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Mark's Guide to Whose Line is it Anyway?


This is just to answer some of those questions that get asked of me regularly.
For a more general FAQ about the show and fans, check this site.

You guys are great, when's it coming back, send me an autograph (etc.)
Thanks... but I'm not the cast or network. This is just a fansite and messages such as these should be directed to ABC, Warner Bros, Hat Trick, or contestants care of these groups or their individual agents.

Why don't you have Heef Kineefneef on the show? He's funny!
Again I have nothing to do with the makers of the show. Same if you want to audition - they'll tell you what's coming up (but don't get your hopes up).

Where do I get tickets?
Click that 'Tickets' link on the left there under SHOW. They'll tell you if any more are coming up. Tapings are popular so it's not easy to get tickets. If you see dates listed, you are probably better off booking by phone or mail on the earliest allowed booking date for that taping. Contact Audiences Unlimited for further ticket questions.

Do you sell the episodes?
No, only Hat Trick/WB/ABC/Channel 4 would have the rights to sell videos of the show.
There are two tapes available from the UK series, out of print but they crop up on Ebay.
Emmy preview tapes from the US series also sometimes appear.

Can you make a copy of an episode/contestant appearance/etc for me?
Sorry, but no. I'm in Australia so formats differ and shipping would be expensive, and anyway I don't really have the time or equipment. There are request sites out there such as on the Idiotsite or you can ask on the messageboard.

Is the show going to come out on DVD?
Hopefully... most things do these days. Probably not until they've been run to death though. Let ABC, WB, Hat Trick know you are interested - if they think there's a market then it's more likely that we'll see them.

Is there a home game?
Although Drew once joked about the home game (something like "Send us $2000, we'll send you 4 chairs and a desk."), I'm not aware of a home version or a board game related to the show. If you want to play, you can find lots of suggestions for scenes in the episode guide, and the rules for playing each game on the 'games' page of this site; that's pretty much all you need to get started.

Why isn't (xyz) up to date?
Unfortunately I don't always have the time to devote to the site these days. Pages which date quickly (e.g. news) are likely to fall behind. Screening details will often change but I'll try to update them when I can if e-mailed a correction. The episode guide will always be behind because Channel 9 is, frankly, crap - about a season or so behind the US screenings.

Can you put up a sound file of (xyz)? A transcript of (zyx)?
The answer is probably no. This takes quite a bit of time which I just don't have at the moment. In the case of transcripts, if it is of a song then it will probably be added when the episode guide reaches that point.

Do you know contestant e-mail addresses? Home addresses? Contact addresses?
A few, definitely not, and sort of, respectively. Some contestants have posted in the guestbook or on the messageboard in the past; you can find the addresses that they left there. Others have official websites where you can find contact information (or even talk to them on message boards) and most current ones are contactable via ABC or Warner Bros. I will not give out any e-mail addresses.