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Mark's Guide to Whose Line is it Anyway?

Episode Guide

Series Seven (1995)

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7.01 / 7.02 / 7.03 / 7.04 / 7.05 / 7.06 / 7.07
7.08 / 7.09 / 7.10 / 7.11C / 7.12C / 7.13S
(C = Compilation, S = Special)


First Broadcast: July 28, 1995 - Intro
Greg Proops, Colin Mochrie, Niall Ashdown, Ryan Stiles
  1. Questions Only: In a men's changing room after the game.
  2. Film and Theatre Styles: Greg a tourist who has hired local Niall to search for the Loch Ness Monster. Poseidon Adventure, James Bond (Sean Connery), Indiana Jones.
  3. Whose Line: Lawyer Ryan meeting client Colin before the case is heard.
  4. Song Styles: Drew the Stripper. Niall (Love Song).
  5. Superheroes: The world has run out of cornflakes. Greg - Obsessive/Compulsive Man, Ryan - Wiggle Worm, Colin - Mispronunciation Boy, Niall - Fascinated By Belly Buttons Boy.
  6. Props: Ryan & Niall - giant pink foam pacmen, Colin & Greg - huge lump of cotton wool.
  7. Animals: Hamsters in a soap opera - Greg, Colin & Ryan.
  8. Backwards Scene: Niall being kicked out of the army, Ryan a doctor.
  9. Film Dub: "The problems of sharing a flat" - Greg & Ryan.
  10. Party Quirks: Greg hosts. Niall - does as many accents as possible, Colin - salesman who's reached breaking point, Ryan - white-water rafting.
  11. Hoedown: Halloween.
Winners: Colin Mochrie & Ryan Stiles.
Credits: Two cool dudes checking themselves out in the mirror at a party, and discussing chicks.


First Broadcast: August 4, 1995 - Intro
Greg Proops, Mike McShane, Ryan Stiles, Tony Slattery
  1. Film and Theatre Styles: Two high-tech thieves breaking into a gallery - Ryan & Greg. Baywatch, Cable Shopping, Racing Film.
  2. Remote Control: Earthquakes. Greg - Oprah Winfrey, Mike - WWF Wrestling, Ryan - ER, Tony - Brookside.
  3. Film Dub: Two compulsive gamblers - Greg & Ryan.
  4. Song Styles: Little Red Triangle (in the boot of a car). Mike (German Drinking Song).
  5. World's Worst: person to be a scout leader.
  6. Props: Ryan & Tony - big black balloon, Greg & Mike - giant Japanese fans.
  7. Scene to Music: Mike about to get married, asking flatmate Greg to leave the house. Music: Ominous horror/thriller.
  8. News Report: Three Little Pigs. Greg - host Unusually Thick. Mike - expert Dr Heef Kineefneef, Tony - interviewer Chack Dackley, Ryan - the Big Bad Wolf and a reporter covering the Red Riding Hood story.
  9. Hands Through: Ryan (Greg's hands) a surgeon, Mike a scrub nurse.
  10. Hoedown: Excessive Drinking.
Winners: Everybody.
Credits: As an all-boy teen group giving messages to their fans.


First Broadcast: August 11, 1995 - Intro
Steve Frost, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, Tony Slattery
  1. Film and Theatre Styles: Two people in a canoe in the Amazon - Ryan & Colin. Mission Impossible, L.A. Law, Star Trek, Dinosaur Movie.
  2. Animals: Brookside, as dogs - Steve, Tony & Ryan.
  3. Old Job, New Job: Ryan surgeon, Colin patient, Steve surgeon who used to be a hairdresser.
  4. Press Conference: Tony as the first man to make love in space.
  5. Hey You Down There: Gardening. Steve narrates, Colin & Ryan act.
  6. World's Worst: advertising jingle.
  7. Courtroom: The Case of the Stolen Chicken. Colin - judge, Steve - prosecutor, Tony - witnesses the dowager Duchess of Verona and 'Arry the 'At, Ryan - witness Leiutenant Jack, Frozen Chicken King.
  8. Hands Through: Ryan (Colin's hands) a boxer, Steve the coach.
  9. Party Quirks: Tony hosts. Steve - a mime artist, Colin - a parachutist, Ryan - a fish being reeled in.
  10. Hoedown: Reading of the Will.
Winner: Steve Frost.
Credits: As a mother shouting out the window at kids in the street.


First Broadcast: August 18, 1995 - Intro
Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, Caroline Quentin, Tony Slattery
  1. Press Conference: Tony has had his head transplanted onto the body of a dog.
  2. Stand, Sit, Lie: Colin come home to find his wife, Caroline, in bed with his friend, Ryan.
  3. Foreign Film Dub: "The Masked Onion" in Hungarian. Caroline & Tony act, Colin & Ryan translate.
  4. Moving People: Ryan a drill sergeant putting Colin through his paces.
  5. World's Worst: person to sleep with.
  6. Picture: "On your honeymoon" - Tony & Caroline.
  7. Narrate: Having breakfast in a diner - Ryan & Colin.
  8. Old Job, New Job: Caroline giving birth, Tony father, Ryan obstetrician who used to be a hostage negotiator.
  9. Hands Through: Ryan (Colin's hands) a lounge singer in a bar, Caroline an audience member.
  10. Hoedown: Being Stood Up.
Winner: Tony Slattery.
Credits: As Eastenders.


First Broadcast: August 25, 1995 - Intro
Greg Proops, Mike McShane, Ryan Stiles, Tony Slattery
  1. Film and Theatre Styles: Ryan has called Greg over to see an insect bite which is 'going weird'. Charlie's Angels, Beavis & Butthead, Fame, Baseball Movie.
  2. Animals: Soap opera as penguins - Tony, Mike & Ryan.
  3. Film Dub: Briefcase salesman - Ryan & Greg.
  4. Let's Make A Date: Greg questions. Mike - Hard Bitten Military Sergeant, Tony - Noddy, Ryan - Contestant's Ex-Husband.
  5. World's Worst: Thing to see while changing channels.
  6. Props: Ryan & Tony - rolls, Greg & Mike - giant horseshoes.
  7. Film Trailer: "Jelly Wars" - Greg narrates. Snag Wagley (Tony) - Evil Emperor, Harrison Snord (Ryan) - Luke Nipnamber, Hodge Weebley (Mike) - gigantic floating vessel/flying fortress, Princess Yinyang.
  8. Party Quirks: Tony hosts. Greg - Tony's Good and Bad Angel, Mike - thinks he's come to a 19th century whorehouse, Ryan - come to ride Tony's camel.
  9. Helping Hands: Ryan (Greg's hands) having a high powered business lunch with Mike.
Winner: Ryan Stiles.
Credits: As a WWF Wrestler.


First Broadcast: September 1, 1995 - Intro
Mike McShane, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, Tony Slattery
  1. Superheroes: Hole in the Ozone Layer. Colin - Tight Trouser Man, Ryan - Jilted Lover Boy, Tony - Obscure Reference Boy, Mike - Coquettish Slut Man.
  2. Secret: In a prison cell - Ryan & Colin. Secret hidden in the curtains.
  3. Foreign Film Dub: "The Death of Boris Simpskinovski (Bart Simpson)" in Russian. Mike & Tony act, Ryan & Colin translate.
  4. Sound Effects: At the barber's. Colin acts, Ryan SFX.
  5. Animals: Soap opera as dinosaurs, Mike has brought bad news to Colin & Ryan.
  6. Old Job, New Job: Tony & Colin waiting for builder Ryan, all used to be fashion models.
  7. Party Quirks: Tony hosts. Mike - in love with cameras, Colin - all 7 dwarves, Ryan - animals crossing the road.
  8. Bar Scene: Mike bartender. Colin - annoyed at being jilted, Tony - in love with cats, Ryan - celebrating being invited to the Queen's Garden Party.
Winners: Colin Mochrie & Ryan Stiles.
Credits: As two guys who are desperate to get into the lavatory queueing up.


First Broadcast: September 8, 1995 - Intro
Steve Frost, Eddie Izzard, Greg Proops, Ryan Stiles
  1. Remote Control: Lobsters. Steve - The Bill, Eddie - Newsnight, Greg - Game Show, Ryan - Cookery Show.
  2. Film and Theatre Styles: Hannibal (Eddie) talking to his elephant keeper (Steve). Ivor the Engine, French with Subtitles, Captain Scarlet.
  3. Film Dub: "Forgotten to do something" - Ryan & Greg.
  4. Old Job, New Job: Ryan dental nurse, Eddie patient, Steve dentist who used to be a builder.
  5. News Report: Gulliver in Lilliput. Greg - host Red When Excited. Eddie - expert Dr Pengo, Steve - interviewer Pond Scumly, Ryan - Jojo the Mutant Small Person and Gulliver.
  6. Props: Greg & Ryan - bendy red wire, Steve & Eddie - big black cardboard letter Ps.
  7. Sound Effects: Lifeguards on the beach - Greg & Ryan.
  8. Film Trailer: "The Creature From Essex" - Greg narrates. Lance Chimstrong (Ryan) - Dr Wooblethorb, Hans Chompley (Steve) - "Essex Man", Fiona Lamb (Eddie) - creature Tracy.
  9. Moving People: Two firemen at the scene of a fire - Steve & Ryan.
  10. Party Quirks: Greg hosts. Eddie - a child come to play in a playground, Steve - someone getting on a tube train, Ryan - a circus parade going by.
Winners: Greg Proops & Ryan Stiles
Credits: As two filmmakers pitching an idea to a studio boss.


First Broadcast: September 15, 1995 - Intro
Steve Frost, Josie Lawrence, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles
  1. Superheroes: Peroxide Shortage. Colin - Bimbo Woman, Ryan - Captain Hallucination, Steve - Overindulgence Boy, Josie - Carpet Appreciation Girl.
  2. Fixed Expressions: Ryan (shocked) a policeman who pulls up speeding couple Josie (happy) and Colin (constipated).
  3. Film Dub: "The Salesman Arrives" - Steve, Ryan & Colin.
  4. Old Job, New Job: Josie & Ryan trying to check into a hotel, Steve the bellhop who used to be in airport security.
  5. Narrate: Colin a woman customer in Ryan's hardware store.
  6. World's Worst (Hats): Audition tape.
  7. Props: Colin & Ryan - rubber board of nails, Steve & Josie - giant ring.
  8. Sound Effects: Taking a seat on a plane. Colin acts, Ryan SFX.
  9. Party Quirks: Steve hosts. Josie - finds bald heads irresistible, Colin - thinks room is filling with water, Ryan - lives life in a minute.
  10. Psychiatrist: Josie psychiatrist. Colin in Austria thinks he's an armadillo, Ryan in Greece is in love with a cameraman.
Winners: Everybody
Credits: As four exciteable stock exchange traders.


First Broadcast: September 22, 1995 - Intro
Josie Lawrence, Caroline Quentin, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles
  1. Film and Theatre Styles: First two women to cross the Antarctic - Josie & Caroline. Cliff Richard Movie, Thelma & Louise, Gone With The Wind, Japanese Dinosaurs, PR Film.
  2. Stand, Sit, Lie: At the tattoo parlour - Josie, Colin & Ryan.
  3. Press Conference: Caroline as the first female Pope.
  4. Song Styles: Beached Whale. Josie & Caroline (duet love song).
  5. World's Worst (Hats): Dating Agency Video.
  6. Props: Ryan & Caroline - spotted discs on bendy poles, Colin & Josie - green quarter spheres.
  7. Party Quirks: Caroline hosts. Josie - in a tampon ad, Colin - a flu germ, Ryan - victim of a voodoo attack.
  8. Prison Scene: Josie visitor. Colin - has stolen pants (in Brazil), Caroline - has murdered George (in Italy), Ryan - has been caught with a prostitute (in Jamaica).
Winners: Everybody
Credits: As a father and mother with two kids in the back of the car.


First Broadcast: September 29, 1995 - Intro
Steve Frost, Josie Lawrence, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles
  1. Questions Only: At a singles bar.
  2. Film and Theatre Styles: Ryan & Josie, pushing prams in the park, bump into each other. Cookery Programme, Australian Soap Opera, German Porn, Agatha Christie.
  3. Film and Theatre Styles: Steve & Colin stuck in a car teetering over a precipice. Boris Karloff, Wildlife Documentary, Emmanuel, Batman.
  4. Secret: Two jockeys in a stable - Ryan & Colin. Secret hidden in the hay.
  5. Greatest Hits: Songs of the Gas Station - Ryan & Colin introduce, Josie sings.
  6. Stand, Sit, Lie: Steve a ticket collector on a sleeper train, Ryan & Colin passengers.
  7. Foreign Film Dub: "The Swahili Aubergine Lost in Space". Colin & Josie act, Ryan & Steve translate.
  8. Moving People: Two cowboys rounding up the herd - Colin & Ryan.
  9. Hoedown: Puberty.
Winners: Ryan Stiles & Josie Lawrence
Credits: As a couple who find themselves caught in a security camera in a shop.

7.11 (Compilation)

First Broadcast: October 6, 1995 - Intro
Niall Ashdown, Steve Frost, Josie Lawrence, Mike McShane, Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops, Caroline Quentin, Tony Slattery, Ryan Stiles
  1. Film and Theatre Styles: Two lumberjacks arguing over something - Ryan & Colin. Hugh Grant, Batman, Carry On, Sports Movie.
  2. Questions Only: At the nudist camp - Colin, Caroline, Ryan & Josie.
  3. Bar Scene: Mike bartender. Ryan - in love with the television set.
  4. Scene to Music: Two jehovah's witnesses calling at a house - Ryan & Steve. 70s cop show music.
  5. Whose Line: Gang boss confronting someone who betrayed him - Ryan & Colin.
  6. World's Worst: Show business routine - Greg, Colin, Niall & Ryan.
  7. Props: Colin & Ryan - oval foam with two holes, Tony & Steve - squiggly red line.
  8. Narrate: In a laundromat - Ryan & Colin.
  9. Extra Bits:
    • Sound Effects: Breaking down in traffic. Colin acts, Ryan SFX.
    • Props: Colin & Ryan - giant ice-cream cone.
    • Film and Theatre Styles: Unknown topic - Caroline & Tony. Thunderbirds.
    • Hey You Down There: How to Barbecue. Greg narrates, Colin & Ryan act.
    • Props: continued from above.
    • Picture: Mike & Tony.
    • Hoedown: Gambling - Colin.
    • Film and Theatre Styles: Unknown topic - Steve & Tony. Eastenders.
    • Hey You Down There: continued from above.
    • Props: continued from above.
  10. Old Job, New Job: Colin & Caroline come to buy a car at a show room, Ryan a salesman who used to be a New York cop.
  11. Stand, Sit, Bend: fortress being attacked by indians - Ryan, Colin & Tony.
  12. Hoedown: Biting Nails - Caroline, Colin, Ryan & Tony.

7.12 (Compilation)

First Broadcast: October 13, 1995 - Intro
Steve Frost, Josie Lawrence, Mike McShane, Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops, Caroline Quentin, Tony Slattery, Ryan Stiles
  1. Film and Theatre Styles: Two competitors and pets in a dog show - Colin & Ryan. Judge Dredd, Jimmy Stewart Western, Superman.
  2. Questions Only: At the pearly gates - Steve, Tony, Colin & Ryan.
  3. Song Styles: Syringe. Mike (Ragtime).
  4. Scene to Music: Caroline has failed a driving test, Tony instructor. Love theme music.
  5. Whose Line: Two frogmen about to invade enemy territory - Ryan & Colin.
  6. World's Worst: Thing to say to in-laws - Mike, Colin, Ryan & Tony.
  7. Props: Colin & Ryan - 'stegosaurus', Tony & Mike - 'cellphone'.
  8. Narrate: Colin petrol pump attendant, Ryan woman customer.
  9. Press Conference: Tony captured an abominable snowman. Mike, Colin & Ryan interview.
  10. Bartender: Mike bartender. Greg - has lost his puppy (rock).
  11. Party Quirks: Tony hosts. Caroline - audience member at Top of the Pops, Colin - chased by low-flying aircraft, Ryan - frog spawn turning into a frog.
  12. Hoedown: Being born - Josie, Caroline, Colin & Ryan.

7.13 (Christmas Special)

First Broadcast: December 24, 1995 - Intro
Cast Unknown

Further details not known - if you can provide them, please e-mail me.
It may be that this was a repeat of episode 2.07.