WL SURVIV0R: Episode Seven

Sixteen Whose Line performers have been marooned on a remote island.
To survive, they must outwit, outplay and outperform each other in various improvisational immunity challenges.
Every two days they attend a meeting of the Whoser council, where one contestant will be voted off the island.
But in the end, there can be only one - WHOSE LINE SURVIVOR.

JEFF: Time to tally up the votes.

(he disappears into the bushes. Several racoons and squirrels go running out. A mumbled comment is heard, something like "hmmm, out to get me huh?". He returns).

JEFF: (glares at Denny) I know it's you. The young goat told me...
DENNY: What? I'm innocent!
JEFF: Sure you are. And the first vote goes to... you.
DENNY: You can't tamper with these votes, right?
JEFF: Second vote to Denny.
DENNY: At least, I hope you can't.
JEFF: A vote to Wayne. Just to make it look fairer.
WAYNE: Gee, thanks man.
JEFF: Okay then, I'll give votes to Colin, Ryan and Greg as well.
WAYNE: Not much better, but okay.
JEFF: Another two to Denny.
DENNY: You're out to get ME now...
JEFF: One each to Greg, Colin and Wayne. That's Denny 4, Greg 2, Colin 2, Wayne 2, Ryan 1. And a third to Wayne. And a fourth.
WAYNE: (whispers to Brad) I think he's onto me...
JEFF: And another for Denny. And another. And we don't need to count the final vote, even if it was also for you. You should have known you couldn't get away with it.

DENNY: Curses. Foiled again. And I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for that pesky kid.
JEFF: Your twiglet has already gone out. The spirits of the island have spoken.
RYAN: Nah, it was that guy with the water bucket.
JEFF: It was the island spirits.
RYAN: Guy with the water bucket.
RYAN: Okay.
JEFF: Goodbye, Denny.

JOSIE: Help! I'm the only female left on the island!
TONY: On the other hand...
JOSIE: One woman, nine guys... I see what you're getting at...
TONY: Wanna start with me?

WAYNE: We'd better elect a representative for the combined tribes. I vote Colin.
COLIN: I vote Brad.
RYAN: Brad.
BRAD: Ryan.
GREG: Guess I'll go for Brad, make it easy.
BRAD: Okay. I'm off, see you guys later.

BRAD: Hey everyone!
STEPHEN: Brad! Great to see you again!
BRAD: So this is your little set-up here?
STEVE: Well, it's not much. We've just built what we could out of the available materials.
JIM: It's a pretty basic hut.
BRAD: I like the jacuzzi though.
TONY: You should see the mud bath.
BRAD: Looks pretty neat. So who's coming to see our area?

(doorbell sound)
GREG: Okay, I've got the beer, the twiglets... oh, hi Tony!
TONY: Hello! I'm here to inspect your tribal camp.
GREG: Don't tell me, you're a tribal camp inspector.
(buzzer noise)
TONY: Correct. Now, what have we got here?
WAYNE: Hey Tony. We've got a nice little setup over here by the lagoon.
RYAN: Grab a bamboo pool cue, join us for a game.
COLIN: I'll play the winner!
WAYNE: And after that, we've rigged up our World Crisis Monitor to pick up the adult movie channel.
TONY: ... we're coming here.

JIM: All packed?
STEVE: Ready to go.
JEFF: Okay, Clive, you can each take three items.
STEPHEN: Fine, but I'm taking the jacuzzi.

JEFF: Here they come...
BRAD: How did you get here so fast?
RYAN: Hey, Stephen.. set up the jacuzzi next to the tennis court over there.
STEPHEN: Will do.
JOSIE: I brought some rice.
RYAN: Gee, like we didn't have enough of THAT already...
COLIN: Put it over with ours.
JEFF: I'll leave you guys to finish setting up. See you in an hour for the immunity challenge.

JEFF: Hi everyone. Hope you're all set up back at camp. Now, remember that from now on you will be competing for this... the Immunity Twiglet. TONY: Hmm... tasty.
JEFF: Today's challenge.... Ten Headed Broadway Star. But with a condition... if anyone screws up or ends a sentence, they are out. Line up in alphabetical order, the topic is 'An Ode to the Sea Snake'.

COLIN: snakes
GREG: are
JIM: so
JOSIE: slithery
RYAN: and
TONY: quite
WAYNE: funny
BRAD: exercises
COLIN: with
GREG: their
JIM: over
JOSIE: blown
RYAN: physique...

JEFF: (BUZZ) Continue with the topic off "Look out for the Drop Bears!"

STEVE: out
TONY: for
WAYNE: those
BRAD: drop
COLIN: -ping
GREG: bear-like
JIM: creatures
JOSIE: that
STEVE: from
TONY: the
WAYNE: ...sky.

JEFF: (BUZZ) Continue singing "Get me off this island!"

GREG: away
JIM: from
JOSIE: here
STEPHEN: before
TONY: go
BRAD: quite
COLIN: mad.

JEFF: (BUZZ) Next topic: "Arrrgh, Rats!"

JIM: no
STEVE: attacked
TONY: by
GREG: rather
JIM: large
JOSIE: type
STEVE: creature...

JEFF: (BUZZ) Sorry, Steve. Go on with "I've got crabs!"

TONY: Crabs
BRAD: are
GREG: really
JIM: fun
TONY: around
BRAD: ... with.

JEFF: (BUZZ) Next: "I've got sand down my pants!"

GREG: I've
JIM: got
JOSIE: mounds
STEPHEN: ... haha!!

STEPHEN: Just seemed like a strange admission from Josie there...
JEFF: Sorry, but that won't help you! Next: "Jeff is a dork!"... hey, how'd that get in here?

TONY: Hey,
GREG: Jeff
JIM: is
TONY: stupid
GREG: git.

JEFF: (BUZZ) Not only the end of a sentence, but an insult too. You're gone for that, Greg. Next topic: "Run away from the insect!"

JIM: Run
JOSIE: away
TONY: from
JIM: that
JOSIE: biting...
TONY: little...
JIM: ... thing.

JEFF: (BUZZ) Final topic: "Look out, Richard's naked again".

JOSIE: it's,
TONY: happening,
JOSIE: one,
TONY: more,
JOSIE: lot,
TONY: of,
JOSIE: nakedness,
TONY: from,
JOSIE: Richard,
TONY: is
JOSIE: just
TONY: about
JOSIE: all
TONY: that
TONY: can
JOSIE: put
TONY: up
JOSIE: with
TONY: watching...

JEFF: (BUZZ) Goodbye Tony. Josie, you are immune at tonight's council.

(the contestants enter. The tribal council area starts creaking under the excess weight)

JEFF: Mike, please go back to the outcast tribe. You've been voted off!

(Mike leaves. The creaking stops).

JEFF: Welcome tribes. Have you come up with a name yet?
RYAN: We're working on it.
TONY: I thought "Twiglet" might be good.
COLIN: You always think twiglets might be good.
JEFF: Well, we'll wait for that next time. In the meanwhile, you're gonna be put to the test yet again. Now, if we were doing this properly, then tonight's person would just miss out on being on our official tribal council. But since we're not doing it that way, I won't make you feel that bad. Let's just say that whoever goes tonight it the seventh worst person on the island.
BRAD: Real confidence builder, isn't he...?
WAYNE: I feel so inspired.

JEFF: Josie, you are safe. But as for the rest of you... everyone must go. But we'll satisfy ourselves with just one for tonight. Whoser council, who's next? Is it Brad, Colin, Greg, Jim, Ryan, Steve, Stephen, Tony or Wayne?

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