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Mark's Guide to Whose Line is it Anyway?

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This page is no longer updated regularly.

Recent Updates

  • 27/09/20 - ongoing expansions to the episode guide
  • 12/09/04 - series 13 episode guides
  • 04/07/04 - 12.38 and 12.39, completing the guide for series 12. Now only 3 more years to catch up! :)
  • 30/06/04 - New site address - Note that this change has resulted in the reset of the counter and guestbook.
  • 07/06/04 - 2001 Twiglets Results complete. Please contact me if you still have a log of the IRC ceremony.
  • 11/02/04 - New look site. Improved loading times, corrections, old online games.
    Former site appearances can be seen on the Twiglet Awards pages.
  • May 01 - Dec 2003 - 125,000 hits
  • 22/03/00 - 100,000 hits
  • 30/06/99 - 50,000 hits
  • 24/06/98 - 10,000 hits

    Spin Offs

    Drew Carey's "Improv-A-Ganza" features many Whose Line cast performing games filmed live at the MGM Grand's Hollywood Theatre.
    40 episodes were aired in 2011.
    The WB's "Green Screen Show" features a cast including Drew, Colin, Brad, Jeff, Chip, Greg, Kathy Kinney, Jonathan Mangum, Sean Masterson, and Ryan Stiles (as a guest for the pilot). The format of the show has typical WL games played in front of a green screen - or an entirely green set. In post-production an animation house replaces the green screen with relevant backgrounds and props for the scene, using various animation techniques (2-D, 3-D, CG, stop-motion and claymation).
    The series aired 12 (of 13) episodes in 2004.
    Green Screen WB page
    Colin news and pilot taping report.

    Current Series

    New episodes with Aisha Tyler air on the CW, with the regular cast, rotating guests and celebrity appearances.
    New taping dates should be posted on TV Tickets when available.
    The US WLiiA?


    Colin holding the convention T-Shirt Pictures from the WhoserCons can be found on Mochrie's site amongst others. For convention news, check out the website or the Events Board.
    The first convention was held in Toronto, 1998. Con 1999 was held June 25-27, 1999 in Pitman Hall at the Ryerson International Convention Centre in Toronto, with a surprise guest appearance by Colin Mochrie.
    WhoserCon 3 was in Toronto Jun 30 - July 2 2000, including an IRC chat with Greg, followed by WhoserCon 4 in 2001 and 5 in 2002.
    A 20th anniversary convention was held in Toronto in 2018 including visits to Bad Dog and Second City.


    • Colin Mochrie, Brad Sherwood, Phil Lamarr and Debra Wilson appear in the movie "Jane White is Sick And Twisted".
    • The Doctor Who audio adventure "Death Comes To Time", featuring Stephen Fry and John Sessions is available on CD, also see the BBC website.
      Pictures of John and Tony can be found in the recent "Doctor Who: Regeneration" book, as they auditioned for the telemovie. Pictures of John and Stephen are in book of the making of Ghormenghast.
    • The Comedy Store Players, Josie Lawrence, Andy Smart, Paul Merton, Richard Vranch, Neil Mullarkey, Lee Simpson and Jim Sweeney perform with special guests Sundays & Wednesdays at London's Comedy Store.
    • The Really Spontaneous Theater Company with Jim Meskimen perform Rock-U-Mockumentary 10 PM Saturdays during October at the ACME Comedy Theatre in Hollywood.
    Whose Line Cast