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Mark's Guide to Whose Line is it Anyway?


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Here you'll find some of the main WL sites and some of my favourites.
Visit the Webring to find a huge list of related sites.
Cast sites will be linked from the cast page.
TV network sites are linked from the show page.

Official Sites

The US WLiiA?

Show Pages:

Whoser pages

(pages about WLiiA? fandom)
Colin holding the convention T-Shirt Pictures from the WhoserCons can be found on Mochrie's site amongst others. For convention news, check out the website or the Events Board. Con 1999 was held June 25-27, 1999 in Pitman Hall at the Ryerson International Convention Centre in Toronto, with a late-announced guest appearance by Colin Mochrie. WhoserCon 3 was in Toronto Jun 30 - July 2 2000, with a Greg IRC chat, WhoserCon 4 in 2001 and 5 in 2002.

Interactive/Discussion Areas:

Other WL-related sites:

Whose Line Cast

Other links pages:

Old sites

These are historic WL sites which no longer exist. The Internet Archive may have some cached records.
  • Susan G's WLiiA page (original WL site?) -
  • Steve Marotta's pictures and sounds (early site):
  • Teresa's board (original discussion board):
  • Alison's Ultimate WLiiA? Board (where fandom took off):
  • Alison's Quintessential Forum of Fans (second board):
  • Whose Board is it Anyway? (successor to Alison's board):
  • Mark Longmuir's Guide to WLiiA? (original location of this site):