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Mark's Guide to Whose Line is it Anyway?


No quiz at the moment.

Old quizzes... (c. 1999-2000 - test your knowledge!):

QUIZ #5 - The Contestants

1. Which contestant has been the only one to wear some form of headgear on the show? (NOT just in a game).
2. Name three contestants to have sworn loudly on the show (not under their breath!)
3. Which contestant carries a whistle around with them?
4. Who did Clive suggest had been "down on their knees all night"?
5. Who said "Take me, big boy, and kiss me like there's no tomorrow!"?
6. Name one pair of contestants on the show to have been married in real life. (Bonus marks for naming a second - which is somewhat obscure!)
7. Which contestants appeared in: i) Hot Shots ii) Tomorrow Never Dies iii) Goosebumps iv) X-Files
8. (hard one!) Who did Paul Merton insult (inaudibly) for almost knocking the water jug on him?
9. Who was:

  1. The Henry VIII of Hilarity?
  2. The ever-popular compact economy Joke-mobile?
  3. Clive's impersonal favourite?
  4. The cute Beatle?
  5. The multitalented actor, writer and all-round showoff?
10. Which 3 pairs of contestants on the show share their initials? (first and last names only)

1st - Michelle (21)
2nd - Emile Jumean (21)
3rd - Julie Barman (18)
4th - Vicki Asato (18)
5th - Kiwi Moron (12)
6th - Sofi Papamarko (9)
7th - Molly (7)
8th - Katrina (7)

A surprisingly difficult quiz this time, with only a few of the answers to be found around these pages (questions 7, 9 and 10). A number of the others required either on a good memory of the show, or lots of tape searching! Or good guessing.
Because of multi-part questions, this quiz was out of 22 - but don't be disappointed even if you don't get anywhere near that!

1. Debi Durst (baseball cap). Also accepted Josie (headbands, etc.?). Anyone else I'm pretty sure was only during games.
2. Tony, Greg, Jimmy Mulville were the three I was thinking of. Also okay were Ryan, Paul and Josie. Colin just gets in for his 'Oh screw you' to Clive, and Caroline would be censored in America for saying "Arse!" so she's ok too :)
3. Archie Hahn - in the first episode and series 2 (same episode as the castanet incident).
4. Sandi Toksvig - shortly before Paul does the 'neck blowing bubblegum' joke in a compilation episode.
5. Brad Sherwood - in Whose Line (policeman pulling up someone for speeding).
6. Paul Merton and Caroline Quentin. (the 2nd is Lenny Henry and Dawn French, both from the radio version of WL)
7. i) Ryan Stiles ii) Jonathan Pryce iii) Colin Mochrie iv) Denalda Williams
8. Josie Lawrence (in the Christmas episode she stands and knocks the table)
9. i) Mike McShane ii) Sandi Toksvig iii) Colin Mochrie iv) Ryan Stiles v) John Sessions
10. Steve Frost/Steven Fry, John Sessions/Jim Sweeney, Jim Meskimen/Jimmy Mulville.

QUIZ #4 - A Little Harder!

1. What could you get in exchange for all your autographed pictures of Cilla Black?
2. What is Mark's telephone number? (and I don't mean my number! It's from the show!)
3. Home Improvement's Jonathan Taylor Thomas seems to make a habit of co-starring with Whose Line contestants. Name four contestants and the movies they appeared in with him. Bonus points if you come up with more than four :-)
4. What did Ryan get in trouble for not keeping in his handbag?
5. What is Mrs Haversham's first name?
6. "You can have a gold, silver, and a green and red at Christmas"... what is being talked about?
7. Sean Connery and who?
8. What movie did Cheese Crevasse star in?
9. Translate Ah bracken shpida into English.
10. Yasser Arthur, Dick, Tommy Timkins and Trixie have all talked about what?

1st - Emile Jumean (10/10)
2nd - Ashley Cook (10/10)

Well, a little harder indeed... this was a quiz intended to make things quite difficult and indeed it succeeded! Only two people with all the answers correct. The questions came from all different points in the history of the show - and this was made harder by the fact that many could not be easily identified as being from a certain series! The third question was a little hard, although the IMDB provided an easy solution, and the answer was posted anonymously on the message board anyway. Question 5 was quite hard too - a very obcure reference, especially as she was identified as "Mrs Haversham" by one person and the first name was only briefly mentioned by another. The last question was made a little easier by that episode screening in the US just after the quiz went up :)

1. A laser engraver (ep. 7.2 - Film & Theater Styles - 2 high tech thieves (Ryan, Greg), Home Shopping)
2. 34519 (ep. 8.5 - Song Styles - Niall sings to Mark the Bank Manager)
3. George Wendt (Man of the House), John Sessions and Griff Rhys Jones (Pinnochio) and Mike McShane (Tom & Huck). Also, Dawn French (Pinnochio) was in the radio version of WLiiA?.
4. A jellyfish (ep. 4.12 - Whose Line (Brad, Ryan) - one being pulled up by a cop).
5. Josie (2.8 - Musical - WW2 Aeroplanes, School Caretakers and the Pools. Mike calls Josie "Mrs. Haversham", Ryan calls her "Josie")
6. Milk bottle tops (ep. 3.3 - John Sessions' Milkmen Gospel).
7. Dame Edna (ep. 1.10 - Couples, with John and Enn Reitel).
8. He Invaded My Chip Shop (ep. 6.4 - Film Trailer - Tony plays Cheese who stars as 'the small dark stranger')
9. "I've got my eye on a palomino at the moment" (ep. 3.11 - Expert Translation on Volvos - Paul translating for Josie)
10. Smoking (ep. 1.3 - Panel, they were played by Peter Cook, Stephen Fry, John Sessions and Josie Lawrence respectively)

QUIZ #3 - Party Quirks

1. Who did 'Animals Crossing the Road', and who was the host?
2. Why didn't Ryan want his drink 'on the rocks'?
3. What fairground attraction was Steve operating?
4. What was Archie Hahn in the first ever Party Quirks?
5. What dance did Colin get stuck doing?
6. When Ryan hosted, name the video he was watching, and the song he sang, before his parties started.
7. Who thought he was Paul Merton?
8. Who thought Greg's vest was "taking the mickey"?
9. What animal of Tony's did Ryan come to ride?
10. What was Colin's stomach full of?

Quite a few more answers this time, so I've increased the size of the winners list a bit...
1st - Ashley Cook (10/10)
2nd - Greg Bergman(10/10)
3rd - Alana Odokeychuck (10/10)
4th - Emile Jumean
5th - Kristin
6th - Kirk
7th - Greg McCambley

Hardest questions were Ryan's video and song (since they aren't exactly the most memorable parts!) - the answers to this could be found on my trivia page. Paul Merton's imitator was a little confusing, Tony and Rory were amongst the other answers suggested. The series 9 questions weren't a big problem for most people.

1. Ryan, Tony hosted; 2. He was white water rafting; 3. Dodgems; 4. a werewolf; 5. Riverdance; 6. "Get Away From Those Hamsters", "Ballroom Blitz"; 7. Steve Steen; 8. Josie; 9. Camel; 10. Fireworks.

QUIZ #2 - Hoedowns

1. Who once sang a hoedown with a handkerchief in their mouth?
2. What topic did Colin sing about in the puberty hoedown? And the vasectomy surgeon hoedown?
3. Where did Steve end up after jumping off the Eiffel Tower?
4. What was the name of Tony's donkey?
5. What did Colin confuse with vampire bats?
6. When Ryan gives up on girls, who does he want to be like?
7. What happened to Colin's dad?
8. Who is the feelgood factor?
9. Who does Ryan dress as for Halloween?
10. Name/describe 3 ways Colin has got out of doing hoedowns.

1st: Ashley Cook
2nd: Emile Jumean
3rd: Alana Odokeychuk
4th: Todd "this courtroom is a Mochrie" Gallant
5th: Kerry Wagoner

This quiz was a little easier, since few people got all the answers correct on the last one! All of the answers (I think) could be found on the Hoedowns page, I tried to make it a little harder by including questions which you wouldn't be able to just do a search for. The only problem question was number 10, a few people said the "Instrumental!" line which was, in fact, in a March, but I took it anyway.

1. Tony Slattery; 2. Going grey, firefighting in Germany; 3. Big Ben; 4. Clive; 5. Women; 6. Hugh Grant; 7. Crossed himself with an elephant and got crushed; 8. Tony Blair; 9. Clive Anderson; 10. Many possible answers - fainting, heart attacks, walking off in a huff (being stood up hoedown), danced around (lottery hoedown), smiling through the second half of the song, singing in German, singing on the wrong topic (see q. 2), and also "Instrumental!" was accepted although it was in fact from a March.

QUIZ #1 - General Show Questions (not too hard)

1. Who wanted a Ryanectomy?
2. Finish the ad campaign: "Carling Black Label ___ ___ ____!"
3. Who had the Bavarian Folk Dancer Party Quirk?
4. Who has sung about being in love with themself?
5. Give one of the audience-suggested lines from the game of Whose Line set before the wedding.
6. Which contestant has been listed with Clive in the credits?
7. Name the only performer on the show never to speak.
8. Name two contestants who have been seen on the show with cigarettes.
9. In the original game of Sound Effects, who performed and who did the effects?
10. (slightly harder) Who split his pants, in which game did it occur, and what was the next game to be recorded (ruined by this contestant fiddling with his pants)?

1st: Alana Odokeychuk
2nd: Emile Jumean
3rd: Daniel Dharmasurya
4th: Ashley Cook
5th: Tara

I thought this might be a fairly easy quiz to start off with, but a few of the questions turned out to be quite difficult... there's quite a difference of opinion over the game following Film Trailer in question 10 (Clive does in fact announce the name of the game, as in the answers) There were also more suggestions than I expected for question 8 so I accepted basically anyone put forward (it's too hard to check!). Anyway, congratulations to:

1. Colin Mochrie; 2. Gets You Pissed; 3. John Sessions; 4. Tony Slattery; 5. Any of: "On the whole I'd prefer a dog", "Can you smell something burning?", "Bad Sneakers and a pinata, my friend!", "Does it usually throb like that?"; 6. John Sessions; 7. Richard Vranch; 8. Accepted anyone suggested (too hard to check) but particularly Stephen Fry, Peter Cook, Ryan Stiles, Caroline Quentin, Tony Slattery (?); 9. Paul Merton performed, Archie Hahn did the effects; 10. Tony Slattery split his pants in Film Trailer, ruining Moving People.