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Mark's Guide to Whose Line is it Anyway?

S&M (Slattery & McShane)

What is it?

A 1991 improvised sketch comedy starring Tony Slattery and Mike McShane, both of Whose Line is it Anyway? fame. Sketches are made up on the spot, based on a given topic, sometimes using music, sound effects or simple props.

Who are the stars?

TONY SLATTERY - British comedian and star of shows such as WLiiA?, This is David Harper, and Just A Gigolo. His movie appearances include The Crying Game, Carry on Columbus, Peter's Friends, and Up & Under. He has also appeared on TV in Red Dwarf, Give Us A Clue and Clive Anderson Talks Back, and in many stage productions. For a good filmography look at Shell's TS pages.

MIKE McSHANE - American comedian who has starred in shows such as WLiiA?, and Brotherly Love (as Lloyd), and appeared on Seinfeld playing FDR., Doctor Who, and in the All New Alexei Sayle Show as Al Capone's prosecutor. He has been in movies including Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves as Friar Tuck, Richie Rich as Professor Keanbeen, and Tom & Huck as Muff Potter.

RICHARD VRANCH - If the music sounds familiar to viewers of WLiiA?, it's because Richard Vranch improvises music for both shows. He may also be known to those who have seen the Comedy Store Players (either live at the Comedy Store or on TV in Funny Farm). He has been a writer, actor and presenter on shows such as The Paul Merton Show, Jackanory, The Secret Policeman's Biggest Ball, and his own Channel 4 science series Beat That Einstein, and made guest appearances on shows like Just A Minute and Tibs and Fibs. On stage he has appeared in the Paul Merton Show at the London Palladium, children's shows, fringe theatre, improv shows with Eddie Izzard, The Impro Musical, Live Soap at the Donmar, and The Impro Panto. Oh yeah, and he has a PhD in radiation physics from Cambridge.

The Show

After the theme music (comprising a series of animated polaroids of Slattery & McShane), a caption explains that "Everything in this show has been improvised". Then a series of sketches follows, each with a caption preceding it which gives the subject of the scene, for instance "Memorial Service", "The Exorcist", "Tony and Mike sinking in quicksand"/"It's Tony's fault" or "The Doomed Planet". Mike and Tony then improvise the scene until a sensible ending point... or good joke... or they run out of ideas!

Some sketches are used across multiple episodes, including "Two Peas In A Pod", which has Tony and Mike face against face, lit in green, as two peas. These sketches usually have a subtitle, such as "The Breakup".

Viewers of Whose Line is it Anyway will notice a few familiar games. WLiiA?'s "Hats" is done in various forms (commercials, phone in lines, etc.). Narrate-type sketches have been done once or twice. There is even a possible Clive haircut joke...

Episode Guide

Episode 1

  1. The Virus - Tony investigates a virus (Mike), who turns out to be an out-of-work Equity virus.
  2. At The Barber's: Mike gives Tony a shave; today seems like a day he will remain focused...
  3. Lunchtime At The Cafe: Tony's lunch is distracted as Mike eats to the William Tell Overture.
  4. Two Peas In A Pod: Tony wants to be a carrot, but Mike finds out he's having an affair with a selection of lentils.
  5. This Is Dull: Tony welcomes guest Mike and twin brother Eamon to the show.
  6. Memorial Service: Priest Mike and mourner Tony sing a selection of hymns accompanied by the replacement organist.
  7. Dating Agency Videos: Including Pierre the chef, Antonio, Frosty, Pedro, drooling Terry and SAS Tony.
  8. The Doomed Planet: Mike is sent by father Tony on a mission to save his civilisation using the golden turnip.
  9. Two Testicles: Going through the morning routine.
  10. Sea Shore: Tony hosts the show demonstrating what you can hear in shells.
  11. Southern Belle & Beau: Tony chats up belle Mike and pushes her on the swing.

Episode 2

  1. Performing Seal - Seal Mike orders from waiter Tony at a restaurant.
  2. The Prison Cell: New cellmate Tony might be a little less hardcore than Mike.
  3. Two Peas In A Pod - The Break Up: Tony's bags are packed and he's on the way out of the pod.
  4. Private Detective: Dick Thudd (Mike) takes on the case for femme fatale Tony's Maltese cherries.
  5. Bobsleigh: Mike & Tony race down the hill.
  6. The Apprentice Pirate: Mike shows apprentice Tony the ropes, and the shanties.
  7. Rejected Ad Campaigns: Ear floss, herbal suppositories, litmus handkerchiefs, pitbull breeding, jalapeno cream.
  8. Pet Shop: Tony serves customer Mike who seems peckish...
  9. Jumping From A Great Height: Tony shows Mike how to bounce back.
  10. School Speech Day: Principal Tony welcomes guest speaker Mike to try to offer the students some hope.
  11. Southern Belle & Beau Riding: Belle Mike takes Tony for a ride on a stallion.

Episode 3

  1. The Restaurant - Tony orders his meal from waiter Mike with a hint of disdain and a sarcastic chuckle.
  2. Passenger On A Plane: Tony is interrupted by a distraction out the window.
  3. Kamikaze Moths: Two moths circle a lightbulb.
  4. Spaceship: Mike trains Tony on what all the buttons do.
  5. Two Peas In A Pod - Together Again: Drunken Mike considers forgiving Tony.
  6. The Exorcist: Possessed Mike seeks help for his fashion obsessions.
  7. The Snake Who Swallowed A Can-Can Dancer: snake Mike is in trouble.
  8. Phone-In Lines: 429-Short People, 975-Possessed, 329-Shy People and 974-Extrovert.
  9. Bed: Tony finds all the things Mike has left in the bed.
  10. Annual Check-Up: Doctor Tony's methods on Mike are unusual.
  11. TV Programme: Tony hosts "Are You Pissed Off With Me?".
  12. New York Taxi Driver: Mike takes Tony for a ride.
  13. Talking Stomach: On a date, Tony's stomach (Mike) is unhelpful.
  14. Singing Telegram: Whilst receiving an award, Tony is visited by telegram Mike.

Episode 4

  1. Down The Back Of The Sofa - Tony sees what he can find
  2. Park Keepers: A hands-across-the-sea exchange between keepers from Lambeth (Tony) and the Bronx (Mike).
  3. Two Peas In A Pod: Tony is late home again from the pub so Mike is heading off with the lesbian biker-peas.
  4. Painting Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Tony asks Brunel (Mike) to pose.
  5. The Fly: Tony's meal is interrupted.
  6. Tony & Mike Sinking In Quicksand / It's Tony Fault: Down they go.
  7. The Video Box: is Mike god? Where is the Oliver Hardy Fan Club? Professor Quimby teaches you to talk Dick Van Dyke.
  8. Restaurant Date(?): Waiter Mike checks who might be interested in Tony.
  9. The Conductor's Team-Talk: Mike offers a pep-talk to his orchestra.
  10. The Wise Man And The Young Warrior: Obi-Won-Kynobby (Mike) trains up the young Tony.
  11. Sperm & Egg: Sperm Tony seduces egg Mike.

Episode 5

  1. Lost In The Desert - Tony seeks water and food but Mike is keeping secrets
  2. Tennis Doubles - Tony seems to be doing a lot more running around than Mike
  3. Tarzan And His Father - Father Tony thinks Tarzan (Mike) needs to find a wife
  4. Two Socks In A Washing Machine - Catching up on old times before the spin cycle
  5. High Powered Business Lunch - Manners are not a strong point
  6. Starfish - laying on a rock singing about their dreams
  7. Phone-In Lines(?) - 643-Numbers And Fish, 432-Extremely Cheap Puppet Sex Videos, 792-Lateral Movement Across Your Screen, 214-Furtive Glances
  8. The Jewish Computer In Space: SAL (Mike) thinks astronaut Tony should take better care of himself
  9. Looking In The Mirror: A dramatic morning for Mike
  10. Two Keys On A Typewriter: The keys prepare for the new Barbara Cartland novel
  11. Fighting The Dark Side: Buck Starskipper (Tony) takes on Darth Vadert (Mike) with the help of The Fluid.

Episode 6

  1. Wine Tasting - experts compare thoughts on a wide selection
  2. Shadow - Tony's temporary replacement shadow (Mike) is misbehaving
  3. Stagecoach Driving Test - Mike gets a lesson from Tony
  4. Two Peas In A Pod - Preparing To Be Picked - Making sure the final arrangements have been made
  5. Army Briefing - Mike gives a briefing while Tony from the medical corps provides relaxation
  6. Chocolate Commercial - Tony directs Mike after too many takes
  7. In The Showers - an energetic performance of a shower routine to music
  8. In 1985 NASA Requested Video Messages From The People Of Earth To Outer Space / These Ones Were Rejected - Tony the Butcher, Mike tries his luck, 7-year-old questions
  9. Audition - Mike auditions commercial actor Tony for a part in Macbeth
  10. Wildlife Out-Take - Tony's doco on the golden-crested macaque gets a little too close
  11. The Pyschopath Applies For A Job At The Zoo - Tony interviews Mike for a job working with small pets
  12. The Getaway - Mike escapes the crime but driver Tony is not the best choice
  13. The Princess And The Frog - Kissing the frog doesn't quite go according to plan
  14. Songs Of The Goldrush: Tony interviews Big Dirk McBison-Stretcher (Mike) who shows some songs

Episode 7

  1. The Dessert - the end of a lovely meal is not so sanitary
  2. Faulty Television - Tony flicks channels enacted by Mike
  3. Stone Age Inventors - Two inventors compare their achievements
  4. Two Peas In A Pod - Moments Before Shelling - It's time to say farewell
  5. At The Cinema - Sitting in front of Mike is not the best position
  6. Escape From The Goldfish Bowl - two goldfish plot their audacious plan
  7. Cowboys On The Range - singing (not quite) cowboy songs
  8. TV Programmes That Were Never Given A Second Episode - Celebrity Blindfold Circumcision, Tiny Cajun BBQ Village, Suprising Policemen, Serial Killer Body Bag
  9. Cardinal Wolsey's Sermon - special comments from down below
  10. Tomorrow's World - Tony introduces his new talking watch
  11. The Final Episode - Princess Leah (Mike) advises Duke Starsucker (Tony) on family matters
  12. Southern Belle & Beau In The Bedroom: Jumping on the bed


Some Realaudio files from the show from the old website .
  • Snmopen - The opening theme. (50 KB).
  • Snmclose - The closing theme (71 KB).
  • Doomplan - The planet is doomed... but Tony sends Mike on a mission... in a marble-sized spaceship! (451 KB).
  • Jumping - Mike finds out what it's like jumping from a great height. (112 KB).
  • Memorial - Tony and Mike have trouble with a replacement organist at a memorial service. (463 KB).
  • Parkkeep - A look at the differences between park keeping in the UK and the US. (421 KB).
  • Phonein - A selection of Phone-In lines available from Tony & Mike (327 KB).
  • Pirate - "The Apprentice Pirate" - Tony hasn't quite got the hang of being mean yet... (194 KB).
  • Restrt - Mike serves Tony dishes... with a few added extras. (451 KB).
  • Seashore - Tony hosts "Sea Shore" - a show looking at various things that can be found on the beach. (459 KB).
  • Singles - Popular as he is with fans, Tony can't even find love in singles restaurant "Los Desperados"! (401 KB).
  • Spacesh - Tony takes out a space cruiser for a driving lesson. (338 KB)
  • Spermegg - "Sperm & Egg" - you'll have to use your imaginations for this one.. :) (257 KB).
  • Telegram - A singing telegram can ruin just about any awards ceremony... (171 KB).
  • Twopeas1 - Two Peas in a Pod - Tony hasn't quite been faithful to Mike... (220 KB).
  • Twopeas2 - Two Peas in a Pod - The Break Up. (216 KB).
  • Twopeas3 - Two Peas in a Pod - Together Again - ends with Mike sucking Tony's nose! (162 KB).
  • Twopeas4 - Two Peas in a Pod - Those two peas are fighting again! (173 KB).
  • Wiseman - "The Wise Man and the Young Warrior". (606 KB).

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