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Mark's Guide to Whose Line is it Anyway?

Episode Guide

Australia Series One (2016)

A1.01 / A1.02 / A1.03 / A1.04 / A1.05 / A1.06 / A1.07 / A1.08 / A1.09 / A1.10


First Broadcast: November 27, 2016 - Intro
Tegan Higginbotham, Steen Raskopoulos, Tom Walker, Cal Wilson
  1. Scenes From a Hat: Rejected Aussie tourism slogans, situations where your Borat impression isn't appropriate, things you can say about your job but not your partner, the good news and the bad news, things you don't want to hear in a doctor's waiting room.
  2. Whose Line: The tooth fairy (Steen) accidentally wakes up a sleeping Tom.
  3. Dating Service: Steen & Tegan, Tom & Cal.
  4. Audience Sound Effects: Tegan & Cal are explorers in the Amazon looking for a rare bird when they are attacked by wild animals.
  5. Props: Tom & Cal - black & yellow circles, Steen & Tegan - red wings.
  6. Weird Newsreaders: Cal - anchor "Janine Slaughterhouse O'Shannessy". Tegan (co-anchor "Alison Fang") - has just woken up from a forty year coma, Steen (sports presenter "Tentpeg O'Reilly") - health and safety inspector who thinks the studio is a hazard, Tom (weatherman "Soggy Barnacles") - an Italian Renaissance inventor testing his new flying machine.
  7. Questions: In a prison exercise yard; in a jewelry store.
  8. Rock Out: Childbirth.
Winner: Tom Walker.


First Broadcast: December 4, 2016 - Intro
Cal Wilson, Steen Raskopoulos, Bridie Connell, Rhys Darby
  1. Scenes From a Hat: Things you can say about your computer but not your partner, things Sesame Street characters might say during sex, if Kiwis ran Australia.
  2. Hollywood Director: Bridie & Rhys are acrobatic thieves scaling a skyscraper, when Cal enters as Spiderwoman to foil their plans. Steen directs. Breakdancing battle crews.
  3. Dating Service: Rhys & Bridie, Steen & Cal.
  4. Dubbing: Bridie is attending a comic book convention when she meets her idol Rhys (dubbed by Steen), when she freaks out too much Cal enters as an overzealous security guard.
  5. Bartender: Bridie bartender. Cal - angry about parking tickets, Rhys - sad about hipsters, Steen - happy about trains.
  6. Newsflash: close-ups of people eating. Cal (Tiffany Sideboard) & Bridie (Bianca Fnerd) anchor, Rhys (Rhys Darby Darby) reports.
  7. Rock Out: Puberty.
Winner: Cal Wilson.


First Broadcast: December 11, 2016 - Intro
Tegan Higginbotham, Steen Raskopoulos, Susie Youssef, Rhys Darby
  1. Scenes From a Hat: Characters cut from Game of Thrones, things that shouldn't be so hard, fads that never took off, if zoo animals had day jobs.
  2. Old Job, New Job: Rhys & Susie are a couple looking to buy a hot tub, Steen & Tegan are the salespeople who used to be dark wizards.
  3. Helping Hands: Rhys (Steen's hands) is a party clown auditioning to be hired as the entertainment at Tegan's son's birthday.
  4. Quick Change: Rhys is a nervous apprentice chef being trained by Steen, Susie enters as an influential food critic to complain about her meal. Tommy calls change.
  5. Props: Steen & Susie - yellow rope, Rhys & Tegan - pink baby dummy shapes.
  6. Newsflash: animals making love. Steen & Susie anchor, Rhys reports.
  7. Rock Out: Pilot.
Winner: Susie Youssef.


First Broadcast: December 18, 2016 - Intro
Tegan Higginbotham, Tom Walker, Bridie Connell, Steen Raskopoulos
  1. Scenes From a Hat: Pick-up lines used by fruit and vegetables, what not to say at a parent-teacher interview.
  2. Dead Bodies: Tegan, a bankrobber who takes Steen, a teller, hostage, before a mysterious superhero Bridie (enters and dies) bursts in to the rescue. Tom moves.
  3. Quick Change: Tegan & Bridie are underage partygoers, discussing tactics to gain entry to an exclusive nightclub, Steen enters as the no-nonsense bouncer to put a stop to their plans. Tommy calls change.
  4. Bartender: Bridie bartender. Tegan - happy about muffins, Tom - sad about his Centrelink payments being cut, Steen - stressed about having a kid.
  5. Let's Make A Date: Steen questions. Bridie - a Miss Ireland contestant who screams every third word, Tegan - a nun with anger management issues, Tom - Michael Caine at the book launch of his latest erotic novel.
  6. World's Worst: tour guide; neighbour; thing to bring to a funeral.
  7. Rock Out: Moisturise every day.
Winner: Steen Raskopoulos.


First Broadcast: January 8, 2017 - Intro
Susie Youssef, Steen Raskopoulos, Cal Wilson, Rhys Darby
  1. Scenes From a Hat: Things you can say about your coffee but not your partner, things you don't expect to hear from Siri, entries in Tommy Little's secret diary, what not to bring to Show and Tell.
  2. Secret: Susie a talented but troubled fighter pilot who wants to give up the game, and Steen her wingman begging her to stay, find a small bicycle.
  3. Questions: In a jury room; at a marquee at the races.
  4. Quick Change: Steen & Susie are two knights preparing for a jousting contest when Cal, the uptight Queen, enters. Tommy calls change.
  5. Props: Cal & Steen - giant blue hands, Rhys & Susie - green helmets with spikes.
  6. Whose Line: Rhys & Cal are New Zealand's best secret agents, a divorced couple, on a mission to steal Australia's secrets.
  7. Rock Out: Excel.
Winner: Susie Youssef.


First Broadcast: January 15, 2017 - Intro
Tom Walker, Susie Youssef, Steen Raskopoulos, Cal Wilson
  1. Scenes From a Hat: Nicknames your partner doesn't want to be called, things you instantly regret, things you can say on a golf course but not in bed.
  2. Secret: Susie & Tom are holiday lovers saying goodbye on the last day of summer, find a flamingo costume.
  3. Dating Service: Steen & Susie, Tom & Cal.
  4. Weird Newsreaders: Cal - anchor "Ursula Pepperpot Pendragon". Susie (co-anchor "Pikachu Jones") - Cal's mother trying to set her up with a nice husband, Steen (sports guy "Slats O'Flaherty") - prisoner tunneling out of Alcatraz, Tom (weatherman "Glen Terabithia") - Satan auditioning for a talent show.
  5. Props: Cal & Susie - yellow ice creams, Tom & Steen - soft brown poles.
  6. Dubbing: Steen (dubbed by Tom) and Cal are famous lion tamers who've fallen on hard times, Susie enters to repossess the lions.
  7. Rock Out: Botched nose job.
Winner: Tom Walker.


First Broadcast: January 22, 2017 - Intro
Steen Raskopoulos, Tom Walker, Bridie Connell, Rhys Darby
  1. Scenes From a Hat: Things not to say at a wedding, things you can say about your garden but not your partners, animal pick-up lines.
  2. Quick Change: Steen is an artist painting a portrait of a fussy French king (Tom), Rhys enters as a messenger with some bad news. Tommy calls change.
  3. Dating Service: Rhys & Bridie, Steen & Tom.
  4. What's In The Bag?:: Tom a rich frequent flyer in first class, Rhys & Bridie are flight attendants trying to make him feel as comfortable as possible.
  5. Bartender: Bridie bartender. Steen - celebrating being back on Tinder, Tom - frightened about teddy bears, Rhys - angry because his underwear is too tight.
  6. Dubbing: Steen (dubbed by Tom) is a pompous banker trying to seduce supermodel Bridie, when they are interrupted by her photographer boyfriend (Rhys).
  7. Rock Out: Eating cheese for breakfast.
Winner: Rhys Darby.


First Broadcast: January 29, 2017 - Intro
Susie Youssef, Steen Raskopoulos, Bridie Connell, Rhys Darby
  1. Scenes From a Hat: Tinder date ice breakers, outtakes from Antiques Roadshow, if pets went to therapy.
  2. Press Conference: Rhys is announcing he married a hot dog bun. Bridie, Susie & Steen interview.
  3. Questions: In the foyer of a fancy hotel; in an enchanted forest.
  4. Weird Newsreaders: Susie - anchor "Constantly Disappointed". Bridie (co-anchor "Pedro El Stripo") - old mariachi singer with a crush on Susie, Rhys (sports presenter "Darren Bingle") - an Australian tourism ambassador, Steen (weatherman "Bunny Twosocks") - scenic helicopter pilot trying to catch his wife cheating.
  5. World's Worst: things to say at a family dinner; personal trainer.
  6. Greatest Hits: Songs of Telemarketers - Steen & Susie introduce, Bridie sings.
  7. Rock Out: Nudie runs.
Winner: Bridie Connell.


First Broadcast: February 5, 2017 - Intro
Tom Walker, Cal Wilson, Steen Raskopoulos, Tegan Higginbotham
  1. Scenes From a Hat: Ways to get out of a bad date, bad things to say on the witness stand.
  2. Themed Restaurant: High school- Steen & Cal celebrating their 10th anniversary served by Tom & Tegan.
  3. Superheroes: CrossFit taking over the world. Tegan - The Lady With No Joints, Steen - Captain Sarcasmo, Cal - Amateur Theatre Girl, Tom - Overwhelming Sexual Tension Guy.
  4. World's Worst: game show hosts; things to say to a police officer; mother.
  5. Helping Hands: Tom (Steen's hands) is an Italian chocolatier creating new flavours to win the affections of Cal who is on a food tour.
  6. Newsflash: knights fighting. Cal (Janine Minerva Pathogen) & Tegan (Tripping Balls) anchor, Tom (Tom Pobley) reports.
  7. Rock Out: Competitive Eating.
Winner: Steen Raskopoulos.


First Broadcast: February 12, 2017 - Intro
Susie Youssef, Steen Raskopoulos, Bridie Connell, Tom Walker
  1. Scenes From a Hat: Things you don't want to hear from your AirBNB host, things you can say about your phone but not your partner, what not to yell in a restaurant.
  2. Whose Line: At a train station, a disappointed mother (Susie) collects her wayward child (Tom) who has been expelled from an exclusive boarding school.
  3. Dating Service: Steen & Susie, Tom & Bridie.
  4. Weird Newsreaders: Susie - anchor "Annette Ball". Bridie (co-anchor "Ginger Beer") - a child who thinks Susie is Santa Claus, Steen (sports presenter "Johnny Walkerandcokeandiceinaglass") - scalping tickets to Whose Line is it Anyway?, Tom (weatherman "Frank") - the evolution of life on Earth.
  5. Bartender: Bridie bartender. Susie - angry about milk, Steen - frightened about his first grey hair, Tom - in love with potato.
  6. Quick Change: Tom & Steen are two bears returning to their cottage after a long day when they awaken Goldilocks (Bridie) sleeping in one of their beds (they wish). Tommy calls change.
  7. Rock Out: Selling drugs at school.
Winner: Susie Youssef.