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Mark's Guide to Whose Line is it Anyway?

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Info / History / Thanks / Awards & Webrings

This site is just a fansite, there's no direct connection to any of the WL makers or stars! It's here purely to entertain and provide information for WL fans ("Whosers") and casual viewers :)

Recommended resolution is 800x600 or higher, 16000 colours.

The site was started in vi and pico, updated in Netscape Composer and then rebuilt in notepad and wordpad :) It's slowly built up over the years thanks to much video watching, transcribing, searching, correcting, tweaking, reading, e-mailing, typing and particularly plenty of time from myself and many others who've contributed corrections, additions and suggestions. The thankyous are below :)

The site began in early 1997 as pretty much text only on a grey background. It was turned technicolour in 1998 (as part of a successful effort to become a Geocities 'featured' page). In early 1999 it went cool blue with frames for navigation, which was replaced with a pastel imagemap and light grey site in early 2000. The imagemap went Javascripty and nifty in 2001 and stayed that way until the current simpler faster look.

Images, sounds and other information are reproduced without permission, where possible credit has been given. The show itself and related materials remain property of Hat Trick Productions and/or other groups and no attempt is made to supercede copyrights etc. etc.
If anyone rights-owners want something removed, contact me.


  • 30/06/04 - Domain name added
  • 11/02/04 - New look site. Former site designs are still visible on the Twiglet Awards pages.
  • May 01 - Dec 2003 - 125,000 hits
  • 22/03/00 - 100,000 hits
  • 30/06/99 - 50,000 hits
  • 24/06/98 - 10,000 hits


    So many people have sent in corrections and additions... and here's the list of them all! Thanks, everyone! (if I've missed you - let me know!)
    • Cast Additions - Zoe Abbott, Vicki Asato, Freda Auyeung, Barb, Greg Bergman, Yau Bing Chong, Wayne Chow, Lee Cochenour, Ciaran Conliffe, Ashley Cook, Susan Dixon, Aaron Doucet, Chiklit, Claudia Garcia, Cassandra Glockner, Mike Goetz, Cynthia L. Goode, Matthew James Harris, Lita Jupiter, Alan Kors, Lori, Natalie Mayer, Megan McLeod, Karen McNair, Jim Meskimen, Colin Mochrie, Mike & Terry Naughton, Abby Non, John Ogan, Steve Reage, Christopher Smith, Spencer Snowling, Lee Somerman, Michelle Thompson, John Vawter, Richard Vranch, Erin Wagner, Robert Zwarun.
    • Links - Cory, Dean Bedford, David Piggott, Linda Craig, Katie, everyone with a WLiiA? page on the net...
    • Episode Guide - TARDIS Database (info up to 1994), Teresa's picture page (later episode numbers), John Lavalie (comic relief episode), Kim Nakano, Greg Bergman, Graham Rendell, Vanessa, Emile Jumean, Dean Bedford, Donna White, Robert Zwarun, Kirk, Philip Hill, Matthew Rudd, Sandra Gomez, Denis Cheong, Gregory Larson, Thomas Mulligan, Scott Vasquez, Victorie.
    • Other corrections/additions - Doug Adams, Alaina, Brian Barjenbruch, Dean Bedford, Greg Bergman, Jimmy Bland, Sam Brocklebank, Cassie, Wayne Chesser, Wayne Chow, Gerry Cunningham, John Daily, Daniel Dharmasurya, Susan Dixon, Edgardo, Huzlinefan, Kevin, Dana Kotler, Scott Longmuir, Lisa, Lori, Stephanie McKay, Karen McNair, Josh Marcik, N Mayer, Charles Moss, Nicole, Mark Pepper, David Piggott, Robin, Scott Robinson, Harris Ruben, Matthew Rudd, Sam Salas, James Seigel, Mike Shumko, Chris Tasler, Krissy V, John Vawter, Gloria Wilczynski.
    • Broadcast Info - Dean Bedford, Louise-Jane Tulett, Brett Hayward, Stephen Hoy, Dean Lester, Graham Rendell, Scott, Duncan C T Smith, Gabrielle, Garrett Wong (NZ), Sarah (UAE), Emile Jumean, Dizzy the Tomato Goddess, Chayah Bean, Adria, Wayne Chow, Wes Chiasson, Erin, Paul Stachniak (Canada), Freda, Bradley Skaggs (Thailand), Bon Morro, Keskes, Marci, Jennifer Westerlund, Tom Chmielinski (America), Angie, Matthew Rudd, Charlene Putney, Kathy Brister (UK), Michelle Newton-Greene (Australia), Siddharth Gupta (India), Itai Reggev (Israel), Linda Yuslizal (Malaysia), Panagiotis Xenos (Belgium), J Hydon, Rachel Swailes (South Africa), Sheena (Singapore)
    • Transcripts - Matthew Rudd, Nicole Panciocco, Scott Robinson.


    I haven't tried to collect awards, but here's some I've picked up anyway with some webring links :)

    This Comedy Ring site is owned by Mark Longmuir.
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