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Mark's Guide to Whose Line is it Anyway?

Episode Guide

Series Ten (1998)

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(C = Compilation)


First Broadcast: April 22, 1998 - Intro
Brad Sherwood, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles
  1. Let's Make A Date: Brad questions. Wayne - Southern Baptist preacher, Colin - very nervous driving instructor, Ryan - desperate actor who's only come on the show to be discovered.
  2. Duet: Barbara the actress. Brad & Wayne (modern pop love ballad).
  3. Quiz Show: Name That Amphibian. Brad hosts. Wayne - Elmo from Saskatchewan, Colin - Les Miserable, Ryan - Bruce Peerie, a housewife from Fresno California.
  4. Scene to Rap: Escalator in a Mall.
  5. Whose Line: A general briefing the President that the Earth is about to be destroyed by a comet - Ryan & Colin.
  6. Daytime Talk Show: Little Boy Blue on "Mother Goose Expose". Brad - host "Carl Hostsalot", Colin - neighbour, Ryan - Little Boy Blue, Wayne - audience members Little Jack Horner (an Electrical Light Parade co-worker of Little Boy Blue) and 'guy with the microphone on'.
  7. Greatest Hits: Songs for Hypochondriacs - Ryan & Colin introduce, Brad & Wayne sing.
Winners: Wayne Brady & Ryan Stiles.
Credits: Wayne as a jazz singer, accompanied by Ryan as a trumpeter who can't get a note out of his trumpet.


First Broadcast: April 29, 1998 - Intro
Greg Proops, Phil LaMarr, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles
  1. Let's Make A Date: Greg questions. Phil - boxer at a press conference, Colin - sitting on the geyser "Old Faithful", Ryan - a conceited nudist.
  2. Secret: Batman & Robin - Ryan & Colin. Secret hidden in the Batmobile.
  3. Quiz Show: What's My Sin?. Greg - host "Rev. Dick Snookler". Phil - Father Francis Xavier, Colin - Olly Olly Oxenfreid, Ryan - Jim Corn, just released from the Walla Walla State Penitentiary.
  4. Press Conference: Colin is having Clive Anderson's love child. Greg, Phil & Ryan interview.
  5. Props: Colin & Ryan - blue 'springs', Greg & Phil - blue, red & white fish shape.
  6. Multiple Personalities: A car broken down at night - Greg, Colin & Ryan. Torch - John Wayne, Petrol Can - Elvis Presley, Map - Captain Kirk.
  7. Weird Newscasters: Greg - anchor "Fun After Dark". Colin (co-anchor) - a jockey in a race and however hard he tries he cannot beat Greg, Phil (sports presenter) - James Brown, Ryan (weatherman) - keeps getting hit by water hoses/cannons.
  8. Hoedown: Colin.
Winners: Ryan Stiles & Phil LaMarr.
Credits: As a ventriloquist act when his dummy comes to life.


First Broadcast: May 6, 1998 - Intro
Greg Proops, Karen Maruyama, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles
  1. Questions Only: In the White House.
  2. Quiz Show: What's My Disease?. Greg - host "Johnny Polagra". Karen - Blo Wing Chow of Christie's Dry Cleaning & Donuts on 3rd & Western, Colin - Captain Jack owner of Captain Jack's Fish Emporium, Ryan - Jim Stamos from Victoria, British Columbia, a wife and a homemaker.
  3. Film Dub: Threesome on a date - Greg, Ryan & Karen.
  4. Hats: World's Worst Dating Agency Video.
  5. Weird Newscasters: Greg - anchor "Wide But Not Painful". Colin (co-anchor "Bill") - lost his notes and is desperately searching for them while making up the news, Karen (sports presenter) - doing seductive poses for a magazine, Ryan (weatherman) - strapped to a bomb which will explode 10 seconds after he moves.
  6. Party Quirks: Greg hosts. Karen - Greg's teenage daughter throwing a tantrum, Colin - animals being pulled into a water hole by crocodiles, Ryan - finds mundane activities as thrilling as a rollercoaster.
  7. Daytime Talk Show: Little Miss Muffet (with lesbians) on "Let's Rap". Greg - host "Tamilyn Dodge", Karen - Lee (next door neighbour and a lesbian), Ryan - Jimmy Bones (of Jimmy Bones Extermination Service), Colin - audience members Rex Haverstall (head of CurdWhey, largest distributor of Curds & Whey in the northwest), and the head of Arachnids Anonymous.
Winners: Ryan Stiles & Colin Mochrie.
Credits: As two competitive cattle auctioneers.


First Broadcast: May 13, 1998 - Intro
Patrick Bristow, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles
  1. Let's Make A Date: Patrick questions. Wayne - overdramatic Spanish soap opera actor, Colin - in the middle of a pie eating competition, Ryan - overly smooth airline pilot.
  2. Song Styles: Ashley the astronomy student. Wayne (Barry White).
  3. Secret: Two lab technicians working in a sperm bank - Ryan & Colin. Secret hidden in a porn magazine.
  4. Daytime Talk Show: Jack and the Beanstalk. Patrick - host "Berry Maudlin", Colin - Jack (too poor to have a last name), Ryan - Billy Rawlins (owner of a barter shop), Wayne - audience members a divorced mother and the manager of the santitation crew.
  5. Props: Ryan & Patrick - foam poles, Colin & Wayne - red lip shapes with black bars across.
  6. Party Quirks: Patrick hosts. Wayne - strutting pimp from a 70's movie, Colin - a succession of insects hitting a car windscreen, Ryan - gets tremendously upset by trivial things.
  7. Greatest Hits: Songs of Camping in the Wild - Ryan & Colin introduce, Wayne sings.
Winner: Patrick Bristow
Credits: As the President issuing a denial, with the other three as all his bodyguards behind him.


First Broadcast: May 20, 1998 - Intro
Greg Proops, Brad Sherwood, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles
  1. Superheroes: Amnesia breaking out all over the world. Greg - Sticky Man, Ryan - 70s Disco Boy, Colin - Karma Sutra Boy, Brad - Captain Bullshitter.
  2. Sound Effects: Tarzan waking up in the morning and encountering dangers in the jungle. Colin acts, Ryan SFX.
  3. Quiz Show: Wheel of Fish. Greg - host "Snack Payback". Brad - Lionel Horsepackage a horse trapper from Saskatchewan, Colin - Name Withheld from a small city somewhere that you've never heard of, Ryan - Jimmy Lucas a mormon with 46 children.
  4. Hey You Down There: Hunting in the Wild. Greg narrates, Colin & Ryan act.
  5. World's Worst: Lover.
  6. Props: Ryan & Brad - two foam poles (one hollow with holes), Colin & Greg - foam fire extinguishers.
  7. Three Of A Kind: Oil rig - Greg, Ryan & Colin. All John Wayne.
  8. Scene to Rap: Zoo.
  9. Weird Newscasters: Brad - anchor "Richard Sportwood". Colin (co-anchor/finance "Carl") - fishing and landing dangerous deep sea creatures, Greg (sports presenter "Chester Sphincter") - a character from 'Braveheart', Ryan (weatherman "Dirk") - auditioning for a porn film.
Winner: Brad Sherwood.
Credits: As somebody doing a newscast from a really dangerous area, with the other three in the background.


First Broadcast: May 27, 1998 - Intro
Greg Proops, Catherine O'Hara, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles
  1. Let's Make A Date: Catherine questions. Greg - an alien invader is speaking through him, Colin - horny Tarzan, Ryan - a compulsive liar.
  2. Home Shopping: A book of someone else's opinions, indigestion simulator pills, a rusty bathtub - Ryan & Colin sell.
  3. Hats: World's Worst Dating Agency Video.
  4. Daytime Talk Show: Cinderella on "Let's Rap". Greg - host "Proop Doggy Dog", Catherine - Shandra/Sharon (rented a pumpkin), Ryan - Jim Phillips (of Phillips' Rent-A-Pumpkin), Colin - audience members Jerry Baxwell (of Baxwells' Carriages), and Shandra's ex-husband.
  5. Props: Ryan & Catherine - green roll of fur, Colin & Greg - foam watch.
  6. Foreign Film Dub: "The Greatest Banana" in Hungarian. Colin & Catherine act, Greg & Ryan translate.
  7. Party Quirks: Greg hosts. Catherine - just can't remember names, Colin - trying to go round a fairground in record time, Ryan - everything he touches becomes enormous.
  8. Hoedown: Coffee (and other related drinks).
Winners: Catherine O'Hara & Ryan Stiles
Credits: As a couple trying to turn each other on by reading the credits.


First Broadcast: Date Unknown, 1998 - Intro
Greg Proops, Phil LaMarr, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles
  1. Let's Make A Date: Greg questions. Phil - Arnold Schwarzenegger as a stand-up comic, Colin - an astronaut taking off, Ryan - impatient driver who gets stuck in traffic.
  2. Animals: A father (Colin) playing basketball with his son (Ryan), who is summing up the courage to tell his father about his gay lover (Greg). All penguins.
  3. Daytime Talk Show: Hey Diddle Diddle on "MmmHmm!". Greg - host "Tarrison Dink", Colin - Hars Perriwinkle (ex-lover of the dish), Ryan - Rand McNally, Phil - audience members a complainant about government funding sending cows to the moon, and a guy in a relationship with a fork.
  4. World's Worst: Ad for a body product.
  5. Props: Colin & Ryan - plastic basketball with a stand, Phil & Greg - pink flower shape with tassels.
  6. Strange Bedfellows: Three guys (Greg - Woody Allen, Phil - Jack Nicholson, Ryan - John Wayne) sharing an apartment, Ryan enters and announces something in the apartment has broken down.
  7. Moving People: A couple asleep when the wife goes into labour - Ryan & Colin.
  8. Weird Newscasters: Greg - anchor "Curved Slightly". Colin (co-anchor) - a stagecoach driver under attack, Phil (sports presenter) - Robin Williams, Ryan (weatherman) - a ventriloquist on the edge of a nervous breakdown.
Winners: Ryan Stiles & Colin Mochrie
Credits: As two cocky rollercoaster riders who've underestimated the size of this one.


First Broadcast: Date Unknown, 1998 - Intro
Brad Sherwood, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles
  1. Daytime Talk Show: Mary Had A Little Lamb on "What the Flock?!". Brad - host "Richard Sportswood", Wayne - Mary's pimp, Colin - Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater (Mary was his first girlfriend), Ryan - audience members a person who saw Peter appear previously as a Nazi mailman, and someone who wants to know if the pimp loves Mary.
  2. Duet: Deanna the teacher from Canada. Brad & Wayne (Swing, Sammy Davis Jr./Dean Martin).
  3. Quiz Show: Guess That Farm Animal. Brad - host "Red Barn". Wayne - Larena Hoskins, Colin - Rhino Rikowsky from Edmonton, Ryan - Rusty Williams (a mother and a homemaker).
  4. Scene to Rap: Hotel.
  5. Weird Newscasters: Brad - anchor "Willy Lovepost". Colin (co-anchor "Chutney Lovebiscuit") - going through a car wash without his car, Wayne (sports presenter "Harry Torso") - a Chippendale going through a dance number, Ryan (weatherman) - a character from a war movie who gets shot and takes forever to die.
  6. Animals: Brad a bull, Ryan his wife, a cow, who is giving birth and something unexpected (Colin) comes out.
  7. Greatest Hits: Songs of the Plumbers - Ryan & Colin introduce, Wayne & Brad sing.
Winner: Colin Mochrie.
Credits: As a TV chef getting drunker and drunker.


First Broadcast: Date Unknown, 1998 - Intro
Brad Sherwood, Debra Wilson, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles
  1. Superheroes: Body Odour. Brad - Captain Dog-In-Heat, Ryan - Flattery Man, Colin - Captain Cannibal, Debra - Smothering With Love Woman.
  2. Sound Effects: Batman gets a call. Colin acts, Ryan SFX.
  3. Let's Make A Date: Debra questions. Brad - automated telephone voice, Colin - office nerd desperately trying to be outrageous, Ryan - fighting a losing battle to give up smoking and drinking.
  4. Scene to Rap: Cafe.
  5. Backwards Scene: Two businessmen (Ryan & Brad) arguing over the cheque, Colin the waiter.
  6. Foreign Film Dub: "The Pretzel Collector" in Klingon. Debra & Colin act, Ryan & Brad translate.
  7. Animals: Ryan visiting a dating agency, Brady showing him prospective dates, when Colin storms in to complain about the date she had with Ryan the night before. All baboons.
  8. Greatest Hits: Songs of Airline Travel - Ryan & Colin introduce, Brad & Debra sing.
Winners: Debra Wilson & Ryan Stiles.
Credits: Debra telling Ryan why she wants to break up with him.

10.10 (Compilation)

First Broadcast: Date Unknown, 1998 - Intro
Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Catherine O'Hara, Greg Proops, Brad Sherwood, Ryan Stiles
  1. Film and Theatre Styles: Two farmers relaxing but there is a tornado approaching - Colin & Ryan. Spanish Soap Opera, Star Wars, Peckinpah.
  2. Superheroes: A hole in the dike/wall. Greg - Viagara Boy, Ryan - Uncertain Of Your Sexuality Boy, Colin - Interpretive Dance Man, Catherine - Sad Drunk Woman.
  3. Sound Effects: A day in the life of the Queen. Colin acts, Ryan SFX.
  4. Weird Newscasters: Brad - anchor "Harold Bloodpost". Colin (co-anchor "Curly Nail") - has huge debts and is desperate to raise the money by any method, Wayne (sports presenter "Chauncey") - an angry mother (as in parent!), Ryan (Eye In The Sky/SkyCam Traffic) - has had to take over the controls because the pilot has collapsed.
  5. Quick Change: Two prisoners of war (Colin & Brad) checking the final plans to make an escape. Ryan calls change.
  6. Secret: William Tell and his son - Ryan & Colin. Secret hidden in the apple.
  7. Mission: Impossible: Changing diapers. Brad briefs, Colin & Ryan act.
  8. Gospel: Plastic Surgery - Brad, Wayne, Colin, Ryan.

10.11 (Compilation)

First Broadcast: Date Unknown, 1998 - Intro
Wayne Brady, Phil LaMarr, Colin Mochrie, Catherine O'Hara, Greg Proops, Brad Sherwood, Ryan Stiles
  1. Questions Only: City boys have lost their way in Hillbilly country - Phil, Colin, Ryan & Greg.
  2. Sound Effects: A skiier carrying his skis, just about to take the lift/elevator to the mountain top. Colin acts, Ryan SFX.
  3. Stand, Sit, Bend: Colin & Greg two scientists who've come around to stop Dr Jekyll (Ryan) turning himself into Mr Hyde.
  4. Weird Newscasters: Greg - anchor "Uncontrollably Erect". Colin (co-anchor "Phil") - a lap dancer, Catherine (sports presenter "Hot Kittykat") - it's her first day on the job and she's shellshocked, Ryan (weatherman) - has had to bring all his children to work.
  5. Charity Anthem: Pizza Deliverers. Ryan & Colin introduce, Wayne & Brad sing.
  6. This is the Story of your Life: Brad hosts, Wayne - sewer worker "Ralph Stool". Ryan - Ralph's dad, Colin - Ronanzo (Ronaldo) Cruzde Lopez (Ralph took his job).
  7. Home Shopping: A shopping bag with no bottom, horoscopes for pigs, a 3-legged cheetah statue - Ryan & Colin sell.
  8. Animals: Colin & Ryan two southern tadpoles on an illicit date who are interrupted by a gun-toting bullfrog father (Greg).
  9. Hoedown: Presidential Ethics - Greg, Phil, Colin, Ryan. Win Meyerson on piano.