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Mark's Guide to Whose Line is it Anyway?

Old Guestbook 3

Welcome to my WL guestbook, where the entries aren't made up and there's no points to matter! I'm your host, Mark Longmuir, c'mon, let's have some fun! With tonight's contestants...

Mike C. - 11/03/00 01:47:40
Location: Needham, MA
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Greg
Fave Game(s): Hoedown, SFAH
Fave Line(s): And whenever I say 'naff git', that means Clive- Greg
Fave Song(s): Colin's Earthquake Rap
Date of Birth: 1/30/87
Whose Line is by far the best show on TV! Come back you Brits!

Cathy Doman - 11/02/00 14:51:08
Location: Waupaca, WI
Fave Contestant(s): Wayne
Fave Game(s): Superhero
Fave Line(s): Got any Milk Duds?
Fave Song(s): Ode to the Lunch Lady
Date of Birth: 9/17/68
Congratulations on having the funniest show on TV! I look forward all week to Thursday night, because I know there will be laughs galore. I hope your show never gets cancelled. ps: is there a home game yet?

Kate Piatt - 10/31/00 15:11:25
Location: Holmfirth, West Yorks
Fave Contestant(s): Steve Steen
Fave Game(s): Party Quirks
Date of Birth: 13/10/72
Fantast web site!! I am trying to get in touch with Steve Steen after 2 years of lost contact - any ideas? I'll keep visiting until you get the profiles M-Z up and running!

Mark Catalfano - 10/30/00 00:56:04
Fave Contestant(s): Greg Proops, Ryan Stiles
Fave Game(s): Scenes from a hat, Party Quirks
Date of Birth: Jan 18,1987
This is a GREAT website, and I think you did a great job. You want to get that Character Info updated, though.

Kalvin Goodlaxson - 10/29/00 22:19:07
My Email:Tv1boy@AOL
Location: Iowa City
Fave Contestant(s): Colin Mochire
Fave Game(s): scenes from a hat
Fave Line(s): "Breathment?"
Date of Birth: 6/17/88
It's my favorite show.

Bradley Grover - 10/25/00 17:38:19
Location: New Hampshire, USA
Fave Contestant(s): Greg Proops, Josie Lawrence, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady
Fave Game(s): Props, Dating Service Video, World's Worst
Fave Line(s): Ryan:"I met him at a club when he was a bouncer."
Fave Song(s): ALL HOEDOWNS!
Date of Birth: 07/12/75
The 200th ep of WL/DL(not including the "Best Of" special that aired here in the states on October 4, 2000) airs on ABC on October 26, 2000(Tomorrow night!)

Polyester Rayon Blend - 10/25/00 08:23:25
My URL:www.bloobeebladee.snippitysnipe
My Email:sunrises@dawn.pfft (not a real address for the gullable folk)
Location: Planet Cheez Whiz, Boil on the butt of the galaxy
Fave Contestant(s): Pretty much the whole gang
Fave Game(s): "Greatest Hits", "Irish Drinking Song", "Dead People", "Newsflash", "News Update", "Song Styles", "3-Headed Broadway Star", "Sound Effects", "Helping Hands", "Motown Group", "Props", "Party Quirks" I easy to please?
Fave Line(s): "This courtroom is a Mochrie!!"~Colin/"THE CAT!!"~Colin "The cat! Would you stop it with the ca- (Ryan cracks up)"/ "Don't make me use this Billy Bob. You ain't gonna hit me no more with no bones."~Wayne/ "Monkey monkey, chew the butt r...bah-too-tah, bah-too-tah, bah-too-tah monkey monkey. 60 minutes where are you? Here's an expose for you."~Colin
Fave Song(s): "You've Got Sole"&"You Are My Butterstick"~Wayne, Drew, & Ryan/"Opening The Door That Locked-uh"~Wayne doing Ricky Martin on Greatest Hits/"I Think I'm An Armadillo"~Colin
Date of Birth: Somewhere between B.C. and A.D.
Just another fan signing the guest book. Kudos to the website!! May future folk enjoy the wonders of Whose Line. LATER!!!

Stiles - 10/25/00 00:45:12
Fave Contestant(s): Colin (drunk)
Fave Game(s): Hate them all
Fave Line(s): That's a wrap
Date of Birth: 59 not 69
This is the first time I've ever signed a guest book, so all other comments from Ryan are not from Ryan.....Beware!

Sherry Gerald - 10/21/00 15:49:42
Location: Fruitland Park, MS
Fave Contestant(s): All
Fave Game(s): Party Quirks
Fave Song(s): African Chant
Date of Birth: 10-22-48
I love Whose Line. It's the only show that's ever made me laugh out loud through the entire show. I wish Greg Proops would go back to wearing his Buddy Holly glasses and loud clothes like he did on the British version. Whatever happened to Mike McShane? He was great in the British version, but I never see him on the American show.

kb - 10/21/00 00:40:17
Location: LA
Fave Contestant(s): tony, greg, colin, and ryan
Fave Game(s): party quirks, scenes from a hat, secret, and now, the irish drinking song
Fave Line(s): too mant to name
Fave Song(s): "from Bartender, where Greg lost his puppy
Date of Birth: 11-04-82
congrats on the award! and great site!

Molle - 10/19/00 22:11:04
Location: USA
Fave Contestant(s): Greg & Colin
Congrats on the Whoser Award Mark!

leeleegirl22 - 10/19/00 06:14:51
Location: Chicago, IL
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Colin, Greg, Brad, Tony
Fave Game(s): Secret, Whose Line, Home Shopping
Fave Line(s): "Hurry up before my funk gets stale" (Clive, responding to Greg calling him a 'fresh funkmeister'). "After all, this ship is full of seamen" (Ryan). "I'm not bald, I'm just taller than my hair" (Clive). "I didn't think I was going o be able to come...but you know all about that" (Ryan, to Greg--Impotence Man).
Fave Song(s): "If you drop the soap, leave it where it is." "You call it football, I call it soccer; what the hell?!" "I'm so small 'cause you used all the hot water."
Date of Birth: 3-1-78
This is perhaps the best website dedicated to the show and its performers. I especially enjoy the transcripts of some of my favorite games. I think you have truly captured the comic genius that is "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"!

mitch - 10/19/00 00:44:04
Location: massachusetts
Fave Contestant(s): ryan, colin, tony, greg and all the rest can "f*ck off" get it, for all you loyal fans youd get it
Fave Game(s): hoedown, 3 headed broadway star, seens from a hat, props
Fave Line(s): and then on christmas day youll see me f*cking mrs. claus
Fave Song(s): all the hoedowns and the 3 headed broadway star
Date of Birth: 8/6/86
Um.... super site i guess but you need more downloads. otha then that super job

Kelly McCormick - 10/18/00 03:13:02
Location: Colorado
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles/Drew Carey
Fave Game(s): Party Quirks
Fave Line(s): An Elephant that qaucks
Fave Song(s): Undecided
Date of Birth: 10-23-76
I think that WliiA is the greatest show made. I cant stop laughing when I watch the show. I am excited to see what Ryan is going to do next.

TG - 10/16/00 22:40:14
Location: Montreal, Canada
Fave Contestant(s): Colin/Ryan/Greg/Stephen Fry/Steve Frost
Fave Game(s): Party Quirks, Superheroes, Props, Sound Effects
Fave Line(s): Too many to mention...
Fave Song(s): Colin's Game Show Host hoedown
Great great comprehensive site, Mark! WL fans are indebted to you.

Gail the Whale - 10/15/00 14:35:08
Location: Rochester Hills, Michigan
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Greg, Colin, I could go on and on
Fave Game(s): SFX, party quirks, irish drinking song
Fave Line(s): The Coat, You won't see that on friends, that quacking elephant was the funniset thing!
Fave Song(s): wayne's song to lee the lunch lady, Hillery and Monica, Satan and the schoolgirl
Date of Birth: 8/16/88
I love this sight and everyone is correct when they say WHOSE LINE IS THE BEST DAMN SHOW ON TELIVISION!!!!!!

Marybeth - 10/12/00 01:28:14
Location: Illinois
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Colin, Tony
Fave Game(s): Helping Hands, Film Noir, World's Worst, Hoedown
Fave Line(s): "The cat!" (Colin & Ryan in Mission Impossible - The Laundry, "Oh, %!&* off!" Tony to Clive, anything from Ryan and Colin
Fave Song(s): Any Hoedown, Wayne's song to Lee the LunchLady
Date of Birth: 11/19/64
Ryan and Colin are fantastic together! Never fail to laugh at watching Ryan eat anything in Helping Hands (tho he'll probably be a little more careful with what he drinks!). If that really was Colin that posted before - thanks for the laughs (and tell R an to buy a computer - I love that guy!).

Angie - 10/11/00 12:05:22
Location: UK
Fave Contestant(s): Josie!!!!! :) And Colin, Paul, Sandi, and all of 'em really
Fave Game(s): Song Styles [all the singing ones really], and the rest depends on mood :)
Fave Line(s): What does Gaga say? Gaga says gaga [Josie]. And too many others to use...
Fave Song(s): Um...Snips The musical, the last one. The Calypso Rubber Duck, the Regae ironing board, *shrug* and most of the others
Date of Birth: 15/05/83
I love this site :) innit kewl? :) Whose Line rescued my form my lonely infinite madness, and showed my other people who are infinitely mad too. :) And considering that i spend half my life ill for some reason, it's good to cheer me up.

Princess Otterpop:: The Ruler of Bob's Underwear Drawer - 10/10/00 04:02:19
Location: Bob's underwear drawer, US
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles, Tony Slattery, Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops, Wayne Brady, Josie Lawrence and Brad Sherwood
Fave Game(s): Worlds Worse, Props, Hoedown
Fave Line(s): "We're Evil Smurfs"
Fave Song(s): All Hoedowns
Date of Birth: 8/12/81
You have the best site. I mean, it's groovy with a capitol G!

nicole lacroix - 10/10/00 00:49:12

schmanders - 10/07/00 06:45:50
Location: nyc
Fave Contestant(s): tony, chip, brad, paul...i could go on
Fave Game(s): whose line and scenes from a hat
Fave Line(s): too many to mention.
Fave Song(s): brad's fred schneider bit. oh god.
Date of Birth: some time ago
all hail whose line, most addictive and silly of all comedy half-hours! oh, how i wish i still had cable.

sarah - 10/07/00 03:31:18
Location: Michigan
Fave Game(s): Hoe Down--Whose Line--News Flash--Party Quirks--Quick Change--Helping Hands
Date of Birth: jan 7th 87
Whose line is it anyway is the funnyest show in the world tell every one Sarah Ger. love Ryan Stiles Yeah hes merreied bla bladee bla okay um yeah Im kind of werid you already know now. But I got to go Jesus love you all so do I (not in a gay way) GtFaLoAf- SaRaH AkA lEw bye the way B~D <-- drew @:~D <-- ryan okay later

Lee-Lee - 10/07/00 02:49:05
Location: Lansing, Kansas
Fave Contestant(s): Colin!!!! Ryan, Chip, Brad, Wayne, and Drew.
Fave Game(s): Hoedown!!!! Let's Make A Date, Narrate, and Scenes From A Hat.
Fave Line(s): "I don't reallt care for men, but I like to tease em a bit."-Ryan, "I'll take things nobody knows for 1000."-Chip, "Artificial Vanilla Icee."-Drew, "It's an American sitcom, homeboy."-Greg, and "You don't see that on FRIENDS."-Ryan. Fave Song(s): You Know How To Wiggle-Ryan, Drew, and Wayne, Clean It Up-Wayne, Men Hoedown-Ryan, Colin, Chip, and Wayne, and The Wresteling Greatest Hits-Wayne and Brad.
Date of Birth: July 16th, 1987
I love Colin & Ryan!!!!!! They're freakin geniuses, and they work great together, too!!!!! WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY IS THE BEST DAMN SHOW ON TELEVISION!!!!!!!!!

Les Porter - 10/05/00 16:24:16
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Siles and Colin Mochrie

Aaron Hansen - 10/05/00 16:00:08
Fave Contestant(s): Colin Mochrie
Fave Game(s): Hats, Party Quircks, and Greatest Hits
Fave Line(s): They are all good
Fave Song(s): Songs of Bus Drivers
Date of Birth: Feb. 28, 1980
This is the best show on T.V. today. I watch it every week.

Lee-Lee - 10/04/00 20:49:39
Oh, and I just wanted to add a favorite line: "you don't see that on FRIENDS."-Ryan P.S. Don't ask....

Lee-Lee - 10/04/00 20:45:22
Location: Lansing, Kansas
Fave Contestant(s): Colin!!! Ryan, Wayne, Chip, and Brad.
Fave Game(s): Hoedown!!! Narrate, Scenes From A Hat, and Let's Make A Date.
Fave Line(s): "Silly Rabbi"-Colin, "I'll take things nobody knows for 1000."-Chip, "I don't reallt care for men, but I like to tease em a bit."-Ryan, "It's an American sitcom, homeboy."-Greg, and "Artificial Vanila Icee"-Drew.
Fave Song(s): You Know How To Wiggle-Ryan, Wayne, and Drew, Men Hoedown-Chip, Wayne, Ryan and Colin, The Wresteling Greatest Hits-Wayne and Brad, and The Exorcist Rap.
Date of Birth: July 16th, 1987
I love Colin and Ryan!!!!!!!!!!!they work great together, and they are geniuses!!!! WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY IS THE BEST DAMN SHOW ON TELEVISION!!!! go eagles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Old Man - 10/04/00 17:48:24
Location: canada
Fave Contestant(s): colin
Fave Game(s): hoedown
Fave Line(s): she had a face like a collapsed lung
Fave Song(s): hoedown
Date of Birth: 9/9/58
great site for a great show . my compliments on a job well done .

Rachelle - 10/02/00 05:34:24
Location: Surrey
Fave Contestant(s): Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops, Tony Slattery
Fave Game(s): Bartender and Press Conference
Fave Line(s): "Theme from Titanic", Tony's "f``k off to Clive
Fave Song(s): "Flea Dip Song", "Colin hoedown"
Date of Birth: Oct 21/70
Mark your site is great! I signed this guestbook before but I just wanted to say keep up the great work! And I love the updates you have done.

Leigh - 10/02/00 04:34:27
Location: Lansing, Kansas
Fave Contestant(s): COLIN!!Ryan, Brad, Chip, Wayne, and Drew.
Fave Game(s): HOEDOWN!! Let's Make A Date, Greatest Hits, Scene to Rap, Scenes From A Hat, and Whose Line.
Fave Line(s): "SILLY RABBI."-COLIN, "I'll take things nobody knows for 1000."-Chip, "I don't really care for men, but I like to tease em a bit."-Ryan, "Artificial Vanilla Icee."-Drew, "It's an American sitcom, homeboy."-Greg, and "Ya don't see that on FRIENDS."-Ryan.
Fave Song(s): YOU KNOW HOW TO WIGGLE-3-Headed Broadway Star-Ryan, Drew, and Wayne, Clean It Up-Wayne, Wresteling Greatest Hits-Brad, and Wayne, and The Men Hoedown.
Date of Birth: July 16, 1987
I love Colin!!!!!!!!!! He's a freakin genius!! I love Ryan,too......they work great together!! WHOSE LINE IS THE BEST DAMN SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leigh - 10/02/00 04:25:51
Location: Lansing, Kansas
Fave Contestant(s): COLIN!! Ryan, Chip, Wayne, and Brad.
Fave Game(s): HOEDOWN!! Let's Make A Date, Narrate, and Whose Line.
Fave Line(s): "I'll take things nobody knows for 1000."-Chip. "I don't really care for men, but I like to tease em a bit."-Ryan. "Artificial Vanilla Icee."-Drew, and "It's an American sitcom, homeboy."-Greg.
Fave Song(s): the Worm three heades broadway star-Drew, Wayne, & Ryan, the Men hoedown-Ryan, Chip, Colin,& Wayne,and the Wresteling greatest hits-Brad & Wayne.
Date of Birth: July 16, 1987
I love Colin!!!!!!!!He's a freakin genius!! Whose Line is the best damn show in the history of Tv!! I love Ryan, too!! They rock together!

Gail the Whale - 09/30/00 23:00:24
Location: Rochester Hills, Michigan
Fave Contestant(s): all of them
Fave Line(s): You won't see that on "Friends', Thursdays at 8 you can see Michelle's underpants
Date of Birth: 8/16/88
Whose line has helped me a lot in school and has helped me overcome my fears and become stronger. If any of the cast or crew read this Thank You So very much. I LOVE you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

sarah aka lewis k stiles - 09/26/00 01:15:16
Location: Michigan
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles <3
Fave Game(s): song titles,hoe down,props,and helping hands
Date of Birth: jan 7th 87
my names is Sarah aka Lewis K Stiles. Yep you guessed it. Ryan Stiles is so cute (wayne and drew are too but not as cute) And If he gets on and reads this goo for him!! laugh out loud. got to fly and land on all fours Love yall in Jesus name Sarah aka Lewis k. stiles

Rimsey (aka Ozlet) - 09/25/00 07:55:29
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles & Colin Mochrie
Fave Game(s): Sound FX (Where do those sounds come from???), Hands through - Ryan must have the constitution of a horse!
Fave Line(s): Questions Only (Star Wars) GP: Can you reach out with the force? RS: Can I reach out with something else? GP: Is it long enough? RS: Caw (strange noise - great grin and walks off)
Fave Song(s): All songs between Ryan and Josie - especially the Teddybear and Jail songs
Date of Birth: 6 Jan 75
Thanks to Ryan and Whose Line I managed to get the top mark in my drama class. I owe that show a lot towards my score this year. I had been ill and was looking for a new idea for my self devised scripted. Watching a "Misson Imposible" skit there was Ry n abseiling - and I got my idea! So Ryan if you ever read this - THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Leigh - 09/24/00 05:54:53
Location: Kansas
Fave Contestant(s): COLIN!!!! Ryan, Wayne, and Chip.
Fave Game(s): HOEDOWN!!!! Scenes from a hat, Whose Line, and Scene to rap.
Fave Line(s): "Silly Rabbi"-Colin. "...I'm Richard Simmons the exercisist..."-Colin. "I'll take things nobody know for 1000."-Chip. and " Why don't you put your hose in there and start pumpin away..."-Ryan.
Fave Song(s): The Exorcist Rap, Sitcom Stars Telethon-Wayne and Brad, Men Hoedown, Visectomy Hoedown, and The Maintence Man song.-Wayne.
Date of Birth: 7-16-87
I LOVE RYAN & COLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clara - 09/23/00 01:21:14
Location: Who knows?
Fave Contestant(s): I LOVE COLIN MOCHERIE!
Fave Game(s): Let's Make a Date
Fave Line(s): "After playing strip poker, I'm naked at the table. Gee, I feel really bad and really quite unstable. There's nothing worse than sitting there in your birthday suit, NEVER play strip poker at a correctional institute..."
Fave Song(s): Leonard the Lawyer
Date of Birth: 2/9/??

Bix - 09/19/00 19:45:08
My URL:[id]=AB0000001962
Location: USA
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan & Colin (what a team!)
Fave Game(s): Film Noir, Scenes From A Hat, Props
Fave Line(s): "What's wrong with you? Get some friends!"
Date of Birth: 11/23
This has got to be one of the best programs to just kick back and laugh your (insert body part here) off! I look forward to the Comedy Central reruns as much as I do the new ABC shows. Kudos to the gang for giving great performances in the skits.

Gail the Whale - 09/15/00 20:39:01
Fave Contestant(s): I forgot Wayne! oops
Fave Line(s): the cat!

richard carron - 09/15/00 04:05:47
i love u guys. i really want 2 b on your show. can i pease. oh well. my head hurts now. mum is calling me for my injection for this hour. bye.

Richard - 09/15/00 03:56:20
Location: Australia, Victoria
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Styles
Fave Game(s): Sound Effects
Date of Birth: 22/12/82
I love the show, i enjoy watching it, it makes me crack up all the time.

Dom - 09/08/00 10:37:53
Location: Toowoomba
Fave Contestant(s): Greg, Mike and Rory
Fave Game(s): Props, Greatest Hits
Fave Line(s): "Are you getting this confused with your other show where you just talk, talk, talk and never let anyone else."-Greg to Clive
Fave Song(s): Hoedown on Colin
Date of Birth: 11-9-85
I found this site just 4 days ago and it is my favourite on the Internet! The transcripts and sounds are fantastic. BRING BACK MIKE!

Scott Lamkin - 09/08/00 02:39:34
Location: Australia
Fave Contestant(s): John Sessions, Wayne Brady
Fave Game(s): Scene to Rap, Gospel, Helping Hands
Fave Line(s): Wait. You can't do this at your lesuire. first show me the safety procedure. - Tony Slattery
Fave Song(s): The pizza delivery one sung by Bruce Springstein and Stevie Wonder
Date of Birth: 17/9/85
I think that Clive is a better host than Drew

Rae Lynne Argersinger - 09/06/00 21:13:26
Location: Lansing,KS
Fave Contestant(s): RYAN STILES!!!!
Fave Game(s): Secret, Whose line, Lets make a date, Scenes from a hat, Super heros
Fave Line(s): Anything that Ryan says
Fave Song(s): Men hoe down, Sitcom stars telethon
Date of Birth: 2/21/85

Gail The Whale - 09/06/00 01:13:36
Location: Michigan
Fave Contestant(s): RYAN, GREG, Colin, Brad, Chip, everyone else
Fave Game(s): all of them
Fave Line(s): F*** off-Tony The Country of Africa-Drew The Cat!!!-Colin
Date of Birth: 8/16/88
Love the site and anything to do with WLiiA. Love Greg and Ryan!!!!!

Colin Mochrie. - 09/05/00 22:43:04
Fave Contestant(s): Me, and Ryan.
Fave Game(s): sit stand lie down, and secret, and scenes from a hat.
Fave Line(s): Oohh F@#$ off!!!-Tony to Clive.
Fave Song(s): The shrink thing where Ryan is singing about the camera-man.
Date of Birth: 1958
I've had a lot of fun on this show! But it's a mochrie!!

Leigh - 09/05/00 22:37:06
Location: Leavenworth, Kansas
Fave Game(s): HOEDOWN! Whose Line, Party Quirks, Questions Only, Bartender, Telethon, 3-Headed Broadway Star, and Scenes From A Hat
Fave Line(s): "Two thongs don't make a right!"-Colin. "I don't really care for men, but I like to tease em a bit."-Ryan. "Silly Rabbi."-Colin. "It's an American sitcom, homeboy!"-Greg. "I'll take things nobody knows for 1000."- Chip
Fave Song(s): SITCOM STARS TELETHON!-Brad and Wayne, Visectomy Hoedown, Men Hoedown,and the Jump & Jive song about Connie-Wayne and Chip
Date of Birth: July 16th, 1987
I LOVE RYAN AND COLIN!!!!!!!!!! They are extreamly talented, and they work great together, too. Whose Line is THE best show in the history of TV shows!! They all have inspiredme soooo much, and, Colin, and Ryan, if you ever read this: iiiiiiiiiii llllooooovvveeeee yyyyoooouuu!!

Gail the Whale - 09/02/00 21:35:29
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Colin, Greg, Brad S.
Fave Game(s): Party Quirks, Questions Only
Fave Line(s): Billy Jim Bob, The one word kid
Fave Song(s): Beached Whale
Date of Birth: 8/16/88
I'm glad to know that people love WliiA. people think I'm crazy but I go by Whale. I've been beached!!!!

Leigh. - 09/01/00 03:34:30
Location: Kansas.
Fave Contestant(s): COLIN!!! RYAN!!! Wayne, Chip, Drew, Brad, Greg, and Tony.
Fave Game(s): HOEDOWN!!! Whose Line, Party Quirks, Questions Only, Bartender, Telethon, And Three Headed Broadway Star.
Fave Line(s): "Two thongs don't make a right!"-Colin. "I have to go, it's my time of the month!"-Tony. "Ooh, I thought you were the other one! No, it's me."-Greg & Colin. "Silly Rabbi!"-Colin.
Fave Song(s): Allison court clerk-Chip,Visectomy Hoedown, Men Hoedown, Jump and Jive song about Connie-Chip & Wayne, Sitcom Stars Telethon- Wayne & Brad.
Date of Birth: July 16th, 1987
I LOVE COLIN AND RYAN!!!!!! They are THE most talented people on TV. Whose Line is the best show in the HISTORY of TV!! If Colin and/or Ryan ever read this: IIIIII LLLOOOVVVEEEE YYYYOOOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!

Leigh - 09/01/00 03:06:31
Location: Kansas.
Fave Contestant(s): Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles.
Fave Game(s): Whose Line, Telethon, and Hoedown.
Fave Line(s): "I'm wearing a thong," What is it with you and the pig analogies all the time?, and "What you talkin about Willis?"
Fave Song(s): The Sitcom Stars Telethon, The Visectomy Hoedown, The Men Hoedown.
Date of Birth: July 16th, 1987
Ok, Whose Line is the best show ever!! I LOVE COLIN AND RYAN!!! They rule all! They are extreamly talented, and funny! And they work great together, too!!!!

- 08/31/00 23:24:33
I forgot to mention Questionable Impressions. that game is hillarious. It is a chance for the contestants to make idiots out of themselves. Also two great moments from the American shows were Greg's impersinatrion of Colin in Hats(Dating Service Video) a d In NewsFlash where a bunch Of Old Whose Line Clips are shown Behind him. The game Whose Liine is good. And Censorship is bad in America. Censorship makes the games less funny.

- 08/31/00 23:18:54
Location: Western NY, USA
Fave Contestant(s): Greg, Colin, Ryan Jim Meskimem, Rory Bremner, Chip, Tony, Paul Merton, Niall
Fave Game(s): Hoedown, That'll Be Charlie Now, African Chant, March, F&TS, Alphabet, Party Quirks, Scenes from a Hat, the 3 advice games, The Millionare Show
Fave Line(s): It's a big continent if you're a geography buff- Greg,Pre-AC Look out for those 4 wheeled things that run on unleaded gas- Ryan, PQ It'll cost you 50 quid, Paul, FFD
Fave Song(s): Jim Meskimem's (Frank Sinatra) Microwave , Mike's (Reggae) Drill Niall (love song)Drew, Stripper Chip (Love Song)Alison Court Clerk, Hoedowns (esp sex, exams, making cheese) March (esp vegs0 African Chant (Chris)
Date of Birth: 9-17
You have a great site Mark. Referring to the show, the one time appearances were a good idea esp Julian Clary, Eddie Izzard, Sam Johnson, and Jane Brucker. In america, we get our new version, but the old version is still better because Clive is much bet er than Drew, and Greg, my favorite, is under used. Also, games get out in America. I have yet to see Hey You Down There. Keep up the good work, Mark.

Shorte - 08/28/00 14:22:41
Location: massachusetts
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan & colin
Fave Game(s): improbable mission
Fave Line(s): "the cat" "really really really..."
Fave Song(s): song styles lee the lunch lady (strip o gram)
Date of Birth: september 5 1983
hey mark: i heard your like the best whose line cite on the web. so i came to check you anyway keep up the good work. ShOrTe*

Kelly Bouchard - 08/25/00 04:16:59
Location: Michigan/USA
Fave Contestant(s): Wayne Brady, Josie, Ryan Stiles
Fave Game(s): Weird Party Invitees
Fave Line(s): Colin's Newscaster Routines
Fave Song(s): Chip & Wayne singing Springsteen
Date of Birth: 09-14-60
WLIIA is the best, most awesome form of genuine talent on television today. All of the contestants are sharp, witty, hilarious and clearly enjoy doing candid entertainment. Never do I part from the television at the close of a show without a big smile a d sore sides from belly-laughing so hard! Awesome show beyond words to fairly justify!

Jesse - 08/19/00 23:22:43
Location: Massachusetts
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Colin, Brad, Greg, Wayne, Chip, Tony, Josie, and Drew.
Fave Game(s): Whose Line, Improbable Mission, Narrate, Scenes from a Hat, Sound Effects, Dead Bodies, Moving People, Questions Only, Newsflash, and Press Conference.
Fave Line(s): "The cat", "Seeing you naked changed my life", and "Remember the alimony!"
Fave Song(s): Lee the lunch lady song, teddy bear bartender song, "Re-adjustin' Justin' While the Wind is Gustin'Gustin'", and the Colin hoedown..
Date of Birth: March 16, 1983
Wonderful site. I think its probably one of the best sites for any television program I've ever seen. Of course,it is only fitting that it is for the best and funniest show on television. Keep up the great work.

Meg - 08/19/00 21:42:47
My URL:none yet :-(
Location: usa
Fave Contestant(s): This could be a long list, are you sure you wish to read? ok: Greg, Tony, Ryan, Colin, Josie, Mike, Paul, Caroline, Steve Frost, Wayne, Denny, and, of course, Clive!!!!
Fave Game(s): Party Quirks, Scenes from a hat, Helping Hands, Press confrence, Dead Bodies, Song Styles, Film and Theatre styles, Film Dub, Bartender, Hoedowns, Marchs, Weird Newscaster, props, sound effects, all of em!
Fave Line(s): "Oh well, F@#$ Off!!!" "Seeing you naked changed my life..." "Screw it, We'll have ketchup!" There is to many to list!
Fave Song(s): Beached whale, Cat litter, In love with himself, In love with bartender, In love with teddy bear, angry about his middle name, Greg loses his virginity, reading of the will hoedown, and again, all of em!
Well, as MIGHT have guessed, I love wliia is it anyway. *really* Now see, what would a true whoser have said to my really, like I was just tempted to... got it? ok: Really Greg, which ones? Sorry, just felt I had to do that, plus I've had one to many sodas. Ok, to the point: Hmmm, do I have one? Guess not. Well, If you take anything away from this (good god, I'm sounding like my teachers!) take this: If you don't like whose line, your a loser, if you do, you're a Whoser!!! Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh Ciao fellow Whosers!

Krista Schuhman (Sailor Ocelot from the Ocelot Board) - 08/18/00 07:03:47
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Fave Contestant(s): Greg Proops, Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady
Fave Game(s): 3-Headed Broadway Star
Fave Line(s): "JIGGLYPUFF!!!!!!"-Colin
Date of Birth: 10/8/89
Great job! I laughed my butt off when I read the Twiglet Award transcripts. I visit this site religiously.

- 08/17/00 22:37:23
Location: Manitoba, CANADA!!
Fave Contestant(s): Wayne, Colin, and Chip
Fave Game(s): Scenes from a hat
Fave Line(s): Colin as Captin Hair!
Fave Song(s): The ones Wayne sings to someone from the audience
Date of Birth: '85
Your show is soo awesome!! You guys are great! Keep up the good work!

Andy Cogswell - 08/16/00 12:41:31
Location: Newport, RI USA
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan
Fave Game(s): Party Quirks
Date of Birth: 08/26/70
Nice page you have here! I've just started creating my Whose Line page, so please check it out periodically for updates!

Jason - 08/16/00 03:16:58
Location: New York
Fave Contestant(s): COLIN!
Fave Game(s): Scenes From a Hat
Fave Line(s): Well, it all started after a badly timed bald joke. (Colin, in an episode of the americanized version of the show)
Fave Song(s): the Lawyers Hoedown (when Colin talks about how he was sued for impotence)
Date of Birth: '84
I'm a high schooler and I love to do improv. These guys have inspired me more than you know. In fact, some friends and I will be performing improv for an upcoming talent show. Just thought I'd let you know.

Allison - 08/16/00 00:06:39
Location: CA
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Colin, Greg, Josie
Fave Game(s): Scenes from a Hat
Fave Line(s): too many to write
Fave Song(s): too many
Date of Birth: 7/17/87
Can anyone e-mail me with info on next year's WLiiA convention? Thanks!

nikkinumb20 - 08/14/00 23:03:31
Location: SO CAL
Fave Contestants(s): RYAN STILES!!!
Fave Game(s): Whose Line
Fave Line(s): "Your cheeks look so cute when you smile." -Ryan Stiles(Whose Line game)
Date of Birth: 2/18/88
Ryan is the funniest person on the planet!!! I want to meet him so much! If Ryan ever reads this, I love you!!!

Erica - 08/08/00 19:27:30
Location: VA
Fave Contestant(s): TONY!!, Ryan, Colin, Greg, Josie, Caroline,Steve and Chip
Fave Game(s): PARTY QUIRKS, and everything else
Fave Line(s): Any thing from Tony
Date of Birth: '85
I absolutely LOVE this show!!!!!! What happened to Tony?!?! He's not on any of the new episodes. He is sooo cool!!!!

Elaine - 08/07/00 03:44:16
Location: arizona
Fave Contestant(s): josie lawrence, caroline quentin, ryan stiles, colin mochire, brad sherwood, greg proops,tony slattery,chip esten.
Fave Game(s): hoedown,scene to rap, props,bartender,march, worlds worst and 2, old job new job,partyquirks.
Fave Line(s): "it's an american sitcom homeboy." greg proops, "this court is a mochire!" colin, "are you my mommy?" ryan, "africa is a big country..." (drew) (greg laughs ) "it's also a big continent if your a geographer."
Fave Song(s): the frying pan hoedown, carsalesman hoedown, wedding march, lawer hoedown,movie usher hoedown,being born hoedown.
Date of Birth: July 6,89
this website is the best! i'm gonna come here everyday.i love everything on this site. keep updating, keep adding and keep up the great work!

ashley - 08/06/00 08:35:16
Location: georgia
Fave Contestant(s): ryan, collin
Date of Birth: 7-17-80
this is one of the best shows ever. i am constantly laughing and smiling when it is airing. It brings out the best in me! Thanks!

Amanda Cournoyer - 08/06/00 00:56:48
Location: Rhode Island
Fave Contestant(s): Niall Ashdown, Brad Sherwood, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops, Mike McShane, Jim Meskimen, Paul Merton, Tony Slattery, Jim Sweeney, Steve Steen, Steve Frost, Chris Smith, and Eddie Izzard
Fave Game(s): Authors, Party Quirks, Hoedown, News Report
Fave Line(s): "If I were as much of a man as my woman, I'd be my wife." -Ryan..."This court is a mochrie!" -Colin..."I was inserting myself in this badger." -Tony..."Oh, excuse me while I get on me moped!" -Paul
Fave Song(s): The Vegetables March with Jim, Steve, Paul, and Tony; The Reading of the Will Hoedown with Steve, Colin, Ryan, and Tony
Date of Birth: October 13, 1987
I love this site! I honestly laughed really hard at the part about clothes on one page. And I can't believe Richard and Colin signed this! Yes, I'm hyper.

Mary Sheely - 08/03/00 12:14:41
Location: Villa Park, IL
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan & Colin
Fave Game(s): Party Quirks, Film Noir, Sound Effects and anything else with Ryan and Colin
Fave Line(s): Colin's line: "It all started with a badly timed bald joke". My side hurt so bad from laughing.
Fave Song(s): All Ryan & Colin hoe down songs (they're geniuses)
Date of Birth: 7/30/51
Some day before I die I want to meet Ryan Stiles face to waist (I'm only 5'1"). I would just die for the chance to be picked from the audience to move Ryan around during that game with Ryan and Colin, or to be sung to by Wayne and Brad and/or Chip. Aft r that I will be able to die and go to Heaven a happy woman. RYAN, I LOVE YOU!

Chad - 08/03/00 01:55:17
Location: North Carolina, USA
Fave Contestant(s): Colin, Wayne, Ryan, Tony
Fave Game(s): Hoedown, Hats, Props, Party Quirks
Fave Line(s): Tony to Clive after losing Party Quirks: "Oh Fuc* Off"
Fave Song(s): The Legal Hoedown, Colin Hoedown, and Coffee Hoedown
Date of Birth: 3/87
Love the site and the show!

marie - 08/02/00 14:54:32
Location: canada
Fave Contestant(s): Greg proops, ryan stiles, colon mochrie
Fave Game(s): Alphabets, Game shows
Fave Line(s): Batman, what would i do with a wonderwoman costume?
Fave Song(s): Hodown about Colon
Date of Birth: 2 may '84
I love this show!! it's incredible!! it's better than even the sitcoms i've seen. I hope they continue it forever!

julie allen - 07/31/00 05:44:22
Location: arroyo grande, cali
Fave Contestant(s): ryan, colin, wayne, chip, brad
Fave Game(s): helping hands
Fave Line(s): too many to choose from!
Fave Song(s): i dont have one!
Date of Birth: 12/12/86

Rachel - 07/31/00 03:55:59
Location: Maine
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles & Wayne Brady
Fave Game(s): The News report, but I like them all
Fave Line(s): Ryan,"How horny can a guy get?" (props)
Fave Song(s): Anything Wayne sings
Date of Birth: 1979
This show is the funniest show I have ever seen. I didn't start watching it until recently, but once I started, now I'm hooked on it. Everyone is so funny on the show, especialy Ryan. Wayne is such a hottie and a great dancer too. I think Ryan is cute too. Keep up the good work guys! You all make my days a lot happier! Luv ya lots an obsessed fan p.s. - Ryan and Wayne can I have your autographs?(jokin ) lol

Amy Danielle - 07/29/00 00:37:38
Location: California BABY!
Fave Contestant(s): Wayne, Ryan, Colin, Brad and DREW!
Fave Game(s): Questions Only, Dating Show
Fave Line(s): I was liking a popsicle and my tounge froze to it.-Greg
Fave Song(s): Tourist Hoe Down
Date of Birth: September 17th, 1987
C'mon guys, give Drew SOME credit! ;-) Whose Line Is It Anyway is very funny and I can't imagine being up there. I'm lucky I have an improv club near by me that's just like WL!

Ryan Stiles - 07/28/00 18:18:51
Fave Contestant(s): Me!
Fave Game(s): I love to play Scenes from a Hat, Sit, Stand, Bend, and Hoedown
Date of Birth: 1968
Great site, Mark! I couldn't have done it better myself. (D'uh)

Kyle - 07/27/00 05:56:03
Location: Redwood City
Fave Contestant(s): Mike, Colin, Ryan, and Tony
Fave Game(s): Hoedown, Props, and Stand up Sit Down Bend down/Lie down
Fave Line(s): In "Party Quirks" when Tony's quirck is "chipindale" and Paul comment's "you've com as Tony Slatery!" which Clive accepts as correct!
Fave Song(s): The "Colin Hoedown"
I love your page. It's so detailed and it leaves no aspect of Whose Line untouched. By the way, I had been searching days and weeks and months on the internet trying to find a web site that had a wav. or sound file of the Whose Line opening and/or closing theme, but no site had it, until I found your place, so I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You don't know how much this means to me, so thanks!

Val - 07/25/00 22:21:40
Location: MN
Date of
Wonderful site! I love the show, and your site sums it all up!!!

Quinnk - 07/24/00 19:32:25
Location: Calgary
Fave Contestant(s): Colin (But I *LOVE* everyone)
Fave Game(s): Scenes from a hat
Fave Line(s): too long to put here
Fave Song(s): The Gilbert and Sullivan one Josie and Wayne did... this was the first WL I saw, and that was what really blew me away
Date of Birth: Sept 2, 1979
I can't believe I haven't signed this yet! This is a wonderful, wonderful site, and one of the most useful I've seen! Thanks!

Alex - 07/24/00 13:27:26
Fave Contestant(s): Greg Proops, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles
Fave Game(s): Props, Scenes from a Hat, World's Worst,
Hey, Mark! Your site has inspired me to make my own site. Thanks!

Judy Curnick - 07/24/00 12:03:14
Location: South Africa
Fave Contestant(s): Chip,Ryan, Colin,Wayne
Fave Game(s): Scenes from a hat
Date of Birth: 14/07/81
There is no other programme or show worth watching!!You guys are excellent, you make me cry I laugh so much, seriously!!!

Sara - 07/18/00 00:55:30
Location: Montreal - Colin (and Ryan's) country!
Fave Contestant(s): RYAN! (2nd- Tony/Colin)
Fave Game(s): Party Quirks, every time. Esp. the one where Ryan was a foal being born.
Fave Line(s): Tony to Clive: "Oh, f*** off!", Greg's sex hoedown, Ryan trying to do Shakespeare, anything Ryan does! =)
Fave Song(s): The Sex Hoedown
Date of Birth: 10/02/82
WLiiA is the absolute greatest. It's the only comedy show on tv that ever makes me LAUGH, like that other girl says! =) I also love The Drew Carey Show too, so thus Ryan Stiles is my favorite actor ever. I love Tony and Colin too, but even when I'm royall pissed off at something I can turn on WLiiA and there he is, clowning at Helping Hands, or making all the queer jokes like he usually does. God bless this supremely talented and professional performer!

Laurie - 07/17/00 16:41:55
Location: Connecticut
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan!!!!!! and Colin
Fave Game(s): Hoedowns, sceans from a hat, questionable impressions,
Fave Line(s): Colin- It was easy to easy the he did something weird even thogh it was kinda funny it was still really weird. Ryan gives him a big kiss. When Tony told Clive to f off. Ryans verse in the Christmas Hoedown .
Fave Song(s): The Christmas hoedown, bachlor party hoedown, carsalesman hoedown, pretty much any hoedown.
Date of Birth: 1985
RYAN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont get me wrong Colin is really cool to. I just really really like Ryan These guys have finaly given me an idea of what i want to do with my life. Up till now i had no clue but now i do thanks guys. If Ryan or Colin ever see his i think you guys are the best. Every thursday I laugh even if im in the worst mood in the worl ou guys manage to make me laugh and i thank you for that. Make sure you keep the show going for at least three more years so i can come see it. Well i pro ably could write about this show for ever but to save you the tourcher i'll stop now. If you like to talk bout this show or Ryan or Colin fell free to email me.

Holly bordeau - 07/16/00 12:18:38
Location: colchester VT
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles
Fave Game(s): Hoe down
Fave Line(s): The loser should go back to Canada where he belngs
Fave Song(s): Exercist
Date of Birth: 12/19/86
Whose Line Kicks ASS!!!

Sharon Richards - 07/14/00 19:46:12
Location: Knoxville, TN
Fave Contestant(s): all
Fave Game(s): all
Fave Line(s): all
Fave Song(s): all
Date of Birth: 4/22/71
Love it, love it, love it, and by the way africa is a continent.

Emily - 07/14/00 19:45:49
Fave Contestant(s): Colin & Ryan
Fave Game(s): questions only, song titles, scenes from a hat
Fave Song(s): wedding march
Date of Birth: 7-20-1976
I love watching WL!!!!! I have watched it for years and would love to find out how to contact the cast members.

Leia - 07/14/00 02:24:27
Location: Somewhere In Canada
Fave Contestant(s): Tony/Ryan/Colin
Fave Game(s): Party Quirks
Fave Line(s): Tony - "I'm not playing anymore!" after Rory Bremner impersonated him
Fave Song(s): The Going Bald Hoedown
Date of Birth: 10/02/82
I LOVE WLiiA!!!!!!! I just started watching it a few weeks ago but I love it. It's a scream. Normally comedy shows don't make me laugh, but WLiiA finds me consistently laughing at each episode. (And Colin rules, being Canadian. Also, Ryan and Tony are jus cute.) Twiglets forever!!! =)

Troy - 07/13/00 15:16:41
Location: Denver Co
Date of Birth: 1975
I just wanted to say a couple things. 1) I love the show but unfortunately I don't get to watch it all that often. When I do get the chance to check it out I'm never let down, you have the funniest show on prime time television in my opion. I look forw rd to catching as many as I can. . . 2) I make internet sites and if you ever need help, you get overloaded or would just like to see what I can do send me a little note. I would love to help out in any way I can. Thanks for listening and keep the come y comin'!

Eric Roberts - 07/13/00 03:16:53
Location: AOL
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles
Fave Game(s): The game where they each sing one word
Fave Line(s): All of them
Fave Song(s): All of them
Date of Birth: 02-09-86
I love Who's Line is it Anyway, and I never miss a show.

Neon Love Chick :) - 07/12/00 01:02:34
Location: Nerdsville, USA!
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Greg, & Colin... in that order
Fave Game(s): Props, Scenes From A Hat, Whose Line... Narrate!!!
Fave Line(s): (Mike) "Don't mess with the Neon Love Chicken!" ~ (Colin) "The cat!" ~ (Ryan) "...And some of us needed a wide-angle lense" ::grin::
Fave Song(s): Strip-O-Gram to Leigh the LunchLady!!! LoL!
Date of Birth: 10/19/1980
Geez... I've only been obsessed for about 3 weeks & I'm already on my 5th tape of WL eps! hee hee Btw, the "Maltese Burger" was HILARIOUS!!! "And that's when he did something ... but it was still really weird!" ::smooch!:: LoL! I laughed so hard the first time I saw it I was nearly ROFL... & I was sitting in a chair! Anywho, we need to get Ryan to get a computer... or atleast get him to use Colin's... Thanks for the Twiglets! ::grin:: Anybody got sunglasses? My orange shirt is blinding me... :) Lauren

Lynn - 07/11/00 20:39:34
Location: Edmonton, AB
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles
Fave Game(s): Scenes from a hat
Fave Song(s): Halloween hoe-down
Date of Birth: Oct '72

mike - 07/09/00 01:48:18
Location: mike's house, USA
Fave Contestant(s): Tony Slattery
Fave Game(s): Whose Line, Party Quirks, Helping Hands, Scences From a Hat,Film Dub,World's Worst & Hoedown
Fave Line(s): Mostly everything Tony says
Fave Song(s): Paul Merton does funny hoedowns
Date of Birth: november 11th-Veteran's Day
Incredible site. Best Whose Line site I've seen.great to see that Colin & Richard Vranch signed the guestbook. Keep up the good work

Pam - 07/08/00 18:23:13
Location: Chariton, IA
Fave Contestant(s): Wayne Brady
Fave Game(s): Song Styles, Questions
Fave Line(s): "Did you know all my art is made with feces?"
Fave Song(s): all the hoedowns
Date of Birth: 12/50
This is one of my all time favorite shows. Wayne, Ryan and Colin are GREAT!

Mel - 07/06/00 17:04:46
Location: New York
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Brad, and Greg
Fave Game(s): Hoedown, Improbable Mission, (old) Alphabet, Moetown Group, and Props.
Fave Line(s): "...and soon you'll see the hamsters GO SHOOTING THROUGH..." ( I have more, But I only use one a piece! *winkity wink*
Fave Song(s): "Do the toothbrush", The Frying Food Howdown, The sex hoedown (where Greg makes fun of Tony), the making cheese Hoedown, Song Stykes (Wayne sings as TLC) "Clean It Up"
Date of Birth: 06/24
Hey I love your site, It's like the king of sites...This is a cool guestbook too... I hope everyone who reads this check out my's pretty cool but still needs a tiny bit more work... Great Site!!! Love it!!! -Mel

Wakka - 07/06/00 04:07:43
Location: Ohio
Fave Contestant(s): Greg
Fave Game(s): Scenes From a Hat, Props, World's Worst
Fave Line(s): "Is this gerbil yours?"--Greg
Fave Song(s): Reajustin' Justin While the Wind is Gustin' Gustin'--With Wayne and Josie (US version)
Date of Birth: 11-16-81
Whose line is the best show since Monty Python. I too think that Greg is really really hot. By the way, ever watch the early British ones? (Or even the later ones?) He looks exactly like Buddy Holly! He's not on the American version enough. Tony should be on at least one too. The American version needs to rotate more, like the British version.

Danielle - 07/05/00 18:12:15
Location: ny
Fave Contestant(s): RYAN STILES!!!!!!
Fave Game(s): any with Ryan in them
Fave Line(s): to many
Fave Song(s): I like the hoe-downs
Date of Birth: 1/84
Your page is great. It is one of the best I've seen so far. Ryan rocks. I don't know what to say but keep up the good work. I will definetly be coming back here often. RYAN RULES!!!

Kyle - 07/02/00 22:26:24
Location: Ohio
Fave Contestant(s): Brad, Colin, Wayne
Fave Game(s): Hodown, Narrate, Questionable Impressions
Fave Line(s): "Well, you can't have static cling, the bernuce will stick to his sh...thing! The cat!" Colin
Fave Song(s): Wayne doing Song Styles to Leah the Lunch Lady - Singing Strip-O-Gram
Date of Birth: 11/5/84
Whose line is the best show on TV. Mark, you have a very good site, keep it up.

darcy - 07/02/00 06:21:44
Location: Ohio
Fave Contestant(s): Tony, Greg, Colin, Ryan,Steve, Mike, Wayne, Brad- in that order
Fave Game(s): hoedown, scenes from a hat, worlds worst, props...mostly all of them
Fave Line(s): "i have a fuzzy donkey, i like to call him clive..."
Fave Song(s): Greg's sex hoedown about Tony
Date of Birth: 01.18.83
This is one of the best WLiiA sites i've been on. I love the show, both the UK and the US. Although i think the American version is lacking without Tony :) Greg and Colin and all the others are excellent, though. I am a very big fan of the show, I can say that i get quite obsessive at turning the tv on to comedy central at 3:00. Even though I like everyone on the show i have to say that Tony is my absolute favorite, he's the hottest too (not that the others aren't cute!!) Long Live The Whosers!!

jACKIE - 06/30/00 17:43:37
Location: CHICAGO
Fave Contestant(s): TONY & EDDIE
Fave Game(s): ALL
Fave Line(s): im lookin for a few good men
Fave Song(s): hoedown on the reading of the will
Date of Birth: -30-89

Billy - 06/29/00 19:28:17
Location: Fenton, Michigan
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Colin, Greg, Wayne
Fave Game(s): Hoedown, Props, Scenes From a Hat, Title Sequence, Helping Hands/Hands Through
Fave Line(s): i don't exactly have a favorite line but
Fave Song(s): The Hoedown about Colin
Date of Birth: 2/8/87
This web site is awesome. I love Whose Line. I never miss a show. Keep up the good work! VIVA WLiiA!!

Immacolata - 06/29/00 04:35:02
Location: US
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Colin, Greg, Wayne (he's cute!), Tony, Josie, Caroline, Mike, Chip, Steve and Clive!
Fave Game(s): Scenes from the Hat; Sit, stand, lie down; frozen expressions; weird newscaster; film noir narrative; World's Worst.. whew
Fave Line(s): Too many to mention
Fave Song(s): I like it when Wayne, Chip, Josie, Caroline, or Mike sing..
Date of Birth: 1/15
I like both British and American version though I think Clive Anderson gives as good as he gets. He is very witty host and sometimes steals scenes. All in all, I love watching both version of shows and hope that Comedy Central starts showing some different ones, other than the same ones they kept showing over and over. Great website! I am glad to be here.

Kathy A. - 06/28/00 05:24:40
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Greg, Colin, Tony, and pretty much all the regulars
Fave Game(s): World's Worst, Theater Styles, ... everything
Fave Line(s): Ryan: (as a spring) "I'm going to look for a job as a vibrator"
Fave Song(s): Ho-down: being born
Date of Birth: April 13,1984
I think that this show is the greatest comedy show ever made!! people may think that i'm over exagerating, but still... its the best show ever!!! actually, i kind of lied on the fave contestant... its ryan. ^_^ he is so kewl!! he's the best on the show!! well, its only my opinion...

Munjus Punjus - 06/28/00 03:51:59
Location: Sharon, MA
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Colin, Wayne, Brad
Fave Game(s): Let's Make a Date, Weird Newscasters, Superheros, Party Quirks, Telethon
Fave Line(s): Ryan: "Scarlett, there's something I've been meeting to tell you ever since we were kids...(looks at note)...I'm wearing a thong." Brad: "Ishmael! David! Ouch! What will I do? I will not be able to watch 'Torah Torah Torah' tonight!"
Fave Song(s): Wayne's gospel song about a toaster, and Wayne and Brad's telethon celebrity guest performances
Date of Birth: Oct. 10
I cannot describe in words how much I love this show...but let me put it this way, if Ryan, Colin, Wayne, Brad, Greg, Chip and the others don't go down in history as some of the greatest comedians ever, I'm gonna be real mad

Laurie - 06/23/00 18:32:54
My Email:l.brownlee@mail.
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles
Fave Game(s): Helping Hands
Date of Birth: 6-6-59
I Love Your Web Site! I'm crazy abou WLiiA!!!!

Nicole - 06/23/00 05:10:34
Location: Lower California
Fave Contestant(s): Colin and Greg
Fave Game(s): Scenes from a Hat, Narrate/Film Noir
Fave Line(s): "But when you kill someone by chopping off their head, rolling them up in a carpet and buring'd better make sure they are dead." -Colin Mochrie
Fave Song(s): Niall's song to Drew the stripper, Chip and Jane's Bartender about Clive
Date of Birth: 5/12/85
Oh, the great God of Whoser pages...*bows* Absolutely perfect.

Andrea - 06/22/00 02:41:06
Location: Kansas
Fave Contestant(s): Greg Proops, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Tony Slattery
Fave Game(s): Worlds Worst, Props, Film and Theatre styles scenes from a hat etc...etc...etc.
Fave Line(s): When Tony told Clive to F off!!! that was the best
Fave Song(s): i dont have a favourite song, every time i hear a new one that seems to be my favourite.
Date of Birth: 10. 14. 83
Oh well I think That Whose Line is it Anyway is one of the best shows Ive ever seen. The only one that is better is Monty Python's Flying Circus. No other show even comes close. I think Greg Proops is hot. Tony Slattery is just as hot and has a great ccent ( thats a plus ) The American show is not and will never be as good as the British one untill they bring back Tony and Frost an
those great Brits! Yes, well Ive said my peace so im going to now go and watch Whose Line is it nyway. Ive got it taped. I know im OBSESSED!!!!!

Chris Moose - 06/21/00 19:44:34
Location: New Mexico
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Tony Slattery, Brad Sherwood, Josie Lawrence
Fave Game(s): Party Quirks, Bartender etc., Hoedown etc., Press Conference
Fave Line(s): When Tony tells Clive to **** off in the middle of Party Quirks
Fave Song(s): Josie and Mike's love song to cat litter
You've got the best WLiiA? site on the internet no doubt. I love looking at the episode guide and seeing how different the contestants and games were from the beginning to the end. I also noticed that nobody but Clive Anderson was on all 10 seasons of the U.K. version. Excellent site. Keep up the good work, because I'll be back!

Deb - 06/20/00 21:22:05
My Email:none ya business!
Location: Shabogian
Fave Contestant(s): Tony! Ryan, and Collin..
Fave Game(s): Helping Hands, World's Worst, Scenes from a Hat, saliva darts - hee hee
Fave Line(s): "Well, F off!"
Fave Song(s): "Gotta Little Problem, can't get enough...."
Date of Birth: 12/24/85 - why?
this site kicks - I have been on several sites like this, but I felt that I had to leave my personal opinions ~ because - I really like Tony Slattery - he is the best! A regular funny man that one, but I must say, that the new show in the U.S. could benif t greatly from Tony's appearance - or even permanent position as a guest or ... even the host... :)

Sarah - 06/15/00 21:05:52
Location: Canada
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan,Colin,Brad,Greg
Fave Game(s): helping hands,bending sitting standing
Fave Line(s): "theme song of Titanic"said by colin
Fave Song(s): all of them!
Date of Birth: 15/11/84
Great site and funny show! Keep up the good work!

PeNgUiN - 06/15/00 19:06:38
Location: daytona beach, FL
Fave Contestant(s): greg proops
Fave Game(s): props
Date of Birth: august 3
hey i love this show!

jennifer leigh alexis - 06/15/00 18:22:55
Location: new jersey
Fave Contestant(s): greg proops, tony slattery, ryan stiles, colin mocherie
Fave Game(s): scenes from a hat, superheroes
Fave Line(s): the transylvanian operating room when greg flew by as a bat
Fave Song(s): brad doing the B-52's
Date of Birth: 7.10.84
nice page. keep up the good work! ;o)

Craig Dunn - 06/15/00 13:50:25
Location: Union Furnace, Ohio
Fave Contestant(s): Colin Mochrie, Ryan Styles, Mike McShane
Fave Game(s): Hoedown, Alphabet, Scenes from a Hat
Fave Line(s): Too many to mention!
Fave Song(s): Too many to mention!
Date of Birth: Oct. 7, 1959
I am a huge fan of WLiiA? I never miss an American episode (I have them all taped!) and I always watch the British versions on Comedy Central. I am looking forward to the "new" season on Comedy Central with some of the newer episodes (after 1995). I like our web site and I am looking forward to seeing some of the bios on the contestants (especially on the British version, I really like Mike McShane, Tony Slattery and Steve Frost) in the near future. Thanks!

Lynn Ryan - 06/14/00 20:44:46
Location: Vermont
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan,Colin, Greg,Brad, etc.!
Fave Game(s): Narrate, Party Quirks, Bartender, Film and Theater styles
Fave Line(s): "Eh, You're lookin' for Nessie then?" and many more!
Fave Song(s): Colin as an armadillo, Colin hoedown, anything Brad or Wayne sing
Date of Birth: Sept '68
Your website is FANTASTIC, and I've spent way too much time exploring it! Would be even better if you had everyone's bio. Are there any other fans in Vermont/New England? Speak Up!

Suzanne - 06/14/00 16:37:26
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Fave Contestant(s): Tony Slattery, Paul Merton
Fave Game(s): Party Quirks, Scenes from a Hat
Fave Line(s): "Help, I cannot rhyme with ensemble" - Colin Mocherie singing about being in jail for stealing a pair of trousers
Fave Song(s): Tony Slattery

JERRY CURIEL - 06/14/00 03:11:44
My Email:VIRO2000@AOL.COM
Location: ??????????????????
Fave Contestant(s): RYAN STILES
Fave Song(s): SEX
Date of Birth: APRIL 18, 1987

Janet Gray - 06/14/00 02:10:35
Location: Dayton, Ohio, USA
Fave Contestant(s): Tony Slattery, Caroline Quinton, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops, Paul Merton
Fave Game(s): Scenes from a hat
Fave Line(s): A frustrated Tony during Party Quirks to an obnoxious Clive Anderson: "Oh well F*** off!"
Fave Song(s): Colin's donkey-riding hoedown
I love WLiiA! Tony Slattery is my hero! To Ryan, Colin and the rest of the DLiiA gang...I'm comin' to see you all at the studio next month for a taping!!! I can't wait :) I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Allie - 06/13/00 23:06:44
Location: Massachusetts
Fave Contestant(s): TONY SLATTERY
Fave Game(s): Hoe-Down
Fave Line(s): Worlds Worst ~ "Clive Anderson..."
Fave Song(s): That's a tough one...
Date of Birth: 9/20
This is one of the best shows I've ever watched! I'm not fond of the new, american ones, but the English ones are great! I absolutely love Tony!

Mindy - 06/13/00 20:08:47
Location: Virginia
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles
Fave Game(s): Who's Line?
Fave Song(s): "Drinking to forget his wife" - Ryan Stiles
Date of Birth: Feb.22,1986
This show is the best. People say that I should be on the show but I think all of you are doing a great job. I've always wanted to become a comedian and who knows maybe I'll get to act with y'all. Ryan, Colin, Drew, and the rest of the gang, keep up the g eat work. Love y'all, -Mindy,Va.-

Ian Ratcliffe - 06/12/00 21:11:28
Location: Walsall, UK
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Colin
Fave Game(s): Scenes from a hat
Fave Line(s): Greg to Steve: Take the holes in me and fill them in ...... THE EMOTIONAL HOLES!!!!
Fave Song(s): Most hoedowns
Date of Birth: 25-08-1984
I NEED MORE UK WHOSE LINE!! Watching American versions on channel 4, and the audiences go crazy every time someone opens their mouth, and Clive is far better than Drew.

Christa - 06/11/00 01:45:33
Location: Stafford, VA
Fave Contestant(s): Greg Proops, followed closely by Tony Slattery and Brad Sherwood
Fave Game(s): Film and Theatre Styles, World's Worst, Three-Headed Broadway Star, Superheores, and Weird Newscasters
Fave Line(s): "Theme from Titantic", Colin in Song Titles, and "Always keep a jellyfish in your handbag," Brad in Whose Line?
Fave Song(s): Tony in love with an inflatible pig
Date of Birth: 05/23/1986
I love WLiiA? and this site. It's very informative and resourcful. Keep it up, Mark!

Incognito - 06/10/00 03:30:32
Location: Atlanta, GA
Fave Contestant(s): Tony Slattery, Paul Merton, Steve Frost, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie
Fave Game(s): World's Worst, Scenes from a hat
Fave Line(s): "That's rich comin' from you, ya tosser!" and "Really?!"
Fave Song(s): N/A
Date of Birth: 12/78
This is a really great site... one of the most comprehensive out there and there are a lot of them. Its funny b/c 5 yrs ago there wasn't anything on the net about WLiiA? and now i could s
for more hours than i care to think about..

Ian Craig - 06/08/00 20:01:33
Location: Columbus,OH
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles
Fave Game(s): Hoe-down
Fave Song(s): She Loves You
Date of Birth: March,18 1990

Catrina...aka.....CRAZY ABOUT RYAN STILES - 06/08/00 17:48:19
Location: Las Vegas
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan And Colin
Fave Game(s): Party Quirks, Superhero's, Scenes From A Hat ....I Think Its Called...Props With The Objects
Fave Line(s): "Thank God Your Here LunchBox Boy".......Don't You know i'm carrying your penguin inside me?
Fave Song(s): I Love All the Hoe Down Songs
Date of Birth: January 14, 1970
Well, Where do i start? first off , Great site! And as you see, i am crazy about Ryan Stiles! he is soo cute (and married :o( , Anyways, i will not watch the show if ryan is not on, its not the same without him. I like ryan and colin! They are awesome to ether. Ryan's got that face that can do all kinds of goofy faces. I only have been watching the show for about 4 months, i used to see the title on the tv guide channel and say......what kind of name is that for a show.....until my friend told me to check it out that it was funny, so i did and i fell in love with the sh w right away!!!!!! And i have been watching it everday ever since. i automatically loved ryan and colin, they were my 2 favs. i never have laughed so hard on a charade kinda game. BUT RYAN RULES!!!!!!!! LOVE YA RYAN, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!

Staci - 06/08/00 15:38:36
My Email:Ocelot
Location: sitting in front of the computer
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan,Colin,and Greg
Fave Game(s): Helping Hands,Film and Theater Styles,and Moving People
Fave Line(s): Colin-I'm pregnant Ryan- Well with all the seamen on this boat you should have known better
Fave Song(s): African Chant , and Hoedown
Date of Birth: 7/9/87
This is the most awesome show that was ever made. The guys are so talented and funny. By the way I love your website. It's one of the best I've been to yet!

Ashley Herbert - 06/07/00 06:52:34
Location: Pennsylvania/Texas
Fave Contestant(s): Colin, Ryan, Wayne, Greg, Tony, Chip
Fave Game(s): Moving People, Hands, Superheros, Film and Theatre styles, Fixed Expressions, Stand Sit Lie Down, and TONS more
Fave Line(s): WOW...TOO many to count
Fave Song(s): It was in a Hoedown, about a Vasectomy
Date of Birth: 11.5.85
This show is the BEST comedy show I have ever seen! Even after 100 viewings of one show, I still end up laughing until I cry. Everyone on it is so Amazing! I am in awe at how they can think so quickly. I hope they keep up the great work and that the show tays such a huge success for a long time. WLiiA? RULES!!!!!!!

J - 06/05/00 13:40:43
Fave Contestant(s): ryan stiles
Fave Game(s): party quirks
Fave Line(s): dip me in honey and throw me to the Lesbians!
Nice Site Mark, love the upgrade.

york - 06/05/00 01:56:53
Location: washington
Fave Contestant(s): ryan stiles
Fave Game(s): party quirks
Fave Song(s): hodowns
Date of Birth: 2-10-76

Samantha - 06/04/00 20:10:24
Location: NJ
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Colin, Brad, Wayne, Chip
Fave Game(s): Scenes from a hat, film dubbing *i think that's what it's called*
Fave Line(s): all of'em!
Fave Song(s): all of' em!
Date of Birth: 4-7-84
i loved this page! although ryan is my #1 fave, i had to put the others i like too. anyway, this page is awesome! it has alotta info about my fave show in the world. i'll be sure to come back here for updates in the future!

Jenn R - 06/02/00 22:17:58
Location: Maryland
Fave Contestant(s): Greg
Fave Game(s): all
Fave Line(s): every one
Fave Song(s): Colin hoedown
Date of Birth: 6/16
This has to be the best WLIIA? site I've seen! I try to check the site frequently for updates. The episode guides have been most helpful. Besides Red Dwarf this has to be my favorite show. I can't wait for Comedy Central to air the new stuff!

Jennifer B. - 05/31/00 03:16:38
Location: Lawrence, KS
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles
Fave Game(s): The one where people from the audience move the contestants around. Also, helping hands and props.
Fave Line(s): Too many
Date of Birth: 11-20
Other than Mystery Science Theater 3000, this is my favorite TV show! It is truly amazing what a little creativity can do for a Tuesday evening. Thanks for your informative site!

Laur - 05/28/00 04:02:13
Location: connecticut
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie
Fave Game(s): hoedowns
Fave Line(s): too many to list!!
Fave Song(s): the christmas hoedown ;)
Date of Birth: 2/22/85
Ryan and Colin are the best and i love to watch them work together. Colin if you ever read this CAPTIN HAIR RULES!!!!!!!!!!! i love those two and i never miss a show? By the way Ryan if you ever read this Your christmas hoedown was the best.

Rohnnie - 05/27/00 03:19:50
Location: Bakersfield, CA
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Colin, and Chip
Fave Game(s): Party Quirks, Scenes From a Hat, Superheros
Fave Line(s): It all started with a bald joke
Fave Song(s): none really
Date of Birth: 10/15/75
Is there anyway I could get in contact with Chip Esten. Through an email or something. I love the Show and I have enjoyed it since the British version.

Matt - 05/25/00 20:19:37
Fave Contestant(s): Colin Mochrie
Fave Game(s): Props/scenes from a hat/the millionare show
Fave Line(s): It all started with a bad bald joke ~ Colin Mochrie
Fave Song(s): any hodown
It is my favorite television show. I sometimes think I watch it religiously.

Brian - 05/24/00 01:45:38
Location: USA
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles
Fave Game(s): Scenes from a hat or Props
Fave Line(s): Give me Liberty or a Bran Muffin!
Fave Song(s): "Ricky Martins" The door that's Lockda
Date of Birth: 5-15-86
Awesome show, improvised, prime time and Ryan Stiles.

Kari - 05/23/00 01:02:29
Location: Alberta, Canada
Fave Contestant(s): Colin
Fave Game(s): all
Fave Line(s): Colin's response to the hoedown about him " you're making a mochrie of me " (old comedy central show)

Pmonkey - 05/22/00 13:05:21
Location: UK
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan
Fave Game(s): All of em
Fave Line(s): I like to have sex but is hard to find 4-5 hours during the day
Fave Song(s): Toni loves mike the bartender
Date of Birth: 1983
How can I get hold of more whoseline in the UK, Nice site

Kirri - 05/20/00 12:50:29
Location: Newcastle, Australia
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles, Brad Sherwood, Tony Slattery, John Sessions, Wayne Brady, and the list goes on!
Fave Game(s): Party Quirks
Fave Line(s): "I got them and they hang like grapes - they hang so low like Planet Of The Apes!" ~ Brad.
Fave Song(s): The "Colin" hoedown
Date of Birth: 16th May, 1984
Hey there! Man, seems like a long time since I signed this book. The site's become bigger and better, if that's even possible. You do a great job, Mark, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Take care and God bless!

eve massey - 05/18/00 09:12:08
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Fave Contestant(s): Greg Proops, Brad Sherwood, Colin Mocherie, Ryan Stiles
Fave Game(s): Hats, Props, Worlds Worst
Fave Line(s): Greg - "Hi, I'm wide but not painful." or Greg - "Hi, I'm longer than you can possibly imagine."
Fave Song(s): Greg - his verse of the coffee hoedown
Date of Birth: 7th May '83
Luv this site and adore the show!!!

Alice Griffin - 05/17/00 17:37:06
Location: Éire
Fave Contestant(s): Paul.
Fave Game(s): World's Worst
Fave Line(s): Hello and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Fave Song(s): Tony in love with the barman
Date of Birth: 17th December 1984
Mark, how long has it been since I signed? Ages. Last time was the 20th of February. That is just shocking, isn't it? Well what can I say? You know your page is wonderful. Keep up the good work. Love you baby.

Shilo Pendrick - 05/17/00 14:59:24
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Styles, Colin Mochrie, Tony Slattery, Wayne Brady, Greg Proops, Brad Sherwood
Fave Game(s): All of them!!
Date of Birth: 10/05/77
This website is great!!

Pepper - 05/17/00 01:13:38
Fave Contestant(s): I LUV CHIP ESTEN
Fave Game(s): props, worlds worst, helping hands, and party quirks
Date of Birth: 2/9/85

Pat McLaughlin - 05/10/00 17:34:18
Location: bc
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles
Date of Birth: 07/02/84
ryan stiles is the best

Ms. Twiglets - 05/09/00 18:14:24
Location: Portland OR
Fave Contestant(s): Tony Slattery!!!!
Fave Game(s): Party Quirks
Fave Line(s): That's pretty good coming from someone dressed like Doc Holliday!
Fave Song(s): Tony is in love with himself song
Date of Birth: 06/12/62
Tony is the most wonderfully, clever, witty sexy man to EVER LIVE!!!!

Katie Lazzelle - 05/09/00 16:15:51
Location: WV
Fave Contestant(s): Greg, Ryan and Chip
Fave Game(s): Props, film dub, Scenes from a hat
Fave Line(s): Colin: "What's it to you stick boy?!"
Fave Song(s): Colin Hoedown
Date of Birth: 12/16/80
Your page is great and I love the show, but I hope you add the bios of the players soon. Actually I think your site is so good that you should get off of Geocites and make it the official Whose Line page. Like or something.

chanthal - 05/07/00 14:43:27
My URL:http://hftergd
Location: canada
Fave Contestant(s): fby
Fave Game(s): hfbbbb
Fave Line(s): ynjbb
Fave Song(s): birif
Date of Birth: 354456
i love your show. when the guests come to the show chip is my faveroite

pgreyy - 05/07/00 02:52:02
Location: seattle
Fave Contestant(s): Greg, Colin, Ryan, Tony
Fave Game(s): party quirks
Fave Line(s): "have you tried the pork?"
Date of Birth: may 10
Great site, Mark...I was actually looking for a site on "Never Mind the Buzzcocks"--but spent most of my evening enthralled with yours...forgetting what I was looking for in the first place. Good to know there are others as hopelessly addicted as I am to Whose Line...and keep the transcripts coming! :) pgreyy--seattle

Ashley Peck - 05/03/00 01:22:24
Location: the earth
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan & Colin
Fave Game(s): Props, WW, the hat
Fave Line(s): huh?
Fave Song(s): i dunno
Date of Birth: mine
hahahhahahahhahahahahahah hahahahahahahhahahaha hahhahahahahhahahahahahaha hahhahahahahahahhahahahaha hahhahahhahahahahaha hahahahahahah... average laughs per show

ambrosia lea - 05/02/00 14:55:12
Location: MI
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan and Colin
Fave Game(s): Party Quirks
Fave Line(s): I always liked you Ringo
Fave Song(s): Any hoedown that makes fun of Drew
Date of Birth: 2-7-83
Hey guys,Check out my Ryan Stiles fan club.I love his high school pic! My fav is Ryan(like you couldnt tell).I love the strange faces he makes when they tell him what he is going to do.I am obsessed with WLiiA?I am glad to know ther are others.

James - 05/01/00 22:58:36
Location: SLC, Utah
Fave Game(s): WLiiA(duh!)
WLiiA is very funny it is very fun to watch and I watch every time it comes on thanks for making a very funny show!!!

Janel Spencer - 05/01/00 21:52:46
My URL:http://???
My Email:Muzac Box
Location: Summerville,SC
Fave Contestant(s): Wayne, Colin, Ryan,Chip
Fave Game(s): Song Styles, Props, Scenes from a Hat
Fave Line(s): "I'm an ailien from teh balcmk hole I 've come to callect you soul, I'm going to tak eyou back there, and then I'm just gonna dance"-Colin
Fave Song(s): African Chant, and all other songs
Date of Birth: 4/24/85 (14 years old)
I love Wayne! He is hot and he makes me laugh so hard! I love Colin cause he makes funny faces and has incredible talent. I also love Ryan b/c he is teh best one on the show, his chemistry with Colin is magnificent and he's the greatest improvisional comedian I've ever seen. I love WLIIA and if ABC cancels it, I hope they play re-runs forever!

Kaley Ann Wall - 04/30/00 06:45:24
Location: Australia
Fave Contestant(s): Wayne Brady Colin and Ryan
Fave Game(s): party quirks
Fave Line(s): f... off
Fave Song(s): i like running wild and free
Date of Birth: 22/3/92
The first time I say WLiiA? i started to laugh. It's one of my favourite shows.

Tandy Masteller - 04/30/00 02:42:27
Location: San Diego, CA
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Wayne, Colin, Greg
Fave Game(s): Props, Questions only
This show is one of my favorites!

sara - 04/30/00 00:51:54
Location: knoxville, tn
Fave Contestant(s): greg
Fave Game(s): party quirks and newscasters
Fave Line(s): i can't remember...
Date of Birth: 12/24/85
the greg mp3 kicks so much ass... how did you get it?

Kiara Jonez-Hayes - 04/27/00 05:37:55
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles, Colin Mocherie, Greg Proops
Fave Game(s): Moving people, Worlds Worst
Fave Line(s): "No. No I'm not. You check your card. I'm not" - Ryan disagreeing with his character in 'weird newscastors'
Fave Song(s): 'Colin' Hoedown - Ryan in 'Hotel' Scene to Rap and 'cafe' Scene to rap
Date of Birth: 27/09/83
I love Ryan and the show in general! Well done on a great site Mark. Any idea when (if) the US show is coming to Australia??

Jessica - 04/26/00 14:08:19
Location: Florida
Fave Contestant(s): John
Fave Game(s): the one where thry have one person in front and the other behind them using his hands to do something
Fave Line(s): ?????
Fave Song(s): ?????
Date of Birth: March 12
haha i love that show i think i watched it once fore like 3 hours becuase there was a marathon on Comedy Central and i got hooked.

Leigh - 04/26/00 03:29:14
Location: Mid-Michigan
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Colin, Greg, Wayne,Chip, Brad, Josie, Caroline, Tony and Steve Frost
Fave Game(s): Hoedown, Alphabet, Questions Only, Whose Line, and I do wish Authors would come to the US version
Fave Line(s): Just about all of them
Fave Song(s): Ryna Jamaica Jail song and most of his others, Colin when he uses really good rhymes and puns, 99% of Josie and Mikes are right one, Greg's set ups that come off innocent
Date of Birth: 1/52
Great Show - Great site! I have become addicted along with a lot of other people. This is the fastest 1/2 hour on TV be it the US or British version. I would love to see these guys in person and would do the Vegas trip if they were scheduled at Ceasar's Palace. Anyone with any news on that? I also would like to see more of Josie and aroline on the US version. A lot of the other women just can't cut it. I would also like to see the "Christmas" version and I hope that the US version just keeps going - Laughter is really the best medicine....Thanks to all the folks connected with WLii ?

kelly - 04/22/00 03:46:35
Fave Contestant(s): I love them all!!
Fave Game(s): all!!
This is the best show!! Great website, too!!

Cassandra - 04/20/00 11:27:41
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan and Colin!
Fave Game(s): ALL OF EM
Fave Line(s): I love em all.
Fave Song(s): most of colins and all of ryans
Date of Birth: 22/9/76
Your site is unbelievable...I have not stopped laughing since I got here! I dont get to watch the show anymore, and I get pissed off when I come in and its over :( Thanks for making such an unreal site, I havent laughed like that since I last saw the show.

Xanith T'Sun - 04/19/00 00:57:30
Location: Myrkr
Fave Contestant(s): Colin and Wayne
Fave Game(s): Props!

dan miller - 04/17/00 23:58:12
Location: ohio
Fave Contestant(s): ryan
Fave Game(s): HOEDOWN
Fave Line(s): teacher??teacher???Honey prostitutes makes double that
Fave Song(s): wayne doing michael jackson growing older
Date of Birth: 8/12/86
whose line is a creative is hilarious i think it should be put on twice or three times a week.every thursday i look forward to watching it , i even record it IF ABC CANCILS IT I THINK WE ALL SHOULD SUE THEM!!

Lindsey - 04/17/00 20:31:13
Location: New York
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops, Colin Mochrie, Brad Sherwood, and Wayne Brady
Fave Game(s): Hoedown
Fave Line(s): "A teacher? A teacher? Honey, prostitutes make twice that money." -Ryan Stiles
Fave Song(s): Do the toothbrush-with Brad, Wayne, and Ryan
Date of Birth: 2-28-82
I look forward to every Thursday night just to see the show (US version). I love it! Even if you're in a bad mood the performers cheer you right up.

Christian Paquet - 04/17/00 18:24:59
Location: Chicoutimi, QC, Canada
Fave Contestants: ALL!
Fave Game(s): ALL!
Fave Line(s): Whoever killed those smurfs meant business...
Fave Song(s): Any song NOT related in any way with Celine Dion...
Date of Birth: March 5, 1965
Whose Line is it Anyway is probably the best thing to happen to television since the invention of the remote control...Well actually, color tv wasn't that bad either... I only hope that one of these days, I'll get to see some of the old shows from Englan .

Lana Guest - 04/17/00 06:37:04
Location: Dargaville bro =)
Fave Contestant(s): Colin, Ryan & Wayne
Fave Game(s): Number Of Words & that Broadway song game (where three of them make up a song on the spot in turns)
Fave Line(s): any of Colin, Ryan's or Wayne's!!!
Fave Song(s): The "Bubbles" song (sung by Colin, Ryan and Wayne - one of the Broadway songs)
Date of Birth: 19.9.84
hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe =)

David Rogers - 04/16/00 21:36:39
Location: Emmett
Fave Contestant(s): Colin (who else?)
Fave Game(s): News Flash, Whose Line, and Hands Through
Fave Line(s): "I'm wearing a thong." (Ryan), "Two thongs don't make a right!" (Colin), "And onfriday, the greatest day of all, you get some spagetti and two big meat balls!" (Wayne)
Fave Song(s): When Wayne did the striptese for the lunch lady.
Date of Birth: 8-12-84
I'm talking about the US version, I haven't seen the UK version, but I can honestly say that this is the #1 show ever! #2 is Mystery Science Theater 3000, #3 is The Simpsons, #4 is Kenan and Kel, #5 is Stark Raving Mad!

Melissa - 04/14/00 12:07:17
Location: New York Baby
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles, Brad Sherwood, Greg Proops
Fave Game(s): Worlds Worst- and ALL of the games on the show!
Fave Line(s): ?????
Fave Song(s): I have alot and they fit in this little space!
Date of Birth: 6/24
Hey!! I have already signed your guestbook before.. but PLEASE check out my website!! PLEASE.. it is so cool!! Thanks

robert - 04/14/00 01:09:47
My Email:pounders47@hotmail.comn
Location: astoria or
Fave Game(s): props
Date of Birth: 61047
great show,,better than most sitcoms.....

debby - 04/13/00 04:09:02
Location: moreno valley
Fave Contestant(s): ryan styles
Fave Game(s): hodown
Date of Birth: 05/31/1969

Meredith Finn - 04/08/00 22:49:58
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles
Fave Game(s): Party Quirks
Date of Birth: 4/66
There's a thread in The Forums at right now about Ryan Stiles. Check it out, or even register and post. It's a rare chance to see him get the praise he deserves.

Danny Lewis - 04/05/00 21:47:23
Location: New Jersey
Fave Contestant(s): Colon Mochrey
Fave Game(s): Scenes From A Hat
Fave Line(s): LEast common things to hear in a western:Hey this town is big enough for the two of us.
Date of Birth: 9/20/59
Funny Show

Jo-Anne Roberts - 03/30/00 22:43:06
Location: Australia
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles
Fave Game(s): Questions
Date of Birth: 6.10.1967
I have been watching the show for the past few months and have become a hugh fan. I watch it on pay t.v. and have not missed a show since falling in love with it. I am very impressed with Ryan Stiles. ( and not just because he is very good looking) Is it ossible to find out more about the actors and where I can find out more about them. 'Who's line is it anyway' now has a new fan and a very devoted one. The show makes me laugh like not many can these days. THANKYOU. Jo Roberts. 31.3.2000

Maggie - 03/23/00 20:37:23
Location: Washington State
Fave Contestant(s): TONY SLATTERY!!!!
Fave Game(s): Superheroes
Fave Line(s): Thank god you're here Mispronounciation boy!
Fave Song(s): motorway hoedown!
Date of Birth: 09/80
I wish that Tony Slattery was on the newer episodes! I LOVE HIM! This is my favorite show of all time, i must say! I love this site. Great job!!!

Sara - 03/20/00 17:06:12
Location: knoxville, TN
Fave Contestant(s): Greg all the way, man. and then maybe paul and then josie...
Fave Game(s): stand sit and lay down/squat, etc and pretty much anything greg is in... hehe...
Fave Line(s): "Where the hell did that come from?" paul when tony suddeny pantomimes a cigarette ini a film noir scene... paul's awesome...
Fave Song(s): this may be blasphemy, but i don't especially like the songs...
Date of Birth: 12/24/85
i don't think enough props are given to the proops man, man. he's seriously hilarious. he does good stand up too, and i wish that comedy central didn't take off Vs... he used to be their superstar *sniff* hehe... this is a pretty cool site. i try to w tch the old wliia all the time. i think i was... 3 when it originally started heh... great site!

Mollie - 03/17/00 23:20:37
Location: New Brunswick, Canada
Fave Contestant(s): Colin!!!, Ryan, Greg, Brad, Tony.........
Fave Game(s): Helping hands, alphabet, world's worst
Fave Line(s): I don't know who said it, but it was during a game of helping hands and it was about airplane safety...they put a cake on the baby's head and said "The baby won't cry, it's too busy wondering why there's a cake on it's head!"---you ha e to see it to laugh!
Fave Song(s): Colin Hoedown!!!
Colin is by far the funniest on the show, followed by Ryan. The two of them together is great, and I finally feel that Colin is starting to get the exposure he deserves! --- The whole show is great!

Victoria - 03/16/00 19:35:58
Location: Butler,NJ
Fave Contestant(s): Colin,Wayne,& Mike
Fave Game(s): World's Worst,Movie Dubbing
Fave Line(s): All
Fave Song(s): All
Date of Birth: 1-28-82
I wish we could see more of Drew Carey interacting with the rest of the cast. I love Drew. Email me if you have any idea of Drew's fan club or if he even has one. Thanks!!!

Stunning Steve - 03/16/00 16:31:07
Location: Nfld., Canada
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Colin, Greg, Wayne, Brad, Steve Frost, Tony
Fave Game(s): Questions Only, Hoedown, Scenes From a Hat, 3 Headed Broadway Star
Fave Line(s): Chip Esten in "Arguing over the tip"-- "I circumcized him, I get to keep it!"
Fave Song(s): Zoo rap, Ryan's Hugh Grant Hoedown, Colin's Wilt Chamberlain Hoedown
Date of Birth: 8/3/71
As much as I enjoy Wayne Brady, I don't like the idea of giving him a permanent spot on Drew's show. After all, Ryan and Colin never got their "anchor" spots until 1995. Ryan and Colin are the true pillars of Whose Line, and the other 2 spots should be ro ated for every show. Wayne is hilarious, but he hasn't "paid his dues" long enough to be given a permanent spot. I'd like to see more of Greg Proops, Josie Lawrence, Steve Frost and Tony Slattery on the U.S. version. Other than that, the show continues to be t e funniest, most innovative comedy on the air today.

Alan Smith - 03/15/00 01:03:59
Location: Toronto
Fave Contestant(s): Colin & Ryan
Fave Game(s): Party Quirks; Sound Effects; Questions Only; World's Worst; Scenes From a Hat; and everything else....
I just wanted to let you know that I use your site all the time (for episode info, etc). I realized I should drop you a (whose) line and say thanks for creating such a useful and entertaining website. Keep up the great work! :)

Carol - 03/14/00 04:22:52
Location: Austin
Fave Contestant(s): Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles!
Fave Game(s): Whose Line, Superheroes, and Party Quirks
Fave Line(s): Colin: "Don't cry, you're not that good an actor."
Date of Birth: 11/27/64
I love watching the chemistry between Colin and Ryan. They are all brilliant, but these two are the ones who send me into fits of uncontrollable laughter, especially when they set each other up. I'll be a fan for life. BTW thanks for this wonderful boa d.

Lauren - 03/12/00 02:30:37
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles, Tony Slattery
Fave Game(s): Worlds Worst, Moving people
Date of Birth: 27/09/83
I love this show!...and this site is great!

Soph - 03/11/00 22:29:06
Location: Canada
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Colin, Tony and Wayne
Fave Game(s): Worlds Worst, Scenes from a Hat, Party Quirks
Fave Line(s): When Tony told Clive to *&#$ off
Fave Song(s): Im Not Sure
Great Page.. go to my whose line page... coming SOON!!

patty harshman - 03/11/00 06:45:16
Location: san mateo, california
Fave Contestant(s): all
Fave Game(s): old job, new job
I love this show. Had no idea there were so many devoted fans. Thanks for the website!

Shelly - 03/09/00 18:40:19
Location: Vicksburg, MS
This show is hilarious! I love watching it!

Rachelle - 03/04/00 16:50:38
Location: Surrey BC
Fave Contestant(s): Colin Mochrie! Then Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops, Tony Slattery
Fave Game(s): Whose line, questions only, hoedown, bartender and Press conference
Fave Line(s): Colin's line "theme from titanic" Tony telling Clive to F--k off"
Fave Song(s): Colin Hoedown
Date of Birth: Oct 21/70
Hey Mark great revision on the Whose Line page!! I signed your old guestbook before but I wanted to compliment the hard work you did!! Colin is my favorite and nice information on the show. Keep up the great work!!

{squink} - 03/04/00 14:52:48
Location: toronto
Fave Contestant(s): colin
Fave Game(s): party quirks
Date of Birth: dec. 21
check out my site

Laura - 03/03/00 03:57:33
Location: Georgia/Originally CLEVELAND
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Colin, Wayne
Fave Game(s): Scenes from a hat; props; who's line is it anyway
Fave Line(s): "Where the points don't matter, just like Jerry Springers final thought"
Date of Birth: 3-25-56
This is absolutely the BEST show on television. I love it when Drew completely cracks up...can't get enough of that "girly" laugh!! Cleveland Rocks! Drew Rocks!! Who's Line is it Anyway completely Rocks!!! I used to love the British version, but don't think it compares to the new show. Ryan, Colin and Wayne are talented beyond words. Thanks for this site.

Megan - 03/03/00 01:30:31
Location: Canada
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Colin, Brad, Greg, Wayne
Fave Game(s): Props
Date of Birth: 04/__/__
Best Show I have seen in years. Colin and Ryan Are brillant. Colin shows the great Canadian Sprit. Show less howdown. Play helping hands more often

Eric - 03/02/00 16:24:13
Location: N.Y
Fave Contestant(s): Tony Slattery
Fave Game(s): Party Quorks, World's Worst, Film dubbing
Fave Line(s): Slattery: I'm not a doctor I'm a xylophonist"
Date of Birth: 4/6/78
Great show, although the new Drew Carey version isn't as good as the original British version with Clive Anderson. One of the main reasons is because they don't invite enough of the british comedians from the original version, like Tony Slattery (Who is t e best ever on the show) Steve Frost, and others. I'm glad Comedy central brough back the show after about a year hiatus, I've probably seen every episode, but still love to watch everyday. By the way Great web site!!

Becky - 03/01/00 01:47:40
Location: Wilm., De
Fave Contestant(s): John Sessions(even if he can be a "pretentious wanker", Paul Merton, Tony Slattery
Fave Game(s): Alphabet, Whose Line
Fave Line(s): Tony: "I'm not playing anymore" after somebody was him for party quirks.
Fave Song(s): The "American Musical" about the film, car crash and horse riding.
Date of Birth: 6/19/78
I used to cut my 2 o'clock class every day in college to watch Whose Line on Comedy Central. Now they just show it what? On Sat. morning? Please, PLEASE Comedy Central, I NEED my daily fix!! Please bring back daily Whose Line!

Tamsyn Hartlen - 02/27/00 06:32:02
Location: Cold Lake, AB, Canada
Fave Contestant(s): Steven Fry, Greg Proops, Paul Merton
Fave Game(s): World's Worst, or the Narrating one
Fave Song(s): The one where Mike and Josie are lovers flying in a plane that crashes...
Date of Birth: what?
Very nice site...more cast bios, though... I have searched unsuccessfully so far for a picture of Niall Ashdown for my look-alikes page on my web-site. In fact, there is hardly any information out there about him. Any ideas?

Lizzy Griffin - 02/26/00 02:01:44
My URL:i ain't got none, sugah
Location: At my desk
Fave Contestant(s): Greggypoo
Fave Game(s): Scenes from a hat
Fave Line(s): Hello! And welcome to Whose Line is it Anyway? The improvisation show which does for scriptwriters what mixamitosis does for rabbits.
Fave Song(s): Tony in love with the Barman
Date of Birth: 24/06/83
the weather is actually quite alright today.

Jamie Pearson - 02/25/00 18:40:38
Location: salisbury,MD
Fave Contestant(s): collin and ryan
Fave Game(s): props and scenes from a hat
Date of Birth: 8/15/81
I absolutely love this show! It's the best show on tv today. No matter how bad my day was ,,,collin and ryan can always make me laugh until i forget about my drama. Also Wayne is very talented, i love his ragae singing. My thursday night plans revolve ar und the show. I am so loyal, i never miss a show. What really cracks me up to tears is props. The contestants are so creative and genuinely funny. I wish this show was on 24 hours a day!! Thank you so much for giving me a reason to smile Drew! ps..I am also a big fan of the Drew Carey show..:)

corey - 02/25/00 02:08:01
Location: nova scotia, canada
Fave Contestant(s): just about all of them
Fave Game(s): props, scenes from a hat
great page man, ya gotta love that show

Alice Griffin - 02/20/00 21:00:28
Location: Lovely Ireland
Fave Contestant(s): Paul and Tony
Fave Game(s): Party Quirks
Fave Line(s): Bad sneakers and a pinata, my friend
Fave Song(s): That musical with Tony and Greg and Jim and Josie where Greg's girlfriend is pregnant. hehehehe. it's so funny
Date of Birth: 17th December 1984
Yes I do realise that I signed the guestbook only a few hours ago but I have to emphasize how much I love your site. Keep up the good work and oh Mark, I want to be your wife. I love you, dammit. Rock on, angel.

Aileen Kelly - 02/20/00 20:04:56
Location: Ireland
Fave Contestant(s): Paul Merton, Tony Slattery and Ryan Stiles
Fave Game(s): world's worst, party quirks and hoedown
Fave Line(s): clive presses the buzzer instead of the ding dong sound for party quirks and Paul says: I'm sorry there's someone @ the micro wave
Fave Song(s): Tony confessing his love for Mike, the bartender, or Tony and Steve sing about washing powder
Date of Birth: 8th September 1984
Hey again, I can't stop coming here. Can I just say 'you rock my son'. Thanks for the Twiglets Awards. Keep up the good work. I'll be back.

Alice Griffin - 02/20/00 12:32:03
Location: Ireland
Fave Contestant(s): Paul Merton and Tony Slattery
Fave Game(s): World's Worst
Fave Line(s): Does it usually throb like that?
Fave Song(s): Tony in love with the barman
Date of Birth: 17th december 1984
Christ, this site is so fabulous. I love Whose Line. It rocks. Mark, man I love you. I mean it. You are my god. We must all bow down and worship you. Love n' cuddles, baby.

Manda - 02/18/00 08:40:38
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Fave Contestant(s): Hmmm?
Fave Game(s): Begins with alphabet game...
Fave Line(s): Anything Ryan says about Drew Carey.
Fave Song(s): The lunch lady song...
Date of Birth: August 25, 1979
Great page! I love this show!

Kathleen - 02/16/00 23:55:15
Location: TN
Fave Contestant(s): Brad Sherwood, Wayne Brady
Fave Game(s): Song Styles, Scene to Rap, Unlikely Superheros
Fave Line(s): "I feel like the meat in an Incompetent Sandwich." Brad
Fave Song(s): "I Love Cheese"
Date of Birth: 11-04-63
I grew up watching Monty Python - It's wonderful having something along that same wacky line again!

Nancy MacDonald - 02/10/00 23:49:28
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
Fave Contestant(s): Wayne Brady, Ryan Stiles
Fave Game(s): Props, Hoe-Down, Party Quirks, Helping Hands
Date of Birth: Feb. 11 1975
I watch the show every morning on the Comedy Network...all the old episodes! And the new ones too! It's absolutely the most original idea for a show and I love how it's not played for money or recognition - just plain fun! Why is there such a link between WLIIA and the Drew Carey Show?

Carly Jayne "Slattery" - 02/10/00 08:55:43
Location: Wales
Fave Contestant(s): Tony Slattery
Fave Game(s): Howdown
Fave Line(s): Hi...welcome...Im deliciously huge!(greg proops)
Fave Song(s): Mike Mcshane and Josie lawrence singing about the old cat litter.
Date of Birth: 02/10/82
I absolutley love this show and thank god that the paramount comedy channel is showing all the repeats. Come on Hatrick productions make some more shows with all the regulars in it. Long live Tony Slattery,Ryan Stiles and Colin Mocharie.

Jacob Kane - 02/08/00 23:32:02
Fave Game(s): Ho Down sing
I love this show!!!!! I watch the re-runs and THe new ones by Drew carey I want to join a inpro troup and be on the show!!! Oh yeah... Theatre rules

Barry: - 02/06/00 09:31:18
Location: Brighton, UK
Fave Contestant(s): Greg Proops
Fave Game(s): News reports
Fave Line(s): Good evening, I'm Bulge Temptingly..."
Fave Song(s): Josie and Ryan singing about his teddy bear
Date of Birth: 8th December 1982
Whose Line Is It Anyway has re-boosted m life! I use to watch it on channel 4 and then it finished. Now ity's on Monday-Thursday on Paramount it's like a dream come true! With college work piling up on my left, right and centre, it's nice to have half hou where I can forget it all and see Greg Proops send me into fits of laughter just by saying, "I'm Curved Slightly.."!!! I hope they make more and if they don't show repeats forever!! All the best everyone!! Baz

Renee - 02/05/00 19:04:10
Location: Arkansas
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles,Tony Slattery,Colin Mockrie
Fave Game(s): Questions Only, Song Titles ,Sound Effects
Fave Line(s): "What kind of shark are you anyway?" "Grease me up boys, I'm going in!!!"
Fave Song(s): Yuroshi's Song
Date of Birth: 10/21/74

Meghan - 02/05/00 17:00:06
Fave Contestant(s): colin and ryan
Fave Game(s): dateing game, stand sit lean, newscastn
Fave Line(s): too many to choose from
Fave Song(s): lastweeks stripper song about "meatballs"
Date of Birth: 12/19/79
When I first found this show, it was on for 1/2 an hour right after Drew Carey, I thought It was so funny. Then it moved Thursday nights and was on for an hour, I definatly made time for it. Then I was flipping through channels one Saturday afternoon and saw a different WLIIA, not as but still funny. I am watching it right now. So I am leading a retreat type thing and we are going to try to do stuff from WL. I saw something on this site about a game, but I didn't read how to get it. Well, goodluck with the show and keep being funny.

Prisilia - 02/05/00 00:20:44
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles
Fave Game(s): Questions; Song Titles; Theatre Styles; Narrate
Fave Line(s): Ryan Stiles: "Are you my mommy?" (as the lost toddler looking for his mommy)
Date of Birth: April 25, 1976
I'm just wondering if anyone knows where I can get video tapes (or if they're available at all) of WLiiA. Please email me. Thanks

John Robert Crawford - 02/04/00 20:47:20
Location: San Diego, CA, USA
Fave Contestant(s): Tony Slattery, Ryan Stiles
Fave Game(s): Whose Line, Party Quirks
Fave Line(s): 'My moustache is bigger than yours!!' - Tony Slattery
Date of Birth: 7-11-79
Why does everyone hate John Sessions so much???? He's not bad... Archie's way worse. I want to see Tony and Josie on the American version... and maybe a cameo by Clive! And Wayne Brady ain't that good. I'll take Tony over him any time.

Laurie S. - 02/04/00 00:42:11
Location: Minnesota, USA
Fave Contestant(s): Tony Slattery
Fave Game(s): Party Quirks
Fave Line(s): "Don't go on about my size -- you look like two aspirins on an ironing board."
Fave Song(s): Vasectomy Hoedown
Date of Birth: 06-06-57
I love especially the UK version -- Drew Carey is funny in the U.S. version, but I like Clive Anderson as host, and the UK version is delightfully "naughtier." I like watching Tony Slattery say something ribald and then look sheepish as hell.

Scott Munn - 02/03/00 18:36:48
Location: Chicago
Fave Contestant(s): Wayne Brady
Fave Game(s): Song styles- - when Ryan and Colin are the announcers
Date of Birth: 6/16/69
Excellent show! It is my favorite show on tv. A friend of mine just completed improv classes at Second City so I've had quite a bit of exposure to improv comedy over the last couple of years or so.

Zemo - 02/03/00 17:00:48
Location: Texas
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan/Colin
Fave Game(s): the news
Date of Birth: 9-19-59
The whole family gets together to watch this show. It's almost like in the old days when we all would watch The Honeymooners or Lucy. I wish the British version was available, PBS maybe.

erick - 02/03/00 00:31:35
Fave Contestant(s): ryan/ colin/ tony/ mike mcshane
Fave Game(s): props/ soundtrack/ party quirks
Fave Song(s): Tony singing to Mike about being in love with an inflatable pig. "I've got a roblem I'd like to report. When I see porky pig my pants distort..."
Date of Birth: 7/20/69

Tom - 02/02/00 00:47:45
Location: New York
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Colin, and Tony
Fave Game(s): Props, Scenes from a Hat, Party Quirks
Fave Line(s): Ryan: "it's gonna be heating up, just like that bitch who took me for everything i had!!" (world's worst weatherman)
Fave Song(s): Tony's reading the will verse, Ryan's being stood up verse, anything where Colin faints
Date of Birth: 9/29/80
I love when Ryan calls someone "Phil" or makes animal faces (deer or fish are among the best)

JenLoKe - 02/01/00 22:41:55
Location: midwest
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles!!!, Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady, Josie Lawrence, Greg Proops and Brad Sherwood in that order.
Fave Game(s): Props, World's Worst (esp. the dating video), party quirks, weird newscasters, when Ryan was a foal being born through Colin's legs!!!
Fave Line(s): "Have you seen my mommy?" (Ryan was sooo convincing)
Fave Song(s): anything by Wayne Brady, the hoedown when Ryan sang something about a blind date being better than using his right hand! :)
Date of Birth: 7/31/70
Ryan and Colin are awesome!! I usually don't follow the American policy of treating movie or television stars like demigods; but these guys are gods to me. Ryan, Colin, etc. if you ever see this site - thank you for the gift your humor has brought into y life!!! (Fun site also)

Yvonne Love - 02/01/00 18:33:30
Location: Houston TX
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Greg, Colin, Tony, Paul, Chip
Fave Game(s): Alphabet, Whose Line, Scenes from a Hat
Fave Line(s): Too many to choose a few
Fave Song(s): Josie - Subway (Madonna); Josie - Ironing Board (Jazz); Wayne (US version) - Songs of the bus drive (various styles)
Date of Birth: 10/27/69
Watching the show through the years, I've come to love the character of certain contestants. The interplay between Clive and Greg Proops is sometimes too funny for words. I love when Tony gets flustered with things (during Party Quirks when Clive says "Last Guess" and Tony says "Last guess? I haven't even got a first guess"). Paul Merton's reactions to certain things are classic. Just a great show all around (especially the British version).

Molle - 02/01/00 07:25:25
Location: Boston, MA, USA
Fave Contestant(s): Colin & Ryan
Fave Game(s): Film & Theater Styles, Party Quirks
Fave Line(s): Dinna gi' me that rubbish, ye wee barny nocky focky!
Fave Song(s): Hoedowns!
Date of Birth: 02/08/79
I am way too obsessed with this show. I figure there are worse things to be obsessed with, though, aren't there?

Tiffanie - 01/30/00 23:20:04
Location: Alabama
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan Stiles & Greg Proops
Fave Game(s): Props, Hands Through & Film, & Theatre Styles
Fave Line(s): Any that come from Ryan's mouth!
Fave Song(s): Not much for the hoedowns
Date of Birth: 1981
Just thought I would tell you that I am crazy about your web-site! I am a new WLIIA fan, only for a couple of months been watching it...but now i can't get enough of it! Your's is probably my fav WL site, and it is now on my Fav list! Keep it going!

Julie Ellis - 01/30/00 03:38:37
Location: de
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan and Colin
Fave Game(s): all
Date of Birth: 8/28/85

Chris S. - 01/29/00 17:40:13
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Fave Contestant(s): Colin, Ryan. Greg, Wanye, Tony, Josie, Mike, Steve Fry, Steve Frost, Brad
Fave Game(s): Hoedown, World's Worst, Scenes from a Hat, Party Quirks,
Fave Line(s): Chip-"I'll take Things Nobody Knows for a 1000. Colin-"I'll take Animal Genitalia Audio Clues"
Date of Birth: 01/05/85
A great site for a great show. Now i love having Wayne, Colin and Ryan as regulars, but that only leaves one space free. If the show went back to the British way and vary from show to show, it might be a little better. The weather in Winnipeg is ...

Darko Peric - 01/28/00 12:35:49
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Fave Contestant(s): Greg Proops, Stephen Fry
Fave Game(s): World's Worst
Fave Line(s): How can you tax a cigarette? Stephen Fry
Fave Song(s): Peter Cook's rap
Date of Birth: August 16, 1974
It's a shame that Peter Cook and Stephen Fry didn't appear more. Their one appearance together was magical. They worked off each other so well.

hayley - 01/26/00 01:04:38
My Email:www.zappers,com
Location: hotmail
Fave Contestant(s): COLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fave Game(s): props
Fave Line(s): commer colin
Fave Song(s): blue
Date of Birth: 01/05/88

Amy - 01/25/00 03:45:47
Location: nj
Fave Contestant(s): tony slatery, ryan styles
Fave Game(s): worlds worst
Fave Line(s): Whos holding the camera
Date of Birth: 12/19/76
With my job at night, i unfortunatly dont get to see the new one that often. Although i do have a strange fascination for clive anderson. i do enjoy the new one when i do get to see it. im just glad to know that im not the only obessed person about it.

Rebecca - 01/24/00 20:01:04
Location: Arizona
Fave Contestant(s): Colin, Ryan, and Brad
Fave Game(s): Props
Fave Line(s): Colin: "I think I'm pregnant!" Ryan: "You didn't see it coming then. After all, this ship is full of seamen..."
Date of Birth: July 6th, 1981

Jared Halpain - 01/24/00 18:00:07
Location: United States
Fave Contestant(s): Steve Frost, Eddie Izzard
Fave Game(s): Soundtrack
Fave Line(s): I think I can hear gases escaping!!
Fave Song(s): Helpless-(Faith No More)Help Me -(Beatles) Love me 2 times (doors)
Date of Birth: April 17, 1980
I think your site is great! I think Steve Frost is a genius! I think I should go to work now! I work at the Holiday Inn. Everyone keep watching, and praise Jehovah, our God!

Heather McMichael - 01/24/00 16:38:29
Date of Birth: 11/27/76
How do I obtain Tickets to teh show

Mark Longmuir - 01/24/00 13:48:27
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Fave Contestant(s): Ryan, Colin, many more :)
Fave Game(s): Scenes From A Hat, Party Quirks, Director, etc...
Fave Line(s): "Bad sneakers and a pinata, my friend!"
Fave Song(s): Rock n' Roll Musical, Colin Hoedown, too many :)
Date of Birth: 16 Nov. 1978
Hey guys, thought I'd refit the guestbook at the same time as the rest of the site :) Check out the old guestbooks - there's a few kinda familiar names in there :)