Handbook, Steve - Jacques Cousteau, Tony - Dr Alex Comfort ("The New Joy of Sex").
  2. Old Job, New Job: Tony & Jim plumbers, Stephen a plumber who used to be in advertising.
  3. World's Worst: person to be Prime Minister - Jim, Steve, Stephen, Tony.
  4. Narrating For Each Other: A betting shop - Jim & Steve.
  5. Scene With A Prop: "Stop - Children" sign - Tony & Paul.
  6. Psychiatrist: Chip psychiatrist. Greg - frightened of water, Tony - in love with himself, Ryan - thinks he smells like horses.
  7. Props: Josie & Greg - rake end, Ryan & Paul - red and white spotted cloths.
  8. Alphabet: In a changing room, starting with 'F' - Jim & Tony.
  9. Song Styles: Josie (Heavy Metal). First line: "On the M25", end line: "Who stole my sausages?".
  10. Expert: "Stately Homes" (Greg) interviews an expert on taxidermists (and paperclips) (Ryan).
  11. Every Other Line: Paul has lost his false teeth. Tony - reads. (Play: "Murder By The Book" by Duncan Greenwood & Robert King).
  12. Hoedown: Frying Pan/Frying Food - Greg, Ryan, Tony, Chip.

"In America"


First Broadcast: March 7, 1992 - Intro
Greg Proops, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Brad Sherwood
  1. Emotion Option: Two men in adjoining shower cubicles - Ryan & Brad. Euphorically, Nauseously, Hysterically, Horny (Lustily).
  2. New Job, Old Job: Greg - barber, Colin - customer, Ryan - barber who used to be a fireman.
  3. Props: Brad & Ryan - plastic stick with two yellow foam things on the end, Colin & Greg - yellow lamp shade.
  4. Whose Line: Getting a bank loan - Colin & Ryan.
  5. Party Quirks: Brad hosts. Greg - cheerleader, Colin - synchronized swimmer, Ryan - cattle brander.
  6. Scenes From a Hat: People who failed the auditions for Swan Lake. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Fortune cookies that tell the truth. A mailman at a dog show. Pointless things to take on a polar expedition. Bad ice cream flavours. A snake swallowing a pig or a cow. Auctioneers at home.
  7. Sound Effects: Changing a baby's diaper. Colin acts, Ryan SFX.
  8. Helping Hands: Ryan (Colin's hands) going out on a date, Greg helping him.
  9. Superheroes: Trying to solve English television's problem. Greg - Junk Man, Ryan - Hyperactive Man, Brad - Cliche Boy, Colin - Captain Poultry.
Winner: Colin Mochrie
Credits: As someone making as many faces as possible.


First Broadcast: March 14, 1992 - Intro
Greg Proops, Archie Hahn, Ryan Stiles, Chip Esten
  1. Scenes From a Hat: Arguing over the tip. What else did Noah take with him on the Ark. Phone interrupts love making. A convention of cat lovers. Two scuba divers making love and out of air at 40 feet below. The last words of a sewer cleaner. The original and disastrous poses of the Mona Lisa. A pointless way to die. Paranoid football players.
  2. Alphabet: Greg trying to buy an airline ticket in a hurry from Ryan, starting with 'F'.
  3. Song Styles: Yvette the receptionist. Chip (Reggae).
  4. Party Quirks: Chip hosts. Archie - thinks he has been shipwrecked, Greg - elevator operator, Ryan - champion wrestler.
  5. World's Worst: Person to be a parent.
  6. Bar Scene: Chip bartender. Greg - angry about no toilet paper in the bathroom, Ryan - has a crisis with bunions on his feet.
  7. Props: Ryan & Greg - two green metal cones, Archie & Chip - a butterfly net.
  8. Film Dubbing: A boss (Ryan) trying to get his secretary (Archie) to make him a drink.
  9. Helping Hands: A child (Greg) going along to see a children's entertainer, Ryan (Archie's hands).
  10. Hoedown: Doing the laundry.
Winner: Archie Hahn
Credits: As a cartoon character.


First Broadcast: March 21, 1992 - Intro
Ron West, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops
  1. Scenes From a Hat: Unlikely gifts from Cornflakes packets. Strange traffic violations. High noon. Peeing your name in the snow. Two childhood sweethearts meeting after 30 years. Giving up smoking. Two cows at a coffee shop. A meeting of flypaper manufacturers.
  2. Old Job, New Job: Greg & Colin working in a burger bar, Ryan also working there and used to be in the marines.
  3. Questions Only: Colin & Ryan meeting on the beach.
  4. Party Quirks: Greg hosts. Ron - is on a jungle expedition, Colin - thinks he is an octopus, Ryan - basketball player.
  5. Whose Line: Colin going through customs, Ryan is a customs officer.
  6. World's Worst: Person to be President.
  7. Props: Colin & Ryan - large lemon triangle, Greg & Ron - steel coloured flexible square.
  8. Helping Hands: Colin dictates a letter to his secretary, Ryan (Greg's hands).
  9. Film Dubbing: Men arguing over who will sit in a chair - Ryan, Ron & Greg.
  10. Superheroes: Acid rain. Greg - Psychic Man, Ryan - Man Who Says Everything Twice Man, Ron - Man Who Censors Himself, Colin - Boneless Boy.
  11. Hoedown: Skiing.
Winners: Ryan Stiles & Colin Mochrie
Credits: As two sports commentators.


First Broadcast: March 28, 1992 - Intro
Sam Johnson, Jane Brucker, Ryan Stiles, Chip Esten
  1. Scenes From a Hat: You're both stuck in quicksand. Things you must not do near electricity. The men who created Velcro. Arriving at the wrong place. A reunion for air stewards & stewardesses. The last woman on Earth.
  2. Film and Theatre Styles: Ryan hijacking Sam's plane. Silent Movie, Muppets, Interpretive Dance, Bruce Lee, Spaghetti Western.
  3. Expert: Jane Wonder (Jane) interviews an expert on moudly bread, Doctor Yeast (Ryan).
  4. Whose Line: Sam gone to see a Private Eye/Dick (Ryan).
  5. World's Worst: Person to be stuck in a lifeboat with.
  6. Props: Sam & Chip - slinkys, Jane & Ryan - foam grass.
  7. Backwards Scene: In a doctor's office - Sam & Ryan. Starts with "Are you the proctologist", ends with "Are you done yet?".
  8. Party Quirks: Sam hosts. Jane - TV Aerobics Instructor, Chip - Miss World contestant, Ryan - thinks he is a dog on heat.
  9. Helping Hands: Chip gone to be taught something about First Aid by Ryan (Sam's hands).
  10. Hoedown: Sex Change.
Winner: Sam Johnson
Credits: As a sarcastic TV critic.


First Broadcast: April 3, 1992 - Intro
Jim Meskimen, Chris Smith, Ryan Stiles, Chip Esten
  1. Film and Theatre Styles: Ryan going to Chip's pet shop. Molliere, 50s B Movie, Laurel & Hardy, Science Fiction.
  2. Old Job, New Job: Jim & Chris scientists looking into dangerous radioactive material, Ryan scientist who used to be a baseball player.
  3. Props: Ryan & Chris - transparent yellow pipe, Jim & Chip - loop on a pole.
  4. Bar: Chip bartender. Chris - angry about his divorce, Jim - drinking to forget the stockmarket, Ryan - having a crisis with impotence.
  5. Expert: Chip interviews an expert on algae farming (Ryan).
  6. Two Characters: In a laundrette. Jim - Captain Kirk, Chris - Mr Spock.
  7. Party Quirks: Chris hosts. Chip - prisoner on a chain gang, Jim - boxing trainer at the ring side, Ryan - rodeo rider.
  8. Helping Hands: Chris gone to a casino, trying to gamble his life away. Ryan (Jim's hands) croupier.
  9. Scenes From a Hat: Naming a baby. At the top of the Empire State Building. A Jimmy Stewart convention. Falling in love on an ice rink. A convention of cheesemakers (cheesemarkers?). Two men comparing each other at the urinal.
Winner: Jim Meskimen
Credits: As Kevin Costner.


First Broadcast: April 10, 1992 - Intro
Greg Proops, Ron West, Ryan Stiles, Brad Sherwood
  1. Emotion Option: Two guys on a production line - Ryan & Brad. Paranoia, Nostalgia, Angst, Ecstacy.
  2. Film and Theatre Styles: Greg a kidnapper under siege inside the house with his victim, Ron the policeman with the megaphone outside trying to bring him out (or do something). Burlesque, Soviet Realism, Spaghetti Western, Japanese Horror.
  3. Scenes From a Hat: A convention of bodyguards. Short lived children's board games. Strange good luck charms. The Sting. Sports that will never make the Olympics. The Big Lie. Early experiments with gunpowder. When pickpockets meet.
  4. Whose Line: One (of Ryan & Brad) being stopped by a cop.
  5. World's Worst: Person to pick up as a hitchhiker.
  6. Props: Ryan & Brad - giant blue crayon, Greg & Ron - plastic jointed square.
  7. Helping Hands: Brad came along to find out how to ice/decorate a cake from Ryan (Greg's hands).
  8. Superheroes: Airplane going down. Greg - Soap Man, Ryan - Tight Underwear Man, Ron - Ripped Off In The Divorce Settlement Man, Brad - Overreaction Man.
  9. New Job, Old Job: Greg - dentist, Brad - patient, Ryan - dentist who used to be a car mechanic.
  10. Hoedown: Motorcycling.
Winners: Greg Proops & Ryan Stiles
Credits: As two bickering brothers.

4.13 (Compilation)

First Broadcast: April 17, 1992 - Intro
Jane Brucker, Chip Esten, Sam Johnson, Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops, Brad Sherwood, Ryan Stiles, Ron West
  1. Film & Theatre Styles: Greg an old cop/policeman, with a rookie cop (Colin) joining him in his car for the first time today. Soviet Propaganda, Swedish Porn Movie (dumb or dubbed), 50s B Movie, Army Recruiting Film, Thriller.
  2. Letter Changes: A waiter (Chip) and customer (Ryan) in a cafe/restaurant. Both replace T with Z.
  3. World's Worst: Person to visit you in hospital.
  4. Expert: Greg interviews an expert on the afterlife (Ryan).
  5. Bar Scene: Chip bartender. Sam - drinking to forget his bedwetting problem, Jane - Clive Anderson has left her.
  6. Props: Ryan & Brad - pink crepe sphere, Ron & Greg - mop.
  7. Alphabet: In a tattoo parlour, starting with 'Q' - Greg & Ryan,
  8. Film Dubbing: "One Day on the Highway" - Sam, Jane & Ryan.
  9. Superheroes: Earthquakes. Greg - Proctologist Man, Ryan - Touchy Feely Man, Ron - Obscure Reference Man, Colin - Lunchbox Boy.
  10. Hoedown: Making Cheese.