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Mark's Guide to Whose Line is it Anyway?

Episode Guide

Series Six (1994)

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6.01 / 6.02 / 6.03 / 6.04 / 6.05 / 6.06 / 6.07 / 6.08 / 6.09 / 6.10C / 6.11C / 6.12S
(C = Compilation, S = Special)


First Broadcast: July 1, 1994 - Intro
Steve Frost, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, Tony Slattery
  1. Film and Theatre Styles: Ryan teaching Colin to ski. Baywatch, Japanese, Science Fiction, Hitchcock.
  2. Film and Theatre Styles: Two dustmen finding something interesting in the rubbish - Tony & Steve. Disaster Movie, Cartoon, School Nativity Play, Busby Barclay.
  3. Old Job, New Job: Tony & Ryan in an airplane, Steve airline steward who used to be a bus conductor.
  4. Changing Room: Coach Colin talks to his players Ryan & Tony after they lose the game. Drinks bottle - paranoid, towel - conceited, bag - angry.
  5. Questions Only: Front desk of a hotel.
  6. Fixed Expressions: Barber shop, the circus is coming to town. Steve (barber) - devastated/sad, Colin (customer) - happy, Ryan (barber) - shocked, Tony (customer) - anxious.
  7. Narrate: Two people hunting - Colin & Ryan.
  8. Film Dub: "Just before surgery takes place, waiting for the anaesthetic to take effect" - Tony & Steve.
  9. Party Quirks: Tony hosts. Steve - tabloid headline writer, Colin - hamster, Ryan - attached to door by elastic.
  10. Hoedown: Riding a donkey.
Winners: Colin Mochrie & Ryan Stiles.
Credits: Colin as a director instructing Ryan as an inept actor.


First Broadcast: July 8, 1994 - Intro
Josie Lawrence, Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops, Mike McShane
  1. Film and Theatre Styles: Josie horse owner talking to trainer Ryan. Chinese Horror, Science Fiction, Chase Film.
  2. Film and Theatre Styles: Two enthusiasts fixing a motor bike - Greg & Mike. In English (after biker jargon), Starsky & Hutch, Biblical Epic, Disaster Movie.
  3. Old Job, New Job: Josie & Greg broken down in a car, Ryan AA Man/Road Mechanic who used to be an astronaut.
  4. Funeral: Frederick the Trampolinist.
  5. Stand, Sit, Lie Down: A patient, doctor and visitor in a hospital - Josie, Greg & Ryan.
  6. Props: Greg & Ryan - curled up piece of foam, Josie & Mike - curly pipe.
  7. Song Styles: Cat Litter Tray. Mike & Josie (Duet).
  8. Helping Hands: Josie gone to Ryan (Greg's hands) to get some icecream.
  9. Party Quirks: Greg hosts. Josie - Olympic Ice Skater, Mike - thinks he is a car, Ryan - is going down the plug hole.
Winners: Josie Lawrence & Mike McShane.
Credits: As a bickering couple on their way home from a party.


First Broadcast: July 15, 1994 - Intro
Steve Frost, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, Tony Slattery
  1. Questions Only: Army recruitment office.
  2. Film and Theatre Styles: Colin instructor of Ryan, doing his first parachute jump. Dirty Dancing, Shakespeare, Japanese No Theatre, Ghost Film, Weepy.
  3. Film Dub: One (of Tony & Steve) angry with the other about the state of the flat.
  4. Song Titles: In a garden centre - Steve, Ryan & Colin.
  5. Stand, Sit, Lie Down: Prisoner of War camp escape committee meeting - Colin, Ryan & Tony.
  6. Sound Effects: Cooking in a fish restaurant. Colin acts, Ryan SFX.
  7. Props: Ryan & Colin - big number 3, Tony & Steve - gas mask.
  8. Moving People: One (of Colin & Ryan) being fitted for a suit by the other.
  9. Party Quirks: Tony hosts. Steve - mentions body parts in every sentence, Colin - experiencing too much gravity, Ryan - jockey in race. (Tony swears at Clive after missing the quirks).
  10. Helping Hands: Tony going to Ryan's (Greg's hands) barbecue.
  11. Hoedown: Vasectomy Surgeon.
Winners: Colin Mochrie & Ryan Stiles.
Credits: As two reflections in the hall of mirrors.


First Broadcast: July 22, 1994 - Intro
Mike McShane, Greg Proops, Ryan Stiles, Tony Slattery
  1. Superheroes: An asteroid full of jam is about to crash into the Earth. Greg - Soap Opera Man, Ryan - Itchy Man, Tony - Bad Impressions Man, Mike - Nose Lick Boy.
  2. Song Titles: In an airport - Mike, Greg & Ryan.
  3. Film Dub: Man going to a cryogenics laboratory to pick up the frozen remains of his wife - Greg & Ryan.
  4. Alphabet: Scientist turning into a fly, starting with 'W' - Tony & Mike. (Tony forgets 'V').
  5. Song Styles: Train Set. Mike (Disco).
  6. Film Trailer: "He invaded my chip shop". Greg narrates. Beverley Chest (Ryan) as Gwendolyn (the girl in the chip shop), Cheese Crevasse (Tony) as Doug (the small dark stranger), Carl Winkeley (Mike) as customer Otto.
  7. Helping Hands: Tony as a boy scout gone to his leader Ryan (Greg's hands) on a camping trip.
  8. Party Quirks: Tony hosts. Greg - giraffe, Ryan - on a roller coaster, Mike - Columbian drugs baron.
  9. Bartender: Mike bartender. Ryan - drinking to forget his wardrobe, Tony - in love with an inflatable pig.
Winner: Tony Slattery.
Credits: As somebody trying to tell a joke but cracking up and not getting through it.


First Broadcast: July 29, 1994 - Intro
Josie Lawrence, Steve Frost, Ryan Stiles, Tony Slattery
  1. Film and Theatre Styles: Josie riding in Ryan's gondola. Revengers Tragedy, Shampoo Ad, Melodrama, Spy Movie.
  2. Film and Theatre Styles: Tony trying to get a ride home late at night from taxi driver Steve. Sooty, Soap Opera, Russ Meyer, Greek Tragedy, Welsh TV Drama.
  3. Helping Hands: Josie (Tony's hands) and Ryan as women freshening up in the ladies' room.
  4. Hoedown: Going to the cinema.
  5. Props: Tony & Josie - huge snail shell, Steve & Ryan - elephant trunk.
  6. Film Dub: Josie telling Tony that it's his baby.
  7. Old Job, New Job: In a restaurant. Josie cook, Ryan chief waiter, Steve chef who used to be a road builder.
  8. Bartender: Josie bartender. Ryan - in love with his teddy bear, Tony - angry about his middle name.
  9. Party Quirks: Tony hosts. Josie - a penis, Steve - football goalie, Ryan - baby learning to walk.
Winners: Josie Lawrence & Ryan Stiles.
Credits: Josie going through Ryan's little black book of old girlfriends.


First Broadcast: August 5, 1994 - Intro
Steve Frost, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, Tony Slattery
  1. Questions Only: In a clothes shop.
  2. Whose Line: An aeroplane is going down, and Colin is trying to persuade washed up pilot Ryan to take the controls and save everybody.
  3. Stand, Sit, Lie Down: On the beach - Ryan, Colin & Tony.
  4. Old Job, New Job: Colin patient, Ryan doctor, Steve consultant/doctor who used to be a magician.
  5. Fixed Expressions: Steve (happy), Tony (cheeky) and Colin (puzzled) at a sports game. Ryan (spooked) trying to sell them food/drinks.
  6. World's Worst: person to sit next to in an exam.
  7. Props: Tony & Steve - bed of nails, Colin & Ryan - extendable plastic swords/light sabers.
  8. Sound Effects: Taking a shower. Colin acts, Ryan SFX.
  9. Party Quirks: Tony hosts. Colin - thinks he's being chased by a swarm of bees, Steve - school bus driver, Ryan - Olympic fast walker.
  10. Moving People: One (of Colin & Ryan) trying to go through airport security.
  11. Hoedown: Christmas.
Winner: Colin Mochrie.
Credits: As an angry viewer.


First Broadcast: August 12, 1994 - Intro
Josie Lawrence, Rory Bremner, Tony Slattery, Mike McShane
  1. Scenes From a Hat: What your adolescence was really like. Two politicians meet in the urinals. The last ever James Bond film. Unlikely erogenous zones. The biggest jerk in the world. Those three little words. Pointless things to take when crossing the Sahara.
  2. Sports Report: The Tortoise and the Hare. Rory - presenter Desmond Orchid Fastgreylovesajump, Tony - expert, Josie - interviewer, Mike - the hare and the tortoise.
  3. Film Dub: Three men arguing over what to have for lunch - Tony & Rory.
  4. Prison Visitor: Josie visitor. Tony - has stolen a Jumbo Jet, Mike - smuggled a grandfather clock into the country.
  5. World's Worst: person to be President of the World in an intergalactic crisis.
  6. Props: Rory & Tony - feather dusters, Mike & Josie - giant tooth.
  7. Duet: Old boiler. Josie & Mike (Early Rock & Roll)
  8. Party Quirks: Tony hosts. Josie - football player, Rory - thinks he's Tony, Mike - pig wrangler.
  9. Helping Hands: Mike airplane passenger, Josie (Tony's hands) explaining the safety regulations.
  10. Hoedown: Pony Trekking.
Winner: Mike McShane
Credits: As a TV Evangelist.


First Broadcast: August 19, 1994 - Intro
Greg Proops, Chip Esten, Ryan Stiles, Tony Slattery
  1. Scenes From a Hat: Invitations you'd never accept. If the planet was made of toothpaste. Rejected proverbs. Practical jokes in a monastery. 24 hours from Tulsa. What hell looks like. Sea Shanties that never caught on. If undertakers were like waiters.
  2. Superheroes: Trapped in a bank vault. Greg - Termite Man, Ryan - Kid Kangaroo, Chip - Kleptomaniac Boy, Tony - Captain Thinks-He's-Invisible.
  3. Song Styles: Alison the Court Clerk. Chip (Love Song).
  4. Sound Effects: On a submarine - Greg, Ryan & Tony.
  5. News Report: Noah, in Australia. Greg - host Curved Slightly. Tony - expert Dr Hank Kalangalangalangalang, Chip - interviewer Snack Wankley, Ryan - Noah and our favourite meteolor... meteora... weatherman Swing Nicely.
  6. Film Dub: Greg & Tony on a date, Ryan a father coming home early and surprising them.
  7. Party Quirks: Tony hosts. Chip - writes advertising jingles, Greg - vacuum cleaner, Ryan - a sperm.
  8. Stand, Sit, Lie Down: Tony coming to a department store to buy a bed, Greg the salesman and Ryan the manager.
  9. Bar Scene: Chip bartender. Greg - drinking to forget his tax demand, Ryan - in love with his dog, Tony - angry about his jacket.
Winners: Greg Proops & Ryan Stiles
Credits: As two hecklers.


First Broadcast: August 26, 1994 - Intro
Greg Proops, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, Tony Slattery
  1. Questions Only: A trip to the vet.
  2. Old Job, New Job: Greg & Colin visitors to the undertaker, Ryan undertaker who used to be a used car salesman.
  3. Superheroes: trapped in an elevator. Greg - Captain Floppy, Ryan - Man Who Taps You On The Shoulder To Fake You Out Man, Colin - Drunk Tour Guide Guy, Tony - Misconception Boy.
  4. Sound Effects: A day on the beach. Colin acts, Ryan SFX.
  5. World's Worst: Thing for a doctor to say.
  6. Props: Tony & Greg - oval shaped polystyrene, Colin & Ryan - giant empty negative reel.
  7. Fixed Expressions: Colin (ecstatic) and Tony (shocked) in a car, Greg (furious) and Ryan (panicky) hitchhikers.
  8. Party Quirks: Tony hosts. Greg - a surfer, Colin - thinks he's in a toilet, Ryan - a fireworks display.
  9. Helping Hands: Tony goes to Ryan (Colin's hands) for a haircut.
  10. Hoedown: Sex.
Winners: Colin Mochrie & Ryan Stiles
Credits: As two cheerleaders.

6.10 (Compilation)

First Broadcast: September 2, 1994 - Intro
Rory Bremner, Steve Frost, Josie Lawrence, Mike McShane, Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops, Tony Slattery, Ryan Stiles.
  1. Film and Theatre Styles: Two businessmen playing squash - Ryan & Colin. Ninja Turtles, Agatha Christie, Film Noire, Old Testament Epic.
  2. News Report: Adam & Eve, in Nicaragua. Greg - host Bulge Temptingly. Ryan - expert Jose Offerman, Tony - reporter Snack Whipley, Mike - serpent and Eve.
  3. Superheroes: trapped in the fridge. Colin - Rubber Band Man, Ryan - Mesmerized By Arm Movement Man, Tony - Suicide Guy, Steve - Laughing Nymphomaniac Woman.
  4. Remote Control: Chicken Rearing. Josie - Coronation Street, Rory - Question Time, Tony - GMTV, Mike - The Muppets.
  5. Song Styles: Coal. Mike (Grunge).
  6. Questions Only: Auditioning for the circus - Josie, Mike, Ryan & Greg.
  7. Scene to Music: A father (Steve) sending his son (Tony) to buy washing powder. Religious music.
  8. Film Dub: A telephone sex line addict (Steve) that they're trying to cure, rings Ryan.
  9. Helping Hands: Ryan (Colin's hands) a policeman, Tony suspect.
  10. Standing, Sitting, Bending: Cowboys on the Range - Greg, Ryan & Tony.

6.11 (Compilation)

First Broadcast: September 9, 1994 - Intro
Chip Esten, Steve Frost, Josie Lawrence, Mike McShane, Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops, Tony Slattery, Ryan Stiles
  1. Scenes From A Hat: If eyes were somewhere else on our bodies. Practical joking international share dealers. Worrying things to be given on a plane. One of life's disappointments. Designing the first human. Faux pas at a Christening. Monsters that aren't scary. Steve, Colin, Ryan, Tony.
  2. Film and Theatre Styles: Steve leading a mutiny on Tony's ship. Medieval Mystery Play. Hammer Horror. Carry On/Jacobean Tragedy.
  3. Whose Line: Pre-wedding nerves - Ryan groom, Colin friend.
  4. Foreign Film Dub: "Farewell My Porcupine" in Italian. Tony & Ryan act, Colin & Steve translate.
  5. Song Styles: Mop. Josie (Cocktail Lounge Jazz Ballad).
  6. Props: Tony & Greg - white-spotted red circle on a stick, Chip & Ryan - frayed rope.
  7. Film Trailer: "The Revenge of the Sheep Shearer". Greg narrates. Carl Nibbley (Tony) - young girl, Ryan - vicious bass warrior, Deep Sleazely (Colin/Ryan) - fascistic Spanish Colonel, Dalia Anderson (Colin) - Daisy the Wonder Sheep. Tony splits his pants and ruins the game of Moving People filmed next.
  8. Extra Bits:
    • News Report: David & Goliath, in South America. Greg - host Deliciously Huge, Tony - expert Dr Esteban Mouella, Colin - reporter Link Sausage, Ryan - David.
    • Funeral: John the Train Spotter - Ryan, Steve, Colin & Tony.
    • Film & Theatre Styles: Tony prematurely improvises the "Zig & Zag" style.
    • World's Worst: Person to go on holiday with - Ryan.
    • Old Job, New Job: Clive starts his introduction as "Old Knob..."
    • Party Quirks: Tony hosts. Steve - Dodgems operator.
    • Foreign Film Dub: Tony & Josie acting, Colin & Ryan translating. Tony dances, then Ryan gets carried away with his translation.
  9. Hoedown: Scuba Diving - Greg, Mike, Ryan & Tony.

6.12 (Special)

First Broadcast: January 6, 1995 - Intro
Tony Slattery, Mike McShane, Greg Proops, Josie Lawrence

Episode details unknown - please e-mail me if you can provide them.