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Mark's Guide to Whose Line is it Anyway?

Old Guestbook 2

Welcome to the guestbook for my WLiiA page. Lots of people have been coming here to find out stuff about the funniest show on television, so here's what a few of them have said about the page. Ladies and gentlemen, the contestants:

Phil - 01/23/00 05:35:32
Favourite contestants: Ryan Stiles
Favourite games: Party Quirks
Favourite party quirk: When Ryan is a fowl being born, or Colin being a mad sperm, or Ryan being a deer.
Favourite line: When Ryan has a very sad look on his face and says "Are you my mommy?"
Date of birth: 3/15/83
Ryan Stiles is the best. Party Quirks brings out the best in Ryan.

Tommy - 01/23/00 05:27:07
Favourite contestants: Ryan Stiles, he's the best!!!
Favourite games: Party Quirks
Favourite party quirk: When Ryan was pretending he was a fowl being born, and he went between Colin's legs, I just about died I was laughing so hard.
Favourite line: Anything Ryan says.
Best single song/game: Any party quirk that Ryan is in.
Date of birth: Feb, 14/83
Ryan Stiles is the funniest guy around. I think that all the episodes should have party quirks. Ryan is hilarious. Great site.

ChRiStY - 01/22/00 19:41:22
Favourite contestants: brad sherwood ... chip estin ... wayne brady ...
Favourite games: whose line ... newscasters ( i liked the one about the padres ... yap yap .. ) and of course, HoE DoWn ! ALrIgHtTtTt ....
Favourite party quirk: rYaN gETtInG yOuNgEr aNd YoUnGeR
Favourite line: " OkAy - i CirCuMsiZeD hIm, i gEt To KeEp It " - ChIp EsTiN oN ArGuInG OvEr ThE tIp .. tHe JoHnSoN tIp .. hEe2
Best single song/game: ThE LaS VeGaS HoEdOwN
Date of birth: 10-02-86 ... i'M a BaBy wHoSeR ..
NoW aNd DaYs WhOsE LiNeRs LiKe To TaLk LiKe ThEy GoT LoTs oF thInGs To SaY CuZ eVeRyThInG cOmES oUt WhEn tHey ThEy MoVe ThEir LiPs wHaT ThEy SaY iS sOmE fUnNy GibBeRiSh aNd EvErYoNe aCtS LiKe ThEy wAnNa BeEh OnE .. tHe WhOsE LiNe RaP .. An AdApTaTiOn Of EmInEm aNd Dr. DrE'S fOrGoT aBoUT dRe ... AnYwAyS ... tHiS pagE iS gReAt !

Joe Carlisle - 01/22/00 06:55:05
Favourite contestants: Colin and Ryan
Favourite games: Props, and SFX
Favourite party quirk: When Wayne was the aging really fast guy
Favourite line: In SFX when when collin was a sheriff and he rode into town got off his horse, and it rode away
Best single song/game: dunno
Date of birth: 12-20-99 16
Great page! I love this show, we play it at church all the time. And starting this monday were meeting at out drama techers house just to act out improv. Great page though. -JOe p.s. that email may not work

Slayer - 01/21/00 22:06:42
Favourite contestants: dunno
Favourite games: dunno
Favourite party quirk: dunno
Favourite line: "I shall now make a British @$$hole appear on stage!"-Ryan, *Collins walks up to the stage* ::::::Ryan stares at his hands in amazement:::
Best single song/game: dunno
Date of birth: in a year
I love this website! It's so funny! The transcripts are really cool, I've never found a website that had that many. Good Work! Keep it up, man! Slayer8734

Nancy - 01/21/00 00:30:20
LOL-I was just listening to the FTprison game, and Tony made up "Noyes" for the last name-it just so happens that it's my last name-woohoo!!!-I feel so flahttered:-) (I think Tony's hot!)

Nancy - 01/21/00 00:17:47
Favourite contestants: Tony Slattery, Steve Frost, Ryan Stiles, Collin Mochrie
Favourite games: Questions Only
Favourite party quirk: When Ryan lived life in 1 minute
Favourite line: When Steve Frost and Tony Slattery were father and son, and Steve, as the father, sent Tony out to get washer detergent. All of a sudden, this heavenly music came on, and they were talking about whiteness. Steve tole Tony to go to N zareth, and Tony said, "Is that near Stockport?"
Best single song/game: The Halloween Hoe Down
Date of birth: 1/25
I love the page and I'm a huge fan of WLiiA? and ESPECIALLY a huge fan of Tony Slattery!!!

Faye Wallenberg - 01/18/00 16:59:32
Favourite contestants: Ryan Stiles
Favourite games: answering in a form of a question
Best single song/game: singing about a bald guy from the audience
Date of birth: september 21, 1980
I love Ryan stiles ! He is so amazing.Just looking at him makes me laugh. I really like Wayne too because he is witty and has a terrific voice. Nice page by the way!

Melinda - 01/13/00 16:31:47
Favourite contestants: Ryan Stiles all the way!
Favourite games: Sit, stand, lay down, The alphabet game, The game where they have to keep asking questions, Props! (I could go on. I like all of them actually but those are the best)
Favourite line: There are so many that I just burst out laughing
Best single song/game: Anything with Ryan. Couldn't pick just one
Date of birth: 7/31/81
This is such a great show. I never miss it! I just burst out laughing every time I watch. I really like this web site and I will come back often. Can't wait to see some more pictures and for some reason I can't get to the page: Whose Line Performers M- . I could talk forever about how funny and great this show is but I think you got the point.

Karen - 01/11/00 18:50:29
Favourite contestants: Ryan, Colin, Wayne, Greg, Tony, Josie
Favourite games: stand, sit, bend/lay down; Whose line; film dub; party quirks; super heroes; helping hands; film styles
Favourite party quirk: anything given to Ryan and Colin
Favourite line: most of them
Best single song/game: Colin incorporating River Dance into a hoedown and everyone starts doing RiverDance
Date of birth: 11/30/71
I love WLiiA, both UK and US versions. Anytime Ryan and Colin are in a show together, you know it's gonna be a good one! Those two are hilarious together, no matter what the game. I can't get enough of this show. It brightens my day every time.

CoordinationNOT - 01/11/00 03:04:37
Favourite contestants: Ryan Stiles Colin Mochrie and Wayne Brady
Drew as host is the best thing that has happened to that show in a LONG time!! Him, Ryan, and a few of the other regulars work well together and seem to have a sence of each other's timings. The only thing that would make this even better is to have the new shows come on more then once a week!! Please keep up the good work and lets see more!!!

Leia - 01/09/00 16:28:48
Favourite contestants: Ryan and Colin
Favourite games: World's Worst, Scences from Hat, Party Querks, and of course, the mighty Hoedown
Best single song/game: On the American one where Drew Carrey sang a song with Ryan and Wayne as a 3-Headed Opera Star.
Date of birth: 12/11/74
This is really a great site and I hope everyone likes it as much as I do.

Enabler! - 01/07/00 15:38:28
Favourite contestants: Tony, Greg, Ryan, Colin, Wayne
Favourite games: Props, film dub, world's worst, party quirks
Favourite party quirk: Ryan as fireworks
Favourite line: way too many to mention
Best single song/game: again, too many to pick
Date of birth: 7-20-77
I'm glad the show lives on here in the states, but would it kill 'em to arrange for a visit from Tony Slattery? Most Americans don't know who he is.

Jamie - 01/07/00 02:31:25
Favourite contestants: Tony, Ryan, Colin
Favourite games: Party Quirks, World's Worst...... all of them, the show is brilliant!
Favourite party quirk: Tony as a chippendale! (Tony, you sexy thing!!!)
Favourite line: Tony: "Oh, shut up you stupid bitch."
Best single song/game: all of 'em
Tony, I love you!!!!!!!

Colly - 01/06/00 20:41:37
Favourite contestants: Wayne Brady

Kristen - 01/06/00 17:19:00
Favourite contestants: Tony Slattery, Sandi Toksvig,Chip Eston(1word: DIMPLES!
Favourite games: Scenes From A Hat, World's Worst
Favourite party quirk: man Riding Camel
Favourite line: any reference to Anne Diamond (whoever THAt is! )
Best single song/game: Sex Change Hoedown
Date of birth: in the late 1960's
This is the best WLiiA webpage I have seen! I have the theme up and running! I was wondering if there would ever even BE a desktop theme! I love the picures and everything and the downloads section, too!

Richard D. Dunn - 01/03/00 06:53:37
Favourite contestants: Colin, Ryan, Greg
Favourite games: World's Worst, Superheroes
Favourite line: "Hello, I'm Clive Anderson." Maybe I'm easily amused, but I crack up every time.
Date of birth: 6/11/81
Hey, great page for a great show! The good folks at "WLiiA?" should get you to work up an official site for the show.

June - 01/03/00 05:28:10
Favourite contestants: Ryan and Colin
Favourite games: Whose line is it anyway? surprisingly
Favourite party quirk: Ryan as crash test dummies
Date of birth: some time in the 50's
Hey, great site!!!! Also, the English version Of WLiiA is now on Comedy Network in the States, I think 3 PM EST.

Sherry - 01/01/00 02:41:03
Favourite contestants: Ryan Stiles
Favourite games: Moving People
Favourite party quirk: Tortise and Hare
Favourite line: If I had a nickel
Best single song/game: dating game
Date of birth: 3/2/51
I want a fan club address for Ryan Stiles. I love this program, it is so funny! Where do I join up?

ANGIE - 12/23/99 19:10:04
Favourite contestants: JOSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Favourite party quirk: TOUGH ONE.........DON'T KNOW.
Best single song/game: DON'T KNOW.
Date of birth: 15/05/83

Eliot Preschutti - 12/14/99 15:42:07
Favourite contestants: Proops
Favourite games: Worlds worst
Favourite party quirk: obsessed with carpet
Favourite line: whos is it
Best single song/game: Bartender
Date of birth: 12 10 73
drew how do i get in touch with a casting director? 7yrs of touring Improv founder of 3 troops. I'm in hwood now. you will love my work. I'll be at the comedy store feb 7th, main stage with my new group "Eliot's Amazing Neighborhood". Leave a message/response in my voice mail 3235259551

Joel - 12/02/99 02:02:41
Favourite contestants: Ryan Stiles
Favourite party quirk: all of em

STuPiDGiRL - 11/30/99 20:26:40
Favourite contestants: Tony Slattery and....well, is there need foranyone else????
Date of birth: 1971
Fab page you have up here, stop by mine, I only have a couple Slattery articles up, but I'm working on it :)

Lana Guest - 11/30/99 05:01:47
Favourite contestants: Colin, Ryan, Steven
Favourite games: Alphabet, Number of Words, Song Titles, Expert Translation, Questions Only
Favourite line: ALL OF THEM!!!!!
Best single song/game: All of the ones that Colin is involved in
Date of birth: 19.9.84
Who's Line Is It Anyway has got to be the greatest show on telly!!!!! I LOVE IT HEAPS!!!!! I unfortunately can't get to any of the live shows because I live in New Zealand, but I would really like to someday soooon...catch you all later...especially Colin ;)

Rachelle - 11/23/99 03:07:02
Please sign the Colin Mochrie Birthday url that I left here for you to sign. His birthday is Nov 30 so let's show him how much we care!!!

michele - 11/19/99 20:57:11
Favourite contestants: greg proops all the way
this is the best whose line site i've ever seen. great job- i am a little ticked we don't get the british version over here anymore. i will have to settle for Drew- but at least we get Greg!

Fred Mike John Paul Joe Stu Steve Larry Tim Rich Barry Ross Jimbo Dolph Xavier Franz Eldon Toby Huber Pete Jack Derrick Garry Tom Vonschlaussenhauffenhiper - 11/19/99 06:17:39
Favourite contestants: Wayne Brady
Favourite games: Props, hoe down
Favourite party quirk: Slowly aging before our eyes
Favourite line: "I oughtta kick yo ass..."
Date of birth: 14/2/62
Cool website

Rachelle - 11/17/99 01:29:20
Favourite contestants: Colin Mochrie!! Also his buddy Ryan Stiles, Grep Proops,and Tony Slattery
Favourite games: Hoe downs,dating game, anything Colin and Ryan
Favourite party quirk: Too many!
Favourite line: Colin's line "theme from titanic", and Tony Slattery telling Clive to f``ck off!
Best single song/game: The Colin hoe down. Greg Proops was a gas in that song!
Date of birth: Oct 21/70
Whose line is the best show on TV. My husband and I love this show. I hope Tony Slattery comes back though. And more Greg Proops on the show! He is so funny!!

Jason Feng - 11/16/99 09:54:45
Favourite contestants: Mochrie and Stiles
Favourite games: The Volvo Translation
Favourite party quirk: Ryan as sperm
Best single song/game: when Wayne Brady lifted the woman's dress up in DLiiA
Date of birth: June 29, 1966
I could watch every episode 10 times.

Kath - 11/16/99 05:33:19
My URL:No website as yet, but keep your eyes peeled...
Favourite contestants: To paraphrase the ads, "You can't pick just one!" Or so I keep insisting...
Favourite games: Courtroom (big surprise there), Film Trailer, Remote Control, plus the usual favourites: Film & Theatre (& TV) Styles, Party Quirks, Scenes From a Hat, Weird Newscasters, etc.
Favourite party quirk: This tends to change, but currently? Josie's penis impression.
Favourite line: Colin mutters, "Ah, screw you," to Clive after being buzzed out. The only time Colin has EVER told the host off, and just as funny in its own way as Tony's rather more explicit exclamation of disgust... :-)
Best single song/game: Any hoedown about barristers (and I'm sure there was more than one).
Date of birth: Don't you know you should never ask a woman her age? ;-)
Considering how many times I've visited your page, I figured I should probably get around to signing the guestbook, and this seems like an ideal time to do it! Happy Birthday, Mark, and best wishes to you! Your page is a WL bible to me, a veritable foun ain of information (not to mention laughs). What's more, it's served as a fantastic introduction to the very nicest bunch of looneytunes ever to surf the net, ie., my fellow Whosers! For all of this, I can only say two things: Thank you so much, and Th nks a lot, pal! (j/k on that last one) Keep up the good work, for Whose Line truly does, as they say, rock!

Kathrin - 11/15/99 10:17:54
Date of birth: 8.7.78 (believe me, it's true)
The more I read about this show, the more I want to see it again. (I've seen it once on holiday) But I can't 'cause I'm German! At least this side gives me an overview on what happened.

Aileen Kelly - 11/13/99 16:06:09
Favourite contestants: Tony, Paul, Ryan, Colin, Greg
Favourite games: World's Worst, Party Quirks and anything with Tony Slattery in it.
Favourite party quirk: Ryan as magnet man, anyone Paul or Tony does
Favourite line: Tony to Clive: you shut your face.[ see downloads on this site,they're brill]
Best single song/game: Party Quirks, Tony as a chippendale, yummy
Date of birth: 08.09.84
Every tine I come to this page I find something new. I love it. Thanks sssssssssssssooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo very much for all the great pictures and fab downloads. I love 'em. I recommend it to anyone. If anyone feels the same or loves WLIIA, feel free to e-mail me to the address above. I'll be back. Thanks again

Missy - 11/13/99 15:25:26
Favourite contestants: Ryan
Favourite games: 3 headed broadway singer
Favourite party quirk: when wayne was a king kong movie and he went out into the audience and grabed a girl and everyone saw her underwear!
Favourite line: hmm, tough one... probably any line that Ryan can relate back to Drew.
Best single song/game: Bubbles was her name...
Date of birth: 06-08-82
I have loved Whose line since the British version but i just eat up the american version!!!!!!!

Carrie - 11/12/99 06:11:33
Favourite contestants: Chip or Wayne
Favourite games: party quirks
Favourite party quirk: over indulgence man
Date of birth: 03/05/78
Funny show, extremely funny! My only complaint is, Drew Carey is not funny, and tries too hard. Wheres that other guy...?

J.B. - 11/12/99 03:29:05
Favourite contestants: Wayne, Colin, Ryan
Favourite games: Three Headed Broadway Star
Favourite party quirk: Giraffe Being Shot By Transquilizer Dart
Favourite line: "Unlikely people to appear on stamps" - Drew "Right this way Miss Lewinsky"
Best single song/game: Toast/Wayne Brady
Date of birth: 9/7/85
This is the first show in several years that can make me literally laugh out loud, and for a long amount of time too. This is by FAR my favorite show and I will support it forever.

Aileen Kelly - 11/06/99 19:28:50
Favourite contestants: Tony Slattery [I love him] Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie and Paul Merton
Favourite games: World's Worst, Deadbodies, Hoedown and Party Ouirks
Favourite party quirk: Tony as a chippendale, Ryan as a firewoks display, Ryan as a baby learning to walk and Ryan as a man who lives his life in one minute
Favourite line: Clive: it's not my fault I'm taller than my hair.
Best single song/game: the hoedown when Josie can't think of one and Clive does it for her and then Paul pulls Clive out from behind his desk
I really love this page. Everytime I come you never cease to amaze me. I love Tony, Colin, Steve [Frost], Clive, Paul, Ryan and Jim. I hate John Sessions. BRING BACK CLIVE!!!!

Cody Dirrigle - 11/06/99 19:13:48
Favourite contestants: all
Favourite games: all
Favourite party quirk: all
Favourite line: By the flaming carrots of St.sabation
Best single song/game: ho down
Date of birth: 4/1/80
Just wondering if anyone as tapes for sale of wliia(UK) and US versions of the show? Need them in VHS format. Please if you know of anyone send there address my way,need them for x-mas.

Christine - 11/04/99 21:19:50
Favourite contestants: Brad Sherwood and John Sessions
Favourite games: Props
Date of birth: 3/20/74
I used to watch the British version on Maryland Public Television and was thrilled when I found out last year that it would be coming to American television. It is one of my favorite shows.

Paul Haberman - 11/04/99 06:30:30
Favourite contestants: Colin
Favourite games: Props
Favourite line: anything about Drew
Date of birth: 7-10-63
This show is a riot. It's been a while since my stomach hurt so bad from laughing. Look to add some special contestants in the future, eg. Robin Williams, Jim Carey, Howie Mandel, etc.... if you can get them! Great Show.. keep it up!!!

Michael - 11/02/99 17:01:53
Favourite contestants: Ryan and Colin
Favourite games: Hoedown!
Favourite party quirk: tough call
Favourite line: the Colin hoedown
Best single song/game: Hoedown!
Date of birth: 11/5/80

James Nugent - 11/01/99 15:50:32
Favourite contestants: Ryan Stiles
Favourite games: World's Worst
Favourite party quirk: Going through all stages of his life in 30 seconds
Favourite line: "I'm not worried about that, I'm worried about the spiders all over your face!" Ryan as Hallucination Boy
Best single song/game: Worlds Worst Ad Campaigne
Date of birth: 18/09/81
Excellent! At last I find someone who has the same WL passion as me, no doubt we both find ourselves spending our evenings watching the Paramount channel at 23:30 laughing our heads off!

Jon - 10/29/99 19:50:40
Favourite contestants: Ryan, Wayne
Favourite games: Party quirks, alphabet, weird newscasters
Favourite party quirk: The one where Ryan was an eagle trying to pick up heavy stuff
Favourite line: i can't remember
Best single song/game: Any of Wayne's songs
Date of birth: 06/23/82
This show is good

phreaq - 10/26/99 14:45:11
Favourite contestants: Greg Proops
Favourite games: Too
Favourite party quirk: Many
Favourite line: To
Best single song/game: Pick
Date of birth: 27 09 83
I love WL and everything involved in it. Mail me

phreaq - 10/26/99 14:26:21
Favourite contestants: Greg Proops
Favourite games: Too
Favourite party quirk: Many
Favourite line: To
Best single song/game: Pick
Date of birth: 27 09 83
I love WL and everything involved in it. Mail me

Jessie B - 10/21/99 21:47:14
Favourite contestants: GREG!!! aka: Proop doggy dogg, and Tony and Paul Merton
Favourite games: Party quirks, weird newscasters
Favourite party quirk: "Thinks he's Tony"
Favourite line: Chip Esten interviewing Ryan....Topic is Snow White "Hello, I'm here with..yes, this is the eighth dwarf, it'"
Best single song/game: weird newscasters: Greg as Gremlin/ weird newscasters :Colin is in love with Greg and he can't keep it a secret
Date of birth: 10/12/80 in american dating
I like John Sessions and to all who say different I say plthhhhbt!

Stacy - 10/19/99 01:33:18
Favourite contestants: Colin, Jim Sweeney
Favourite games: Moving People(I die laughing every time), World's Worst, Scene to Rap(especially Colin's!)
Favourite party quirk: Ryan's tranquilized giraffe, Colin's 7 dwarfs, 30 sec. GWTW, anything Colin!
Favourite line: "I just wanna stand here and stare at my privates." (Brad, SFAH)
Best single song/game: Too hard to think of just one!
Date of birth: 11/69
WLIIA? is the funniest show on TV! I have been watching since I discovered the British version several years ago. Drew and the lack of variety in the games are the only minor letdowns of the new version - once you've seen Clive, you're spoiled for any oth r host! I've been to two tapings, and they used my props for one! In fact, the picture of Chip on the ABC site shows it. I'm so proud.

Kim - 10/15/99 01:33:12
Favourite contestants: Wayne!!
Favourite games: hoedown
Favourite party quirk: ryan's crash test dummie
Favourite line: too many to list!
Date of birth: 9-14-76
love the show, love the page, keep it up!

Adam Rogers - 10/14/99 18:39:35
Favourite contestants: Colin & Ryan
Favourite games: Sound effects (provided by Ryan for Colin of course)
Favourite party quirk: Colins 15seconds to live
Favourite line: "Look at the size of my Dick" -- Ryan durning props
Best single song/game: Hmm... Everyone loves a hoedown "the teeth right off her gums"
Date of birth: 29/09/77
Colin kicks ass, two words... supertown challange... well, technically that's three I guess.

Jos�e - 10/12/99 16:26:55
Favourite contestants: Greg, Ryan, Colin, Wayne
Favourite games: Greatest Hits, Hoedown, Scenes from a Hat
Favourite party quirk: So many!! ...Colin waking up during surgery is one...
Favourite line: "Anyway you look at it, he's still got more hair than Clive!" - Ryan during the "Colin" hoedown
Best single song/game: Any song Wayne does for "Greatest Hits" (Does it Look Swollen to You?"...)
Date of birth: 03/78
This is a great way to sign a guestbook! :) Anyway, love the show, LOVE the one is funnier than Ryan Stiles! (except maybe Greg Proops, Colin or Wayne?). Great site! Hope the Whose Line? "contestants" get to see it someday... Jos�e...Ottawa

Anthony Anderson - 10/08/99 03:58:28
Favourite contestants: All
Favourite games: All
Favourite party quirk: All
Favourite line: All
Best single song/game: All
Date of birth: 09/11/62
The best show around /Keep up the good work guys. I laugh my head off.

Jay - 10/07/99 23:29:19
Favourite contestants: mark,ryan,collin
Favourite games: make something out of props
Date of birth: 10/57
I love this show. It's new, it's fresh. but it should be on after 9:00. It is not appropriate for little ones. I especially like the black guy and I can't be sure of his name. He is sooooo talented.

Chorin - 10/02/99 19:21:25
Favourite contestants: Colin and Ryan
Favourite games: Party Quirks
Favourite party quirk: Any one that Ryan does
Date of birth: 10/19/1984
Colin and Ryan are Sooo funny.

Addy dot moose - 09/30/99 15:50:20
Favourite contestants: Ryan, Colin and Richard Vranch
Favourite games: Party Quirks, Props, Sound effects
Favourite party quirk: Ryan getting tremendously upset by trivial things
Favourite line: Round them up pilgrim-Ryan
Best single song/game: hoe down
Date of birth: 01-05-85(english)
I think that whose line is it anyway it really cool, the best people are Ryan and Colin and Richard Vranch.

David B. Feland - 09/21/99 04:57:59
Favourite contestants: Colin and Ryan. And everyone else...
Favourite games: Party Quirks, News Conference, Hoedown
Favourite party quirk: there are so many... but Ryan's "Deer On Opening Day Of Hunting Season" is classic.
Favourite line: "...I still get way more sex than either Brad or Drew!" - Baldness Hoedown, Colin
Best single song/game: Baldness Hoedown (I have it as an MP3!)
Date of birth: March 25, 1958
Well, it's been too too long since I've dropped in on your page, Mark - WOW. *Very* well done revamp here! Much improved for navigation, overall look... all of it! You were the one that first introduced me to Whose Line on the net... so I suppose it's all your fault! See you in sometime... DavidB

Solstice - 09/11/99 23:04:15
Favourite contestants: All
Favourite games: Song styles, Hoedowns, F&T styles well everything really
Favourite party quirk: All seven dwarfs
Favourite line: "My arms are long and they're ready to flap!
Best single song/game: Beached whale song
Date of birth: 1983
Excellent site! Funny and well designed. It's nice to find out you're not alone and to find out as far as Wliia on the web goes, everyone is so far ahead. Fun!!

caren - 09/10/99 22:03:21
Favourite contestants: Ryan Stiles
Favourite games: Party Quirks
Favourite party quirk: when Ryan was a colt being born
Favourite line: "Is that near Left Nube?"
Date of birth: 1/9/81
I think Ryan Stiles is the funniest man alive and I think this show should air daily.

Brad Sherwood - 09/09/99 20:32:58
Hey Mark, Who do I have to sleep with to get my page on the ring? I hope it's you and not Dan Patterson.

collyn - 09/09/99 16:36:10
Favourite contestants: colin and ryan
Favourite games: helping hands and props
Favourite party quirk: ryan's deer in headlights
Favourite line: all of them!!!
Best single song/game: ??? boring
Date of birth: 11-10-81
the uk version was by far better...wayne is an awsome newcomer..he can sing!! brad cant sing but he thinks he can which is hilarious... i personally do not think that drew is that funny..when the contestants get to do "a little something special" with him ill tell ya it isnt that special..drew screws up the whole actually makes brad look good..i miss tony from the uk version and that fat guy was cool. whose line still rocks!

Natalie - 09/04/99 23:23:38
My URL:Sorry, don't have one :(
Favourite contestants: Ryan, Colin, Wayne, Brad, Josie, Tony, Caroline, Steve F
Favourite games: Party Quirks, Questions Only, World's worst, Dating Game, Mission Imposible
Favourite party quirk: Tony's Chip'nDale
Favourite line: Is it ok if I scream my own name? (Ryan : world's worst thing to say during sex)
Best single song/game: Beached Whale Song
Date of birth: 13/09/83
Mark - Love the site. I love improv, I have 5 six hour tapes of who's line and growing. It's so good to see that I'm not the only one who is as crazy about Whose Line. Also, Tony's Pants splitting is the most classic moment of whose line ever!

Del - 08/27/99 10:45:04
Favourite contestants: Colin, Ryan, Greg, Stephen
Favourite games: Who's Line, Sound Effects, Party Guests, Hoedown
Favourite party quirk: can't decide
Favourite line: Hi..My name is Curved Slightly
Best single song/game: can't decide
Date of birth: 29/06/72
We still have not seen the U.S version of the show in Australia, but the U.K version is special. We have a highly developed theatre sports culture in Aust. but have not managed to transcribe this to

Robyn Currie - 08/27/99 02:34:31
Favourite contestants: all
Favourite games: all
Favourite party quirk: all
Favourite line: all
Best single song/game: all
Date of birth: november 13, 1987

Steph McKay - 08/14/99 18:01:01
Favourite contestants: Colin, Greg, Ryan, Tony (in that order)
Favourite games: Home Shopping, Greatest Hits, F&TS, Secret, Hey You Down There, LMAD, hoedown, *Director*
Favourite party quirk: Paul Merton being able to speak in two-syllable words only; Colin likes to put his hands in other peoples' pockets
Favourite line: "Pinocchio! You're made of wood! You can float-a like a boat-a!"
Best single song/game: Foreign Film dub "Farewell My Porcupine" in Italian; the Jilted Lover Bartender Song, I've Got a Thorax to Grind with You; The German Armadillo Psychiatrist Song; The PQ where Tony could not guess anyone's quirk except Colin' 7 dwarves.
Date of birth: Oct 29/82
Hey! Mark, I love this page, it was the first WL page I bookmarked. And it's so much fun contributing to it, and yeah. So, yeah. Keep up the wonderful work. I'm sorry I took up a lot of space with my categories there.

Christina - 07/31/99 01:54:49
Favourite contestants: Tony, Colin, Wayne, Brad and Ryan
Favourite games: Hey You Down There, Party Quirks, News Report, Film and Theatre Styles, and Sound Effects
Favourite party quirk: When Tony was a chippendale. Ooooooooh, yeah, I love that one.
Favourite line: Um, I don't know. Probably when Greg said during Super Heroes "Sad losers everywhere will be bummed out"
Best single song/game: That song Wayne did on the American version of the show where he was Michael Jackson driving a bus. That was soooooo funny. I'm still laughing about it.
Date of birth: March 13, 1985
Cool site! Whose Line is it Anyways rules! This is quite the awesome site. You have a lot of info and stuff here. Quite nice. Keep up the good work!

Heather - 07/29/99 08:11:03
Favourite contestants: Love 'em all!
Check it out! Today's Mr Showbiz site has a story about the Drew Carey Show planning a live improv episode next November (with a different version for three time zones)! Here's hoping some of the other WLiiA cast members will be there.

Adelina - 07/23/99 02:01:16
Thank You very much! I've been going crazy trying to remember what channel WLiiA was on because I wanted to write and harrass them to put it back on and thanks to you I now know that it was on comedy central. bye bye

Siusaidh, your sister-in-law *g* - 07/17/99 09:29:31
Favourite contestants: Paul Merton, SJF, Sweeney/Steen, and Yes, I even like Sessions coz he's good with words.
Favourite games: Authors, Narrate, Hoedown (*g*), expert translation, and aaaaaaaaalphabet of course :)
Favourite party quirk: Paul having to mention fish in every sentence... too cute!
Favourite line: ...Oh stiff-thighed child of my dreams... (or any other SJF line)
Best single song/game: My Fruvous Filk (kidding!!!!) Errr, Brad's song about me? Sessions' folk song about an England that never really existed?
Date of birth: Dec 21 '78
Hey there Sexy Aussie!!! *g* I like the new look of the pages - I'm appalled to find that I didn't sign your book earlier though... Coulda sworn I did! Anyway, I've probably frightened most of the readers, so I'll go now.... m.fh's rule, baby :)

Andrew - 07/16/99 12:53:10
Favourite contestants: Tony Slattery, Colin Mochrie
Favourite games: Hoedown, whose line, alphabet
Favourite party quirk: animals crossing the road
Favourite line: hmmmm... dont have one
Best single song/game: Lawyers/Barristers hoedown
Date of birth: 25/4/75
im an aussie travelling abroad and saw a couple of weeks ago at the glastobury fesitval (england) steve frost, steve steen, andy smart, richard vranch and tony slattery doing impro there - fantastic! this page is superb, one of the best of everything on t e web. super stuff!

Rachel - 07/16/99 08:50:42
Favourite contestants: Ryan, Colin, Greg, Tony
Favourite games: Who's line, FFD
Favourite party quirk: Ryan as a sperm
Favourite line: Every song a hit, every hit a smack!
Best single song/game: giving birth hoe-down
Date of birth: 30/3/74
I am the biggest fan. I admire and adore all the participants and if anyone wishes to e-mail me regarding Wliia, feel free.

Wayne Chow - 07/15/99 03:01:21
Favourite contestants: Colin and Ryan and Wayne and Greg and Brad and... :)
Favourite games: World's Worst and Hoedown
Favourite party quirk: Rory thinks he's Tony Slattery
Favourite line: "Have you ever had sex with a horse?, I have." Paul Merton translating for Josie Lawrence
Best single song/game: Greatest Hits -- "If I Had A Penis, I Wouldn't Need You" by Josie
Date of birth: Feb 3/66
Hi Mark... great site...

CMB - 07/14/99 01:22:02
Favourite contestants: Colin, Ryan
Favourite games: Hoedown!!!!
Best single song/game: The songs that Wayne sings
The American episodes with Drew Carey are hilarious and then I founf the British episodes and they're just as good. It's one of the funniest shows on t.v.

Amanda O'Reilly - 07/11/99 23:26:40
Favourite contestants: Colin, Ryan, Tony
Favourite games: Questions Only,
Favourite party quirk: Being Tony Slattery
The one where Tony REALLY split his pants was so classic! It was fascinating to see how everyone reacted. Kickin' Website!!!

Aaron Doucet - 07/08/99 13:05:44
Favourite contestants: ryan, colin, tony
Favourite games: party quirks, wierd newscasters
Favourite party quirk: in the us version when ryan was a bird trying to lift heavy things
Favourite line: "oh dear, i've lost my shoe!"
Best single song/game: Dunno
Date of birth: Does it matter?
This site is a great place for whosers from around the world to come. I've seen pretty much all the episodes 3 times at LEAST, so i guess you can say im a hard-core whoser. Keep up the good work!

Blondie1 - 07/04/99 02:33:13
Favourite contestants: Ryan Stiles/Colin Mochrie
Favourite games: Questions Only
Favourite party quirk: Fly caught between two windows

Bo White - 06/24/99 22:15:57
Favourite contestants: Stephen Fry, Ryan Stiles, Mike McShane
Favourite games: Props, march, gospel
Favourite party quirk: Ryan as a colt being born
Favourite line: Stephen Fry to Josie Lawrence during th econtraceptive sketch "That is a vey HANDY TIP"
Best single song/game: Stephen and Josie doing the contraceptives
Date of birth: 8-22-74
As an American, I have been watching WLIIA since it first came on Comedy Central circa 1990. This was the same time I was watching Blackadder, and became obsessed with BRitish comedy, especially the Oxbridge group which seemed to be the majority of the c ntestants in the early years (Clive himself, of course, a Footlight). But it was Stephen Fry's wit that made me laugh the most, and I not only became a big fan of his but became obsessed with WLIIA. I have probably seen every episode in the first five s asons 3-5 times (though it has been a while). I am impressed that there are so many die hard fans out there, including you, and I really enjoyed your page. Keep up the good work.

Lori Penner - 06/21/99 20:34:37
Favourite contestants: Steve Frost, Tony
Favourite games: Props, Party Quirks
Favourite line: Steve Frost as Boris Karlov
Date of birth: 03/09/76
Whose Line, the British version, is the ONLY version!! That American one is nothing compared to the British version. Moving People is a silly game, but I like all the other games.

Aisha Leverett - 06/18/99 18:28:31
Favourite contestants: Josie, Ryan, Wayne,Colin, Tony
Favourite games: World's Worst
Favourite line: Ryan to Colin in Stand, Sit, Lie Down: "I didn't know you were a doctor"
Best single song/game: Ryan singing about a man named Moe
Date of birth: 10/22/77
Simply an excellent site. Huzza and Kudos!

Aaron - 06/17/99 06:38:06
Favourite contestants: All
Favourite games: All
Favourite party quirk: All
Favourite line: All

Rebecca Todd - 06/12/99 10:42:40
Favourite contestants: Ryan Stiles,Colin Mochrie,Greg Proops
Favourite games: props,newsflash,hoe-downs
Favourite party quirk: dog going in and out of water
Favourite line: och eye (by Colin being Scotish)
Best single song/game: Greg as Clive Anderson in Worlds Worst flatmate
Date of birth: 27-10-1982
Ryan Stiles is the best!!!!!!!!! Im from Australia and am wondering if you know if the U.S. version will be airing here at any time in the future? If you do find out could you please email me at the above address, because I really love the British version and would love to see the U.S e isodes. Thanks a lot.

- 06/11/99 04:52:54
Favourite contestants: Proopsaholic, Ryan Stiles
Favourite games: Standing, Sitting, Bending, Hats, LMAD
Favourite party quirk: Rory playing Tony in PQ
Favourite line: "Oh well F*ck Off!"
Best single song/game: Hoedown about Colin
Date of birth: June 8th, 1978
WLiiA is a great show. Just call me a Whoser. WLiiA relieves my daily stresses of life. I can't think of a funnier television show than this. GREG ROCKS.

Rog - 06/10/99 04:40:26
Favourite contestants: Colin, Greg, Josie, Wayne (from US version)
Favourite games: All of 'em
Favourite party quirk: Ryan 'life in 60 seconds'
Favourite line: Greg (as Woody Allen) "stuck on a volcano with a fetishist!"
Best single song/game: Bartender "when you look like him you got to get it where you can"
Date of birth: 29th July 1971
I definitely prefer the UK version - Drew irritates with his desire to be part of he improvising action. Clive's interaction from 'behind the desk' is much funnier. However Wayne Brady is a comic-musical genius and I'd love to see him on the UK version.

locknestra - 06/08/99 01:26:25
Favourite contestants: In no perticular order: Ryan, Colin, Greg, Brad, and Wayne
Favourite games: LMAD, PQ, Hoedown
Favourite party quirk: Ryan as the idiot sniffing bloodhound
Favourite line: it's not really a line, but I really liked it in LMAD when Colin was turning into a pig and it was really noticeable, Ryan just starts shocking the heck out of himself!
Best single song/game: I've got a thorax to grind with you"
Date of birth: 6/26
Great page! Keep up the wonderful work!

Kerri (Mama Mac) - 06/05/99 17:42:30
Favourite contestants: Josie, Colin and Ryan together
Favourite games: Everything
Favourite party quirk: Ryan as giraffe hit by poison dart
Favourite line: I can't single any one of them out!
Best single song/game: Most anything Wayne sings!
Date of birth: 25/09/64
Would LOVE to hear from other people who love Whose and Drew's....I really prefer the UK version, but since Comedy Central has all but eliminated my fix on Dad's cable box, I'll settle for the US version. I'm with some of the other posters on this site-- rew tries too hard to take over sometimes. Also, I wish they'd give other people the chance to do some of the improvs.... it's always Colin and Ryan doing the CD compilation announcements and Wayne singing them, always Colin and Ryan doing the end game w th Drew. I love them working together (they're great!), don't get me wrong, but I think other people on the show should be allowed to stretch their wings a bit, too, y'know? I'd love to know how the convention turns out later this month, so....I'LL BE BACK! :)

Katels - 06/05/99 01:52:22
Favourite contestants: greg, colin, ryan, tony, brad
Favourite games: superheroes, hoedowns, reading the credits
Favourite party quirk: ryan being "animals crossing the road"
Favourite line: all of them, but "aaaaah!! look out for the thing coming toward me on four wheels that runs on unleaded gas!!" from ryan wa a good one - see party quirks above
Best single song/game: where colin goes "I once met a girl, I really really liked. I asked if she'd come over, but she didn't, can you believe it??!! no calls, no phone calls" -- goes off and sulks.
Date of birth: 13 1 84
great show, great site. it's not on pay-tv in australia at the moment which is a real bummer. have you seen the wliia purity test on-line?? you should check it out if you haven't. i haven't seen the drew carey one, and i hope i never do. cheers, katels

Katels - 06/05/99 01:51:55
Favourite contestants: greg, colin, ryan, tony, brad
Favourite games: superheroes, hoedowns, reading the credits
Favourite party quirk: ryan being "animals crossing the road"
Favourite line: all of them, but "aaaaah!! look out for the thing coming toward me on four wheels that runs on unleaded gas!!"
Best single song/game: where colin goes "I once met a girl, I really really liked. I asked if she'd come over, but she didn't, can you believe it??!! no calls, no phone calls" -- goes off and sulks.
Date of birth: 13 1 84
great show, great site. it's not on pay-tv in australia at the moment which is a real bummer. have you seen the wliia purity test on-line?? you should check it out if you haven't. i haven't seen the drew carey one, and i hope i never do. cheers, katels

Katels - 06/05/99 01:51:46
Favourite contestants: greg, colin, ryan, tony, brad
Favourite games: superheroes, hoedowns, reading the credits
Favourite party quirk: ryan being "animals crossing the road"
Favourite line: all of them, but "aaaaah!! look out for the thing coming toward me on four wheels that runs on unleaded gas!!"
Best single song/game: where colin goes "I once met a girl, I really really liked. I asked if she'd come over, but she didn't, can you believe it??!! no calls, no phone calls" -- goes off and sulks.
Date of birth: 13 1 84
great show, great site. it's not on pay-tv in australia at the moment which is a real bummer. have you seen the wliia purity test on-line?? you should check it out if you haven't. i haven't seen the drew carey one, and i hope i never do. cheers, katels

sarah - 05/30/99 13:52:37
Favourite contestants: Ryan, Colin and Greg
Favourite games: Party Quirks, film and theatre styles and the song ones
Favourite party quirk: colin and his dinasours
Favourite line: Colin doing a hoe down "I won the lottery, I won the lottery I'm rich I don't have to sing hahaha......"
Best single song/game: Caroline and Josie's duet "look at the sea.... then look at me..."
Date of birth: 10.09.79
fabulous web site man and obviously I think the show is wonderful! keep up the good work!

Joanna - 05/30/99 12:30:09
Favourite contestants: Collin Mocharie and Ryan Stiles
Favourite games: Pary Quirks, TV Infomertial One, The Compilation Ablum One
Favourite party quirk: Ryan Living His Life In 15 Seconds
Favourite line: I love All the lines in this show
Best single song/game: Best Song/Game would have to be The Compilation Album one
Date of birth: May 3 1984
This is one of the most intelligently funny shows on telivision. I love collin cause he is very funny and is from the greatest nation in the world..........................CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!

larry carp jr - 05/25/99 17:32:30
Favourite contestants: fast lines
Favourite games: duckduckgroose
Favourite party quirk: no druling o g
Favourite line: your quit welcome
Best single song/game: putting o the fitz
Date of birth: 9-30-67
this web page is a nice concept and keep the effort up larry

Sarah - 05/23/99 12:27:47
Favourite contestants: Ryan Stiles, Colin Mocharie(I can't spell), Greg Proops, Wayne (don't know his surname), Josie Lawrence, Mike McShane, the brunette American bloke (Chip or Ched or something! he sings with Wayne sometimes)
Favourite games: Standing, Sitting, Bending
Favourite party quirk: Baby learning to walk (Ryan)
Favourite line: I don't have a favourite line but I love Ryan doing the 'Baby learning to walk'.
Best single song/game: Wayne and the other American bloke singing to a woman called Diana (pronouced Deana?)
Date of birth: 28/1/80
The show isn't the same in America. I don't like Drew Carey. Drew Carey is always trying to steal the camera and get shots of him rather than the stars of the show. I hate the lack of the jokes about British people. And I hate the introduction of jokes us British don't get (usually about awful American stars we don't know). I think Clive should still present the show, he and Greg had such a brilliant chemistry. I still watch the new show but it isn't a patch on the old one.

dana - 05/22/99 03:02:50
Favourite contestants: greg
Favourite games: party quirks
Favourite line: "i shall now make a british @$$hole appear" (from a taping, Ryan, referring to Dan Patterson, who subsequently bounded out onstage to complain... never aired...)
Date of birth: 8 June, 1978
you know i love your page, mark! i can't wait for more of it to be functional :) keep that good stuff, that whose line love flowing! -dana

ANGIE - 05/18/99 10:11:21
Favourite games: PARTY QUIRKES
Favourite line: OH WELL F**K OFF!!
Date of birth: 23/11/79
BRILLIANT!! good show, good site.

Jenna Chrispy Chips - 05/14/99 12:11:58
My URL:haven't got one
Favourite contestants: Well, my fave line-up would have to be Ryan, Colin, Greg and Brad
Favourite games: Dead Bodies, anything that involves the audience, basicall anything that makes me crack up!
Favourite party quirk: Can I say all of them?
Favourite line: Testicles! What?Your mama! Are you my mummy? I'm king! No I'm king! No, I'm king! and so on...
Best single song/game: anything that doesn't have Mike Mcshane in it... Please don't shoot me! :)
Date of birth: 28/1/83 (the NZ way, not the American way!)
Well, what else can I say? I love Wliia?, Dliia. I would LOVE to meet the contestants, (please come to NZ!) or photos. Alas, that might never happen, so I can only watch these beautiful and very talented creatures on T.V. Maybe one day I'll be able to loo into Colin's eyes and say hello...... I also like Wayne Brady, and I would like to see Denny Seigal as NOT the straight man for once. Well, I'll stop my ramblings.... Ta Ta for now, JJ/ Jenna

Si-co - 05/09/99 09:57:55
Favourite contestants: Ryan S, Colin M, Steve F
Favourite games: Film+Theatre styles, Worlds Worst
Favourite party quirk: A penis by Josie Lawrence
Date of birth: 13/1/81
Being a british fan of whose line, after watching the American version I thought it was utter CRAP.Can't wait for the new original Britsh whose Line- Clive Anderson is GOD, Drew Carey isn't. Ryan, Colin, Greg, Brad Come back over the Atlantic PLEASE!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duracellemaccalitimus - 05/07/99 06:33:17
Favourite contestants: Tony Slattery, Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops and Josie Lawrence.
Favourite games: Party Quirks, Hoedown.
Favourite party quirk: Rory Bremner playing Tony Slattery.
Favourite line: "But will it wash my sins away as well as my underpants?"
Best single song/game: I'm the bacon (uh huh) and you're my chips. I'd like to shipwreck in those; standy-out nips. You are the centre of my life. If you weren't a big butch man I'd ask you to... be my wife.
Date of birth: July 1983
And if the piece of strong moves... It's gonna be windy!

Rebecca - 05/03/99 16:27:15
Date of birth: 82/01/13
Love the show watch it every day at 2 on chanell 44 and every wedesday night

rebecca - 04/24/99 18:41:26
Favourite contestants: tony slattery, ryan, greg...
Favourite games: alphabet, party quirks, the hat one, props, world's worst
Favourite party quirk: person who had to be tony slattery
Favourite line: Sometimes it'll be hot, sometimes it'll be cold, and sometimes it's gonna be windy!
Best single song/game: whenever tony says something... he always laughs right before
Date of birth: 1983
Nice site, a lot of information. I'm planning on making one... i'll let you know the address when it's finished.



Tara J. Hutchings - 04/10/99 22:07:37
My URL:Haven't gotten around to it yet
Favourite contestants: Colin, Ryan, Greg and Wayne
Favourite games: Greatest Hits, Party Quirks, Hoedown
Favourite party quirk: Too many to choose from
Favourite line: "I still get way more sex than either Brad or Drew" - Colin in a hoedown about baldness
Best single song/game: "Somebody wake up the fat guy" - Brad and Deborah in Greatest Hits
Date of birth: 1971
I love this never fails to make me laugh out loud! :) Colin and Ryan are absolutely hilarious! I love both versions of the show, but I do prefer Clive as the host. Bring him back!

Sara Shelley - 04/09/99 16:19:16
Favourite contestants: Greg, Colin & Ryan
Favourite games: Party quirks, lets make a date
Favourite party quirk: Colin gradually getting younger
Best single song/game: Greg's giving birth hoedown
Date of birth: 2-4-76
I'm addicted to watching the UK version. Most days, it's worth it just to watch Clive Anderson. Sometimes, he's the one who steals the show!

sandra - 04/08/99 00:12:47
Favourite contestants: Brad, Colin & Ryan
Favourite games: party quirks & props
Favourite party quirk: Ryan being born out of Colin
Best single song/game: Niroshi from Brad
Date of birth: 1962
I just wanted to know if you had any info on when they'll be back. We looked forward to Wed. nights now we feel lost! My ten year old Loves it too. Even my six year old loves it even though she doesn't get half of it! Would appreciate any news, I miss it. Thanks

Stunning Steve - 04/07/99 13:33:42
Favourite contestants: Ryan, Colin, Brad, Wayne
Favourite games: Questions only, Hoedown
Favourite party quirk: Ryan's life from old age to a sperm
Favourite line: Colin in rap: "Excuse me now, gotta take a piss!"
Best single song/game: Camping rap in 1998 US series
Date of birth: 1971
By far, WLIIA is the funniest 30 minutes on tv today. Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie are the funniest duo I've ever seen. The older episodes (the ones with Steve Fry and John Sessions) absolutely SUCK, but the newer ones are hilarious. I like the UK versio better than the American, as the Drew Carey eposides have TWO extra commercial breaks, as well as censorship overkill. The 1998 US series with Clive Anderson hosting is probably the best one yet, with the introduction of Wayne Brady and the guest appeara ces of MADtv's Phil Lemarr and Debra Wilson. My favourite opening skit is "Questions Only", and the best ending skit could ONLY be a Hoedown. Ryan Stiles' Hugh Grant Hoedown and Colin Mochrie's Hoedown on the "celibant" Wilt Chamberlain are my favourites. Can't wait for the new episodes...... Does anybody know when they will be airing? And will the show be returning to England? Drew Carey is ok, but WLIIA just isn't the same without Clive Anderson. ..... BTW, I welcome e-mail from other Whosers......

Michael heddle - 04/06/99 18:58:05
Favourite contestants: Colin and Ryan
Favourite games: HOE-DOWN!!!!!!!!!
Favourite party quirk: Ryan as a deer being born. (1988-US)
Favourite line: - Don't have one.
Best single song/game: The HoeDown about Colin
Date of birth: June 12, 1973
Always loved the show... For about 5 years now... Hell, I watch the re-runs almost daily on Comedy Network in Canada. I'm DYING for the day they have a STAR WARS HOE-DOWN!! (Come on Colin.... Ryan?.... anyone?!?!) - Keep up the great work on the site. Def nately going to be bookmarking this one. - Mike

Gillian - 04/05/99 07:14:17
Favourite contestants: Ryan, Colin, Greg, Brad, & Niall
Favourite games: The Dating Game& Stand, Sit, & Lie Down
Favourite party quirk: Colin as all 7 Dwarves
Favourite line: "I will buy you a bracelet, of solid GOOOOOLD!" (Brad as a Soccer announcer)
Best single song/game: The Teddy Bear song Ryan and Josie sang
Date of birth: 7/8/77
I love both the US and the UK versions. Just wish the US one wasn't censored so much!

Chase Masters - 03/29/99 13:15:41
Favourite contestants: Wayne Brady
Favourite games: props
Best single song/game: The hodown about pregnancy
Date of birth: 4-18-84
This is THE best show on television!

kasie - 03/29/99 02:12:18
Date of birth: 2-25-75
i love the show. it is the funniest thing on TV

Michelle Cook - 03/28/99 20:26:36
My URL:Alas, I don't have one.
Favourite contestants: Tony & Colin
Favourite games: Questions Only & Film Dub.
Favourite party quirk: Ryan as food going through the body.
Favourite line: "Maybe you're confusing this with your other show, where you just talk, talk, talk..."
Best single song/game: The "Handbag Rap"
Date of birth: 08/22/79
WOO HOO!!! Can't wait to attend the convention this summer! WLiiA? rocks!! :)

Traci - 03/27/99 06:00:18
Favourite contestants: Wayne Brady
Favourite games: Props
Favourite party quirk: Slow motion
Our family really enjoys this show. They better keep it on the air.

Kelly - 03/27/99 02:44:46
Favourite contestants: Ryan, Colin, Greg, Tony, Brad and Wayne.
Favourite games: Party Quirks, barroom scene, Whos line.
Favourite party quirk: A bloodhound trained to sniff out complete idiots.
Favourite line: But she still beat the hell out of using my right hand.
Best single song/game: Barroom scene where Colin was an Annoyed jilted lover.
Date of birth: December 25, 1979
This is the best TV show I have ever seen! I hope they continue to make more episodes for years to come...rock on, Colin!

KT - 03/24/99 05:58:10
Favourite contestants: RYAN, COLLIN, WAYNE, GREG. TONY
Best single song/game: ANYTHING WAYNE DOES HE'S AWSOME
Date of birth: 10 13 70

kristie - 03/24/99 05:50:29
Favourite contestants: RYAN STILIES
Favourite games: STAND SIT BEND
Favourite party quirk: REGRESSING TO WOMB
Date of birth: 02 03 75

Leslie - 03/23/99 21:36:52
Favourite contestants: Ryan & Colin
Favourite games: Whose Line, Film Dub, World's Worst.. and many more :-)
Favourite party quirk: Ryan as a fly caught in a window
Favourite line: 'She wanted a hammer, maybe some nails.. and a good screw'
Best single song/game: Ryan singin about being in love with a camera man, and Colin thinking he's an armadillo
Date of birth: 05/15/80
Love the new look for the page!! Very slick :-)

Heather a.k.a. RUSH2112 - 03/21/99 21:41:48
Favourite contestants: Ryan, Colin & Tony
Favourite games: PQ, Questions Only, Hands Through
Favourite party quirk: Tony as a Chippendale Dancer
Favourite line: Ryan in Hands through: "Or, as they say in France, Helloooooo!"
Best single song/game: PQ: Colin as all 7 dwarves, Mike in love with the camera, Ryan as Animals crossing the road, Tony as host.
Date of birth: 6/21/79
Great new look to the page, Mark. I likes it a lot. See ya on the chats!

dave - 03/19/99 18:17:33
Favourite contestants: Colin and Ryan
Favourite games: when the black guy ( I forget his name ) sing's songs in the style of people i know...ex prince and adam sandler and weird al
Date of birth: 09-14-74
i LOVE the show. My favorite character's are colin and Ryan.

Ashley & Felicia - 03/18/99 20:14:34
Favourite contestants: Colin,Ryan,Wayne,Greg
Favourite games: props, party quirks, song game, sound effects,
Favourite party quirk: Wayne
Favourite line: if it wasn't the truth, it would be a lie
Date of birth: (best unknown)
Whose line is it anyway? is a very funny game show and it always makes us laugh. Colin and Ryan are very funny and Wayne makes up songs very well. We are only 9(felicia)and 11(ashley)years old but we enjoy the show very much. Keep up the great work and ke p us laughing always!!! Your fans, Ashley and Felicia Eng

Christopher Jordan - 03/18/99 14:16:27
Favourite contestants: Ryan Styles
Favourite games: Party Quirks, News Report
Date of birth: 30 August, 1980
I'm American and had a fun time watching WL on Comedy Central. I also like watching the American WL on ABC. I have to say WL is one of my favorite TV shows.

Daniel Stevens - 03/18/99 04:36:28
Favourite contestants: The tall skinny one... (I forget his name)
Favourite games: The one with the green screen!
Favourite party quirk: The Slow Moe Man
Favourite line: "Come Here Testicles"
Best single song/game: Where the black guy is singing! He's the best! (Sorry, I don't know there names...)
Date of birth: 12/17/81
Great Site! I am not done browsing through it yet but I thought I would sign the guestbook before I forgot. GOOD JOB!

mouse - 03/17/99 23:33:39
Favourite contestants: wayne
Favourite games: weird newscasters
Love the show! Hate this site!!!!:(

Jackie - 03/17/99 01:24:30
Favourite contestants: Tony,Ryan and Colin
Favourite games: party quirks
Favourite party quirk: Steve when he was beetoven
Favourite line: I'm not sure
Date of birth: 86/03/22
This show is very funny.But personally I think it was better with Clive as the host.But it's still very good.

Ethan J. Muse - 03/16/99 04:12:45
Favourite contestants: Mike McShane, Ryan Styles
Favourite games: Every Other Line
Favourite party quirk: Foal Being Born
Date of birth: 1-11-1975
Great web page. I've been a WLIIA fan since 1992. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any new eps (except for DLIIA) since 1995 on Comedy Central. Does anyone in the USA know where I can get video copies of episodes from 95 through 99? E-mail me at ethanm@u

Molly Fanton - 03/10/99 05:46:45
Favourite contestants: Tony Slattery, Stephen Fry, Josie Lawerence, Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady and Colin Mochrie
Favourite games: Film & Theater Styles, World's Worst, Alphabet and Party Quirks
Favourite party quirk: Steve Steen being Beethoven
Favourite line: don't know any
Best single song/game: don't know
Date of birth: 10/6/72
I just discovered this guestbook. This was the first Whoser site I ever saw. This is how I found out that Comedy Central was taking WL off.

Sheila Henry - 03/07/99 20:49:53
My URL:None yet...
Favourite contestants: Colin, Ryan, Greg, and Tony!!!
Favourite games: Party Quirks, Alphabet, Questions, World's Worst...
Favourite party quirk: Gotta be Ryan and the camel!
Favourite line: Too many to list!
Best single song/game: Hmmmnnnnn...perhaps the reading of the will hoedown??
Date of birth: November 22, 1978
Fabulous show! I've been watching it ever since my British friend came over here to Canada in 1995-96. I've only recently gotten the Comedy Network, and I've gotten re-addicted (is that a word?) to the show! I also love the American version, and was very annoyed at the Monica interview! Great site! Keep up the wonderful work! :-)

Matt - 02/26/99 17:42:23
Favourite contestants: Colin Mochrie, Steve Frost, Jim Sweeney
Favourite games: World's Worst, Props, HoeDown, Scenes from a Hat.
Favourite party quirk: Ryan's fireworks display, Jim Meskimen's boxing trainer, Steve Steen's Beethoven
Favourite line: "I'm not bald - I'm just taller than my hair" - Clive, or "Hey - I see you've got your hand in your pocket - is it working?" Ryan during Film Dub.
Best single song/game: F+T Styles - Josie stops at Ryan's gas station (petrol station in England!), Sweeney and Steen's "scene to music" at the greengrocers.
Date of birth: 24/05/1973
As a Brit, I've been obsessed with this show since it began ten years ago and I'm delighted that it has also been successful in America. It's a fine website and it's great that so many throwaway lines throughout the years have been revived by fellow WLiiA freaks like myself.

peter - 02/25/99 02:17:35
Favourite contestants: Colin,Greg,Ryan
Favourite games: hoe down, director, questions only
Favourite party quirk: in love with carpet
Favourite line: when i look at this carpet i think..SHAG
Best single song/game: worst nightmare hoe down
Date of birth: 07/08/75
Love the U.K version!!! US one seems a little tame to me, but still worth watching. Bring back Clive!!!!!

Gregg - 02/23/99 06:21:45
Favourite contestants: Ryan, Colin
Favourite games: Superheroes, Party Quirks, Hoedown, Props, that alphabet game
Favourite party quirk: Ryan playing a "dog who sniffs out total idiots" and sniffing out Drew Carey!
Favourite line: the creation of "Ripped-Off-in-the-Divorce-Settlement Man" in Superheroes
Best single song/game: Hands-Through, where Ryan gets a pie in the face
"Whose Line?" rules!

Foon - 02/21/99 04:36:22
Favourite contestants: Tony!, Colin, Ryan, Mike
Favourite games: Scenes from a hat
Favourite party quirk: Tony the Chippendale
Favourite line: Don't bother trying to pronounce it. It's Canadian.
Best single song/game: Creatively, Josie's "sick-of-tears/secateurs(sp?)" rhyme. For outrageousness, Mike's "you see thru me, so do me, right here" bartender scene. hahah!
Date of birth: 4/1/51
Screw Drew! The US version sucks! Give us those deaf/blind UK censors any day!!

Betsi - 02/18/99 03:20:01
Favourite contestants: Wayne, Colin, Ryan, Greg
Favourite games: the songs with Wayne!
Favourite party quirk: "Tim Conway's" hatbox
Favourite line: "faavourite"? THAT"S British!
Best single song/game: like the "blue screen" Guess what? game
Date of birth: 1954
I haven't liked many shows in the last 10yrs., and am not a big fan of British humor - I mainly watch Nick at Nite, old reruns, and like Touched By An Angel, Promised Land, etc. The Drew Carey show is one of the better ones, but Who's Line Is It is a SCR AM!~!!! I want to meet Wayne! (nothing personal, Drew, hubby is a musician and I play the radio REALLY well!) Keep up the good work!

Andy (Coyote) - 02/07/99 03:22:24
Favourite contestants: Ryan is the king! but most are cool
Favourite games: Name it I love it !
Favourite party quirk: ryan as a bloohound trained to find complete idiots!
Favourite line: "I get more sex than either drew or brad!' said colin after they both mentioned him in the baldness hoedown.
Best single song/game: Baldness hoe down
Date of birth: 9/12/81
I saw two episodes of the original british version on the comedy channel before school started in the fall. Being hooked from day 1, I went into withdrawelbecause it was only on during school. By the time school was out, we no longer had the comedy channel. I about had a heart attack last summer when I saw the issue of tv guide announcing the shows network premiere(which I bought as fast as I could reach for my wallet). I've seen every episode since and play some of the quick games with my sister during the commercials! Anyway, awesome web site and keep honoring the greatest comedy show in tv history! P.S. I want to be a comedian and actor and all the contestants(except Mimi from the Drew Carrey show) are my personal heroes!

Pythos - 02/05/99 23:33:29
Favourite contestants: Ryan Styles
Favourite games: Hoe Down
Favourite party quirk: Colin being eaten by gaters
Favourite line: Do I really have to wear the wonderwoman out fit, Batman?
Best single song/game: The Colin Mochrie Ho Down
Date of birth: 11/13/78
Clive Anderson is my favorite game show host. He is alot funnier than Drew Carey, but what do I know? I was only born in Canada (along with Colin and Ryan - not together, or at the same time obviously). I hope they make new episodes involving Clive and his full head of hair (tee hee). I hope the lunacy continues :)

Drew Peacock - 01/27/99 13:10:26
Favourite contestants: Ryan, Colin and Greg
Favourite games: Hoedown, Jerry Springer
Favourite line: Is that a Gun in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me.
Best single song/game: Superheroes
Date of birth: 1/1/1877
Great Show great Website. p.s I to have a Clive Anderson Bald Patch as it is a fashion where I come from.

Jimmy Johnstone - 01/27/99 13:02:54
Favourite contestants: Ryan and Colin
Favourite games: Songs, Jerry Springer
Date of birth: 13/11/80

Lena Fierro - 01/12/99 12:27:05
Favourite contestants: Tony & Colin
Favourite games: World's Worst & Hoedown
Favourite party quirk: Ryan's Elastic
Favourite line: "F*** Off!" - Tony
Best single song/game: Sex Hoedown
Date of birth: 08.21.81
Brilliant site! I enjoyed voting in the Twiglets, and it's great to see so many other fans! WLIIA is shown so late over here in England that I tend to forget that other people watch. Keep up the good work!

Mary Jean Plath - 01/07/99 23:00:16
Favourite contestants: Ryan Styles & other regular
Favourite games: Where there are two teams and they are each given an object and have to make as many different ways to use it.
Best single song/game: Hoedown song
Date of birth: Spetember 26, 1975
I wish that the show was at least an hour long, the show is so great and I love all parts of the show.

Courtney - 01/06/99 20:43:36
Favourite contestants: ryan
Date of birth: 2-3-77

Nick Tokio - 12/24/98 23:32:12
Favourite contestants: Ryan Stiles (how unoriginal)
Favourite games: P.Q., Superheros, Scene to Rap, film dub
Favourite party quirk: Deer caught in head lights
Best single song/game: Escalaiter Rap!
Date of birth: nov.20 1981

Sarah - 12/23/98 19:46:15
Favourite contestants: Colin and Ryan
Favourite games: Party Quirks and Ho Down
Favourite party quirk: I am not sure probably when Ryan was a dog swimming in the water and coming up for air. hee
Favourite line: Not many....
Best single song/game: hmmm...gosh all of em'
Date of birth: 08/10/84
Love your page. Whose Line is my very favourite show. I try to watch it every day on the Comedy Network! Keep up the very awesome work!

Meralyn Cole - 12/22/98 22:20:41
Favourite contestants: Wayne Brady
Favourite games: Props
Favourite party quirk: Ryan Stiles
Best single song/game: gutteral sound song
Date of birth: 6-4-64

Mark Longmuir - 10/27/97 15:35:46 
My URL: 
(WLiiA?) or (personal) 
Favourite contestants: Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, Paul Merton 
How long have you been watching?: Since Feb 22 1997 
Which series have you seen?: All up to end of 1996 
Favourite games?: Director, Party Quirks, Secret, Sound Effects, Questions Only, Hoedown, Dead Bodies, Courtroom Scene, Helping Hands, Hey You Down There, Home Shopping, Mission Impossible, Narrate, Song Titles, Superheroes, Whose Line, ... need I go on? 
Best song/game: Beached Whale Love Song, Jamaican Prison Visitor (prostitute), Queen's Garden Party bartender, Mashed Potato Opera, all Narrates/Whose Line/Secret, 7 dwarves/cameras/animals crossing the road Party Quirks 
Date of Birth: 16 November 1978
Obligatory first message signed... almost the same as in the 1st guestbook. As you can see, I'm a fan of practically everything on the show but my favourites are anything with Ryan & Colin. I started this page soon after I started watching, with the main focus being to do a "complete", more detailed episode guide for the later se ies. Since then this page has grown considerably, and I hope you find the information, downloads and stuff useful and/or very funny (and I hope it does this great show justice!). Thanks for visiting!